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Have a great holiday! LIP News will resume daily publishing on Wednesday, September 4.

29 Responses to HAPPY LABOR DAY!

  1. Just Saying says:

    Dear- old and Creepy
    I mean Canadian

    Now Now Canadian
    are you a friend of Amber Martin’s
    I bet you are
    you may have some mental issues
    You’re the one that can read a post and see a Scary movie playing out
    with the – music-
    You went in to great detail with this movie
    Seek some Professional help soon

    Just saying

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Oh, the tragedy!!! You caught me.

      Yes! I admit it. I am her token and fabulous gay best friend. She has graciously adopted me into her Mennonite Martin clan and takes me around to all the conservative functions and professes how she loves being with a late 50’s chubby gay man with a heightened sense of fashion on a welfare budget. We are so close we can finish each other’s sentences!

      I have been hiding our friendship for so long. Thank goodness you helped me escape another closet in my life.

  2. LIP family. says:

    Has anyone out there heard that Amber
    Martin will be sued which will open up the sealed custody case? I hope not true. If it is true, both Martin’s could jeopardize their re-election. All the best LIP family.

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Oh, do tell! You can’t keep us hanging. What are you hearing she will be sued for? Custody cases do not result in people getting sued. If that were the case, the rumors surrounding my leaving Lancaster would be true. Well, some of them are. Tehe. What is the juicy gossip you are holding out on us girls? 🙂

    • LIP Family is right! says:

      LIP Family – yes I heard something very similar and it came from the lady that used to work for a certain attorney that I won’t name because every deputy knows to stay clear of this case or you will get hauled into court. And that is a fact. Amber was seen with a paralegal that she probably should not have dealings with who I am told is giving her info. Former Judge and now big shot attorney Lawrence Stengel and several big whig political consultants were seen with Amber several times over the past few weeks. My friend’s wife works at Saxton & Stump lawfirm and Amber has been there weekly and Something is going down because Amber is preparing for war. She has some massive players on her team so something is in the works. You don’t assemble the best that money can buy from lawyers to ex judges to people that literally destroy other people for a living if she wasn’t facing something. She has the nastiest of political people on her squad. I hope her wrath isn’t aimed at Scott Martin cause my brother is screwed.

      • You mean X federal judge Stengel? says:

        Federal Judge Stengel won’t charge Amber Martin a dime. He is the reason why she became county treasurer. Guy introduces Amber as his kid which she is not. If Judge Stengel is representing Amber in any case, she basically won because no judge will go against him. He is a quality guy and the smartest person to ever preside over Lancaster county courts the state or the federal level. Why he is so enthralled with Amber we will never understand but I hope Whomever is ready to pay her legal fees and whatever else Judge Stengel requests because the man can’t be beat and he will protect her at all costs. Hate it or love it but Stengel is the man and everybody knows it. If the wrath is directed at Scott Martin which the rumors have been flying, he might want to find himself a new job now because Stengel’s approach in court is to blow the other side away and his public relations consultants destroy reputations in the public and media.

        • Light bulb moment says:

          Light bulb moment

          Makes sense now;
          Judge Stengel has come into the county building at least half a dozen times since July;
          He always heads towards the treasurer’s office and I know she has lunch with him monthly (no I am not a stalker but I have eyes and see lots of people on the daily);
          Judge Stengel is a very nice and smart man but I agree that I would not want to be on the other side of any case he is retained;
          Guess we will wait and see what unfolds but with Judge Stengel in Amber’s pocket, I am sure she is sleeping just fine.

          • Green Dragon says:

            Interesting to me that a Judge who’s held in such high esteem would associate with someone who so distorts the truth according to posts on this site about her Charitable works. Typical Lancaster politics I guess.

  3. I ain’t mad at cha says:

    I said to myself….self….don’t comment. But what the hell im gonna say what every single female adult out there is thinkin. If home girl got herself a state senator cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and minding the rug rats. I need to become friends with her. She must be doing something right and I am not to proud I will read her book. Print that book Amber. I will buy me a copy and follow your lead girl. What advice you got? I can’t find a man that wants to keep a job let alone keep a house and play daddy. Your creepy friend postin about your man doing everything has made you a superstar in my eyes. Write that book Amber. Single ladies got to read it!!!!!

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Okay, honey! That is exactly where I am coming from. I had to Facebook stalk Amber Martin because of this thread. See if maybe she posts some helpful relationship tips. My mind is wandering all over the place. I can just imagine the good senator taking off his suit and Amber handing him a leopard thong uniform and telling him to clean that toilet and keep them brats quiet. Smacking him on his booty and reminding him who runs this place. 🙂

      Watching the good senator come home all proud of himself for passing legislation and his wife reminds him that his chores are not done. I am believing I could really like this woman.

  4. The insider says:

    Comment to
    August 30th
    when love goes wrong

    Scott Martin does not have an apartment in downtown Lancaster’
    I pass his house
    Every day plus my children attend school Next to Scott Martin’s
    His white truck is in the driveway every night
    On the weekends and sometimes during the day
    So the Martin’s are living together
    Scott Martin friends say that’s Scott Martin does everything around the house
    Amber Martin is lazy and self centered while Scott Martin takes care of the kids the house and works his butt off

    Unless Amber Martin in her elderly Mother to do the work.
    Scott Martin is definitely a hands on dad
    He has his boys involved in Football basketball Wrestling
    Scott Martin is at every one of his son’s practice and games
    I do know that Scott Martin has had enough of Amber Martin’s continuous lying and manipulation!
    So whatever Amber Martin is doing leave Scott Martin out of it

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Dear, The Insider,

      When I read your post, I could hear the creepy theme music to every Michael Myers film ever made. You may wish to seek professional help because whether you realize it or not, you may have a slight obsession with Amber Martin and you sound like you may secretly wish to have her life. Someone should alert her to your fascination with who parks in her driveway. You sound to be a few weeks out to fantasizing about covering yourself with her skin. Kidding!

