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*    Judge Leonard Brown made a very important order on Friday: Coroner Diamantoni must file all of his documents, autopsies and reports with the Prothonotary’s Office (see below).
     When they get them, LNP should begin with Lydia Colon-Torres (pictured above and click here for one of the many articles on this site). There will be more on this very sad, unsolved case coming.



From the LNP article, “DA’s office, LNP face off at hearing on Right-to-Know request for drug forfeiture records,” (click here).

     Oh, isn’t that great and convenient? Hambright and Andracchio are in a relationship!
Please check back later today.


  1. Just A Thought says:

    Am I the only that has noticed that every time Craig Stedman is about to get skewered in the press, the conversation turns to something or someone unrelated, or another story comes out – like the Judge Reinaker video – taking attention away from Stedman’s corruption and unfitness to be a judge? Call me crazy, but I think a couple of these posts might be from him.

  2. redneck says:

    I would think that brett hamdim gets most of his dates on the internet (Backpage???)

  3. Tramp and Thieves says:

    On July the 30th 2019
    LIP news published a Email sent to Becky
    From WooCats the
    Email was sent to Becky on September
    6th 2016
    It was the most ridiculous Email
    I have ever read
    This shows Who
    Amber Martin is
    Go to. LIP News
    July the 30th 2019
    You can’t get any more crazier than this.
    The Person taking up for Amber Martin must be on (her payroll)
    How much are you making?

    • Time out for procedures! says:

      Hold the phone. I am so confused!
      I thought Amber Martin did not own a company so how could I be on her payroll? And according to you, she gets her county employees massages on the tax payer’s dime? I am encouraging Becky to right to know the county to determine if your dribble is true or not. It could be true but where is the evidence? It is so easy to obtain if it is true or not.
      I am Certainly not on her payroll if I am encouraging looking into this. I do not care about this woman but other posters have also called you out because you post and post and post about this woman that no one believes it because it keeps going and going and going. I have followed this website for years and I looked at the postings. Again, who knows what is true and what is not true. I ain’t on her payroll and I wouldn’t know her if I tripped over her but I will stand with the other commenters and call out your lunacy because you post pretending to be different people and then “thank” yourself for the information you post. I am not a shrink but you sound bat shit crazy. Maybe you see in Amber what you truly are on the inside.

      • Anonymous says:

        and to think she used someones facebook post with their permission. what about the poor guy trying to raise his baby that she attacked from out of nowhere. sick sick sick…

        • Becky says:

          Well, well well! Look who shows up! Jesse! I’m not discussing this with you under this thread. If you want to move it to the facebook post I used with permission, then bring it on!

    • Remember a beautiful soul says:

      Lydia was my Aunt. Stop posting this absurd junk under a remembrance of my Aunt. Thank you Becky for caring and keeping her memory alive and a call to justice for all. Makes me sick that people have no respect and post nonsense when I was praying there were people sharing information on Aunt Lydia or remembering her. Painful this is what our family gets instead.

      • Becky says:

        Would you please contact me – email, phone, facebook, however? I’m sorry that your Aunt’s story got mixed in with the craziness.

        • Remember a beautiful soul says:

          I am sorry to come at your website like that. Just got so sick when I was told that you put something up about her and I clicked on the comments with hope that maybe someone was saying somethin that could help our family. Instead it is the craziest junk I have ever read. My family can’t say nothin about her case and that kills us all deeply. We need people to step forward because someone knows somethin We have a good idea what the true facts are but we need the people that we know know the truth to man up and confess. And for all you people on here coming at each other and accusing each other of crazy junk and all, you is taking your time away from loving the people in your life. If you want to know true pain try having no answers or answers you can’t prove. You all sound like you need Jesus in the worst damn way. My family has real pain and that is real talk. It seems we got 2 many people trying to bash some female while others defend her. How about y’all put that energy into loving your own families and praying for these people. I ain’t no preacher but I know real pain and don’t spend your lives finding joy in hurting others. Like my Aunt knows we will all face God one day and he only cares about our truth and about our sins. Forgive often – repent – and pray for the people you hate. I got so much pain in my heart for Aunt Lydia but I pray for those that hurt her everyday because my salvation will not be destroyed because of revenge in my heart.

          That is real talk. So anybody with anything they remember about her, please come forward. You can contact the Police and submit tips anytime.

          • Real Talk says:

            I am really sorry for your family. Thank you for posting about God because I think many of us forget that God is the true judge and what we throw out we get right back.

            I do not wish anyone any harm and I often read comments and feel bad that people have so much hate in their hearts. I never got to meet my cousin because Ray Rowe took her from us.

            As someone that knows what it is to watch my family grieve for years, I absolutely and 100% agree with everything you wrote. People have no idea what this pain is like. And still our family prays so hard for Ray Rowe’s soul because that is how God leads us.

            I, echo so hard your sentiments about family, repentance and forgiveness. What people do not understand is even if you hate someone (and people like us have every right to do so), you have to pray for them and ask God to heal their minds and hearts.

