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—  Doing some research this afternoon.  —


     This is Lancaster Online’s lead story this morning (click here). Over and over again they run these stories. The best pizza, ice cream, hoagies, burritos, hamburgers, tacos and on and on. Does this really sell subscriptions? Is this what readers want?


     In the meantime there are important stories that need to be investigated and reported. On the left above are the final two paragraphs in LNP’s summer intern Colin Evans’ Sunday lead story in print, “A Need for Speed,” (click here for the story online). Evans may not be familiar with the over $5 million dollars thrown away on this disaster and no one in Lancaster can get those speeds at those prices from MAW. And LNP has refused to demand answers and hold those responsible accountable.
     And on the right, a comment posted on Lancaster online under the story, “Lancaster City condemns 7 row houses, displacing 17 people; cites structural flaws,” (click here).  What are the answers to these important questions? I doubt if the displaced 17 people really care who has the best pizza in Lancaster County.
Please check back later today.   

5 Responses to * FULL DISCLOSURE?

  1. my goodness says:

    Newswise you can’t beat who uses how much of what per week/month/year. Heavy investigative reporting.

  2. Ellen Pee says:

    Bumped the best place to get a burger story huh? No wonder they charge to read online!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow that comment on the houses shows there is so much behind the curtain regarding these condemnations. I have so many questions, but the info provided by LNP/City has been really minimal on this.

    Maintanence of historic masonry within the city is something that is an epidemic problem that no one pays attention too. Because no one takes this seriously, there is an almost complete lack of qualified masons who execute work in accordance with the National Park Service’s guidance on historic masonry preservation. I’m only aware of one firm that does this and “every” old brick house in the city needs significant work.

    This is a problem the city needs to tackle head on in a manner to encourage public demand for mason’s who are willing to work in the city and perform that work in accordance with the NPS guidance.

    I don’t know why they waste time and money on things like bike lanes when our homes are literally crumbling.

  4. Jay says:

    Yes it seems that all the people who submitted there places to get there great Pizza seems to be all Druggies who after having a few weeks out drinking and drugs that call for carryout at there local Dive pizza place these Idiot’s at lnp who are the same one’s who cater to them seems to Not know anything about Food and Crappy Pizza and need to print this crap.
    All the places they mentioned are all Dumps and Nobody besides the people who have no money left over from out Bing Drinking and using Drugs goes to these places and it Really Cracks me up why they even Post this crap.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pizza is not on the top of a “druggies” list. The next hit is.

      IMHO these kinds of stories are mere clickbait. The best pizza places are long gone. And the LNP expects that clickbait foodfights will break out between Zangari fans and Speeds #1.

      Then they will devolve into fighting about what the hell broasted chicken really was.

      As for the houses, so many are covered with formstone which deteriorates the brick behind it. Poor Lancaster. Really.

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