      Just a helpful observation from an old Canadian that deeply enjoys your posts as you remind me how fulfilling my old and gay life happens to be. I do not for certain know if you are male or female but I am leaning towards female as I hesitate to believe that any male on this planet (gay or straight) would detail the cleaning habits of another in an orchestrated plot to discredit a woman you are clearly obsessed with. May I suggest getting a dog or possibly exploring a dating website? It may lessen your feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and lust you possibly have for the good senator or his wife.

      I am not judging you. I discovered I was gay at the age of 46. That is why I have taken the time to comment on your numerous posts because I recognize a cry for help when I see one. I used to love my wife’s panties. More so on myself then on her. My point is that we all reach pivotal moments in our lives when we must acknowledge our faults and seek help. My darling, you have reached that point.

      Kisses and hugs and seek help.

      • By god, the Canadian called it! says:

        Thank goodness for you Mr. Canadian! I am stoked that it was not just me. I gotta tell you that this boggled my mind. I mean there is so much crazy stuff posted that keeps us all entertained but this was way over the top.

        “His white truck is in the driveway every night
        On the weekends and sometimes during the day”

        How would anyone know that? And the line about her elderly mother? Isn’t Amber like 30 something? How elderly can her mother be and how on earth would this person know her mother cleans her house? Are they going to give us the make and model of her mothers car and when it is in the driveway?
        Maybe I watch too much law and order but if Amber goes missing, we all have a good idea where she might be. And it ain’t with Chris Leppler.

        • Becky says:

          If I drove by a State Senator and the County Treasurer’s house everyday, I think I would notice the cars in the driveway. The problem I have is that from a google search of their home, I’m not sure the vehicles are visible from the road!

          • 152 Knollwood says:

            I have no life so decided I would play too. A quick search has Amber living at 152 Knollwood Road MILLERSVILLE PA. Looks to be a town house community?

          • Becky says:

            No, that’s an old address with her ex. She lives in a “log cabin” in Pequea now.

          • 152 Knollwood says:

            Property records show that she still owns that house? So does she have a husband in Millersville and another husband in Pequea? I am so confused. Maybe when she leaves her house boys she at least leaves them with a house? She is even beginning to fascinate me.

          • Becky says:

            Calm down. They still own (she and her ex) the Knollwood property but she now lives in a very upgraded log cabin in Pequea and married Scott Martin there.

          • 152 Knollwood says:

            Why would she still own a house with her ex? That makes no sense but the property records show they both do own that house. I found the log cabin but it does not appear that Scott Martin owns that house as well? It just keeps getting more and more strange.

          • Becky says:

            LOG CABIN

            No Scott’s name is not on it.

          • 152 Knollwood says:

            Looks like her ex Gerald Green may not live there any longer and has his own upgrade he appears to own solo. Gerald now lives at 1436 Banner Drive Lancaster PA . Appears there may be liens on this property. Not sure if Amber owns this house as well or not or possibly she gave it to him as part of their divorce settlement? Be interesting to know if Amber was an owner at one time and if these liens are also her problem.

          • Becky says:

            You’re better than I am! How did you find liens on his property?

          • 152 Knollwood says:

            Easy. I looked up property records on the county assessment website and cross referenced the name with court records. Appears there’s open litigation. Possibly insurance liens or a mechanics lien. Appears it is in Gerald Green’s name only but I wonder if Amber ever owned this home as well?

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Now that I have taken a cold shower to calm myself thinking about the good senator and his leopard thong, it appears you are wrong my dear. Becky has discovered that Amber Martin owns that love cabin by herself. You might be driving by the wrong house. I do have a distinct memory of Commissioner Scott Martin in a meeting discussing a topic that interested me at the time and he was so masculine and spoke with such authority that to think his wife mandates his cleaning and cooking schedule has just made me jolly with excitement. Taming that man could be no easy task so I do hope that at least some of your insider info is correct. At least it will bring me some good dreams…

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Since I am Facebook stalking people today, I went to the good senator’s page since his wife appears to not allow people an open view into her world. What “The Insider” wrote appears to be wrong on several levels. Becky discovered the love cabin is Her house and not His house like this “insider” has claimed and the insider did note for all of us girls,

      “I do know that Scott Martin has had enough of Amber Martin’s continuous lying and manipulation!”

      Not according to his Facebook page. He must have gotten over her “lies” and “manipulation” pretty quickly because he posted yesterday about snuggles with his wife. Unless there is a third Mrs. Martin, it appears I will not be seeing the good senator in his leopard thong anytime soon. I was so excited to volunteer to be his rebound…

      • Becky says:

        Old & Canadian: Why don’t you come back to Lancaster? We need you!

        • Old & Canadian says:

          Oh, Becky! Bless your heart and no thank you! I would spend summers in Canada for many years and fell in love. Moved here permanently about 6 years ago. Fell out of love but that is a different story all together. I do feel connected when I read your website. I have known many of these names for many years. James on city council was a street thug when I moved back to the city the first go around and now he’s all grown up and a legalized thug now. Appreciate all the excitement your website offers.

  5. my goodness says:

    I am already pining for the next exciting chapter of the “Courthouse Chronicles”. Have a great holiday weekend all.

    • StarLord says:

      I agree, I am just WAITING for more stuff to come out from the Courthouse. I HOPE more employees come forward with information about all the goings on inside there.

      Has anyone filed a Right to Known request for the list of expenditures on the Sheriff’s Office Credit Cards?

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