            True grief teaches us all that we have to forgive and love those we hate the most for our own salvation. Keep searching for answers and trust in God that you will find them. We did.

            What you wish for others tends to come back at you real hard. Be careful what you think and wish for others.

          • huh? says:

            Becky has kept the memory of so many unsolved crime victims alive. I’m sorry for your lost of your aunt.

            In your post you mentioned not being allowed to talk about her case. Has your family been ordered not to talk or is it something the family decided?

            I hope it’s the latter because if you have been ordered not to talk, that is so suspect. To silence a grieving family due to law enforcement incompetence would be an order I would not pay attention to.

            Becky posted this to show how the coroner’s office with now have to publicly share their findings. I don’t believe for a minute that they will share results of unsolved cases. They work closely with the DA’s office and they will find a way to stonewall any requests that might enrage families who have waited for justice for so long.

  4. Free massages for everyone on taxpayers money says:

    Divorce Well 1st of all that would be easy to check out
    If Amber or Scott Martin file for divorce
    it would be in court documents
    And here we go
    This posting is from Amber Martin nobody else

    Wow Amber Martin what is getting ready to come out about you ?

    I actually feel sorry for Scott Martin He has to put up with all of Her lying

    While he is trying to do his job As senator
    Amber Martin is hurting Scott martin’s reputation

    I bet now Scott Martin you wished you would have stayed with your
    1st and 2nd wife Heather

    Becky is too smart for Amber Martin’s manipulation

    Amber Martin has no credibility

    I never thought
    I would feel sorry for
    Scott Martin.
    I can’t imagine what he must have to put up with at home

    • Time out for procedures! says:

      I call BS.
      Why would a wife post that her and her husband are getting divorced? This just gets more and more krazy as the days of our lives turn. And we add a breast lift to the new mix.
      Becky, purely as a procedural question, can you at least verify that this is not all the same people posting and it is different people? Is there even a way to tell?

      • Becky says:

        To the person who writes in a kind of “haiku format” please stick to one name! As far as I know that person has only made two comments under this post. Otherwise, posters seem to be using one name and there has been a wide variety today!

        • Time out for procedures! says:

          So “Tramps and Thieves” and “Free massages for everyone on taxpayers money” are the same poster? Becky should do a Right to Know to put to bed what special favors Amber Martin is giving her county employees at the tax payer expense. The county will have to disclose if Amber does luncheons for them and has massage therapists come in and if the county pays for it. I think that Right to Know request should happen because this is easy to prove or disprove.

          • Becky says:

            How would you word that request(s)? The trick is in the wording.

          • Time out for procedures! says:

            Did Amber Martin ever use tax payer money to get:

            Massages for her employees
            Special Events

            You basically can list whatever you want. The Right to Know Officer has to not only check with the Controller but also with whoever Amber has assigned to work with the RTK Officer.

            You should do this for all of the elected officials. Find the dirt on all of them. Do they get cars as a part of their jobs?

          • Becky says:

            I’ve been down this road pretty often. They don’t have to compose a special “report” just to answer your question. I need to ask for a ledger for the monies spent by the office on those items I think.

  5. Tramps and Thieves says:

    Comment to editor’s note

    I’m calling B.S
    My guess is this is Amber Martin’s post
    More of Amber Martin’s Lies Amber Martin’s friend says that Amber Martin is having a breast lift soon So here we go With Gaslighting

    Amber Martin is a
    Pro at lying
    Remember in July
    Becky LIP news
    Exposed Amber Martin’s many lies
    That Amber Martin in her own post on Facebook
    Lies Or should I say
    Amber Green Martin’s Numerous gusting lies and deceit taking credit for various charities and events
    If Becky exposed this many lies just think how many there really was on Amber Martin’s Facebook
    Which I’m sure by now she’s deleted everything

    Becky exposed Some of Amber Martin Lies On
    July the 24th The 25th
    The 26th The 28th
    30th and 31st
    Some of the best investigating reporting
    I have ever read

    So to the Editors notes
    Apparently she’s in more trouble that is about to come out
    This is the kind of thing this woman does to get people to back off of her and her corruption

    Yesterday’s post
    August 23 th
    To times up
    I have never seen that article thank you for sharing

    Remember for about
    2 and a 1/2 years when Amber Martin 1st took office as Lancaster’ County Treasurer
    She never took out bonds or insurance on our tax dollars until she was exposed
    then She tried to do a post dated Bond / insurance with wrong information again
    Becky exposed this

    Amber Martin is not qualified for this job
    The people that work for Martin is the people that do the work not Martin she’s a name on the door

    Becky exposed Amber and Scott Martin’s affair
    When they were both married to other people

    Hands down Becky is the best investigator reporter that we have in this Pennsylvania area

    Please keep exposing this corruption

    Before the next election

    And to Becky’s readers

    Please make up flyers with LIP news website Put them in stores on car windows Pass them around in your neighborhood
    So people can get There local reliable online news

    • No Creative Name says:

      It is obvious that ‘Times Up’ is the same person that just wrote this.

