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—  Before this site goes on break I want to make a special mention and thank you to Sergeant Michael T. Piacentino – Public Information Officer for the Manheim Township Police Department. I gave them a hard time for not immediately identifying the man who urinated in the sink and on merchandise at the Starbucks in Target – and after they did name and charge him I didn’t mention it on this site (LNP and all the TV stations ran big with it). The CrimeWatch update is here.

*** In a negotiated plea deal on May 23, 2019, she pleaded guilty to two counts of simple assault and was sentenced to one year of probation as a result of the below (click here for the CrimeWatch entry). The other charges were nolle prossed. [Edited to add: I don’t know if it is one or two years of probation as she received one year for each count but her docket does not indicate if they are concurrent or consecutive.]

***   This is the way Kirchner explained the situation leading up to his hand gesture on a GoFundMe page he set up for the “victim” (click here).


**   While this story was mentioned in passing yesterday on this site, WGAL has video of the hand gesture Kirchner gave (click here). They also have a huge number of comments on their Facebook page under the article and most believe the court erred in their opinion. This story is also getting national attention.

*     I was talking to a lawyer several weeks ago. He said, “It doesn’t matter if the Judge sets it at $1.00, $50,000.00 or $200,000.00 – unsecured bail means you are not going to jail!”


The final sentence in the  LNP story, “New York man bought, picked up 2 cars from Manheim Auto Auction using account with negative balance: police,” (click here).

     No, LNP and reporter Ty Lohr. He is not in Lancaster County Prison – his bail is unsecured! You need to get your facts correct!

15 Responses to UPDATED – FACTS MATTER!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking at this comment section…its as embarrassing as the city admin’s pride.

  2. Lunch date #2 says:

    Lunch date #2! Funny how the good ol’ sheriff has been noticeably smelling better these days and putting some time into his appearance. The amount of cologne that boy has been using would kill a small child. Nice watching him meet Amber Martin outside the court house and walk to lunch together. Wonder what they are talking about? How does Scott Martin feel about this? Where has Scott Martin been these days? He hasn’t been driving his wifey to work. What is going on???? Where are Amber’s wedding rings?????? Where are Chris’ wedding rings?????

  3. anonymous says:

    i can confirm; The only person passing STD’s around the courthouse is craig stedman. lol

      • Wink wink says:

        Don’t forget Chris Leppler who probably gave it to Amber Martin by now. Since Amber Martin dropped the Mrs. from her name, she has been spending lots of time with Chris Leppler. Another lunch “meeting” again today for those two. Must be lots of credit card business to discuss. Wink wink

        • When love goes wrong says:

          Rumor has it that Scottie Martin is leasing an apartment in the city because his Mrs. threw him out. She is probably meeting with Chrissie Leppler to learn how to fill out a PFA to make the divorce proceedings smoother. Word is Amber has all the $$$ and Scottie ain’t got a dime. That is big bucks for Amber unless she claims some kind of abuse. I am sure Chrissie is there for Amber to provide “emotional support” during these difficult times. Our sheriff is such a selfless human being. Always there for the women in need. Been that way since he’s been at the county.

          • Lem Mings says:

            DAMMIT! Scottso and Amber are the darlings of the Lancaster County family values Christian Republicans.

  4. my goodness says:

    You stated you want no association with this website so, please, disassociate yourself from here. The rest of us are tired of your tirades. Thank you.

  5. my goodness says:

    This person appears to be deeply troubled. Elaine, please seek mental health care.

  6. CRACKed the case says:

    Is this the woman on an STD Hunt? May I suggest where she can start looking? On a serious note, she has been seen lingering around the court house and speaking with sheriff deputies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Editor’s Note: Elaine again!

    The guys she maced are stone assholes. One of them Ben Dossey – is a fugitive. He poses with an AK47 on his fb page. He might have taken it down. If you see him turn him in. She did the world a favor.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Editor’s Note: Elaine again and the answer is no.

    Instead of being a BITCH maybe you should contribute.

  9. VoteNOforStedman says:

    Editor’s Note: Elaine again!

    So? Whats your point? Nobody agrees this was a crime. Even on Stedman’s website. NOW you want this guy to be a judge?
    now???!! I’m a Republican and there is no way I’ll vote for Stedman after this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Editor’s note: From everything I can tell this is Elaine Keno- (married name) Ettorre (maiden name) posting.

    I have known Steve Kirchner and most of his family since he was a kid. He comes from one of the most well connected well thought of families in Lancaster. His dad was head of Alumax Steel, his uncle was a d a and a judge and the list goes on and on. He is an upstanding guy all the way around. So there go all your conspiracy theories about favors for well connected people.

  11. No Sh*t Sherlock says:

    Unsecured bail also means you’re Amish, have or come from money, a member of law enforcement, or related to someone important who can be of value to a politician.

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