      No I don’t know Amber Martin nor do I care about her but it is so odd how anyone that posts anything about her this same person writes a novel about her and uses different names. It is obvious you are the same person. Heck, post my IP address, I don’t care! What I have posted is what I have been directly told. Maybe I got it right, maybe Theres more I don’t know. I don’t stalk the woman. But knock off your lunatic ramblings every time someone mentions this woman. Many people at the county want to post a lot of different news about many others but don’t because of exactly what you are doing. Coming at people like what they write is fake but what you write is gospel.

      Becky is an awesome reporter but people can post comments without getting bashed by this same person that clearly has it in for Amber Martin. Your novels reflect you might be a tad obsessed with her and it is not appreciated that you try to say what I wrote is fake but we should all take gospel to your “news.” You are actually the reason people question everything about her now and actually feel bad for her.

      • Another Canadian says:

        I reside in Canada but come here to get my dose of what is happening on my left behind home front. I have long believed this is the same person that talks to themselves on here and posts the same ramblings over and over again and next pretends to be someone else and agrees with whatever the rambling of the day happens to be. It used to be comic relief for me but it is so redundant and silly. I also do not care about this woman as she is not important to me or my life. Yet, I do wonder how much money Amber Martin would pay Becky to discover the identity of her favorite stalker? Becky, you could make a killing! Sell it to the highest bidder!!!!!

    • I don’t get it says:

      This is off topic but when I read this it made me ponder something tied to the DA’s office – how would Amber Martin be able to contract with an insurance or bond company? The commissioners arguments against the D.A. for his lease is that only the commissioners can enter into contracts? Correct? If that is factual, Amber Martin would not be able to enter into a bonding or insurance contract – only the commissioners would be able to do that for the county. Why was she blamed then? I think Becky may have discovered something here that LNP’s reporters either missed or intentionally missed.

      • Scapegoated says:

        The District Attorney can not enter into contracts with tax revenue monies.
        No single county elected official can enter into contracts.
        Amber Martin can not enter into contracts.
        Only the commissioners at public meetings can enter into contracts.
        The commissioners are responsible for bonding all of the elected officials and the county’s tax revenue.
        They bonded everyone but Amber Martin.
        The press blamed Amber Martin.
        Not her fault.
        If anyone would read the law it is clear Amber Martin can not bond herself as that is a contract.
        And I work in the controller’s office so spare me the insults as Amber Martin has zero control over my job.
        I am just tired of people spreading lies when anyone with a 2nd grade reading level can look at the law and realize the woman can’t enter into contracts and bond herself.

  6. my goodness says:

    I would love for Chris Larsen to not have signed a non disclosure agreement (fat chance) and write a book regarding the follies of our local DA’s office. Forget the nda, just write a fiction novel, we will know who, what, when, where and why for the most part.

  7. my goodness says:

    I hope that our State Attorney General is investigating the appearance of all improprieties associated with our District Attorney’s office.

  8. huh? says:

    Hey, not so fast. He plays a lawyer on TV and in the news. Maybe she is just instructing him on the vaginas, oops I mean vagaries, of the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL, looks like she taught him where to get his eyebrows done.

      • Becky says:

        LOL! Those are some brows! 🙂

        “These people” – I can’t post that without some other verification.

        • These People says:

          Editor’s Note: This information has NOT been verified in any way.

          A memo was sent to her staff and her staff have been somber for the past week. Amber Martin is dying and it is a fact. It is cancer. Amber will not be returning as treasurer. She might not be here very long. Shall we all cry now?

          • Damn says:

            Editor’s Note: Once again I will repeat that this information has not been verified.

            I was seeing how long it would take for this dam to break open.

            Amber Martin was pregnant and she had a miscarriage. People said it was twins but I do not know that for certain.

            Her staff has kept her health issues under wraps but she does have cancer and is set for some major surgery and possibly chemo. One of her staffers said she has been doing chemo and has someone drive her to chemo appointments and she keeps medicines and cancer food shakes in the office fridge.

            Also news that she filed for divorce. Realize there are lots of opinions about this woman but I would not wish this all on anyone.

            Just shocked it has not all been exposed sooner.

          • No creative name says:

            Heya Becky!
            I work across the hall from the treaz office and it is confirmed that she will be out 4 surgery. If it does not work I am told her chances of survival are pretty slim. Her staff is really low about it as they actually like her and she has been good to them. Maybe on the tax payer dime, maybe not. I don’t know just know what I read here. From what I know Amber is one of the nice electeds and her people are very loyal to her. That is most likely why this news has not broke sooner.

          • Becky says:

            I will say this – and I’m not sure it’s indicative of anything – but her Facebook page as Treasurer does not appear to be “up.”

  9. District Attorney Dating Service says:

    Stedman DA, Scott Martin state Senator, Amber Green Martin county Treasurer Scott Martins wife, Katie West, Scott Martins sister, Bryan Cutler State Rep, G Scott Davis Cutlers bro in law, unaccounted for monies, in house dating service at DA’s office. Wow, too much to comprehend. And this is just what we know about.

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