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—  I had a major computer meltdown this afternoon. All is back to normal (I hope) and LIP News will be back tomorrow.


     LNP provides this nice graphic on the front page of their print edition this morning on the funding for the two new fire stations. The problem: It doesn’t add up!
     The total cost is $11.5 million. They plan to borrow $9 million from ACNB bank. They received $500,000 from a state grant. So they are $2 million short!
     The $4 million they show is a sham and pointless. That is how much the city asked for from the state but they only got the $500,000, so why is the $4 million even there?   
      And the city has to pay off Wacker Brewing for breaking the lease on the warehouse. How much will that cost the city? 
      We’ll see what these numbers look like a year from now.
Please check back later today.     


  1. leery says:

    I hope the loan officer at ACNB takes a good look at the nonsense in Lancaster before signing on the line.

  2. Only Lancaster says:

    Here we go! Another budget mess by Hopkins. Millions of dollars for what?!! Are they going to have gold trimming and diamond cut lights on firetrucks? I hope the state catches on to these evil crooks!!!

  3. WTH says:

    Personal interactions in past 4 months with city employees (maybe city employees). A parking authority (monogrammed on his shirt) “not my responsibility, call the police. A sidewalk person “that is the street I can only work on sidewalks”. As far as Parking Authority v police we still have no idea who to contact given a specific parking concern. The sidewalk v street thing, is that a union edict, a city edict, a personal decision, who knows, who cares. The city surely doesn’t care.

    If you can’t dazzle with brilliance then baffle with BS, Lancaster’s unofficial motto..

  4. saving $$ says:

    Re street lights. City will have to create “street light changer” specialist position with, probably, a dedicated fully staffed department. Training program for learning how to change street light bulbs. City will have to purchase and maintain specialized equipment for changing street light bulbs, with a street light bulb changer technical position. Of course, there will have to be a “new light bulb purchaser” position created. Yep, this is going to save us money. LOL, how are the new street lights on Manor Street progressing?

  5. citymath says:

    Here’s more “City math”


    * The announced cost, about $3.5 million, includes a purchase price of about $1 million and another $1.6 million for PPL’s installation and conversion work
    * The $1.6 million is an estimate, and the actual total may be lower or higher, PPL spokesman Joe Nixon said
    * the city believes it can save around $450,000 a year. The purchase should pay for itself in about a decade,

    1 + 1.6 does NOT equal 3.5
    450,000 x 10 does NOT equal 3.5 million
    They just make random numbers up

    Which is more offensive, the City lying, or the newspaper knowingly spreading the lie ?

  6. my goodness says:

    Lancaster City, how much raw sewage got dumped into the Conestoga creek from our last 2 rain storms this week? You can’t rectify the raw sewage problem that has been ongoing for decades that you have been ordered by the EPA to get cleaned up and you ignore except for whining and complaining and receiving extensions. You spent millions buying street lights sans poles (are you planning on hanging MAW equipment on the lights??) You’ve spent how much on worthless bike lanes that are used for double vehicle parking. We have many,many streets that are car wreckers. And now, you are shoving this fire station debacle down the tax payers throats. We learned math.

  7. Becky says:

    This comment came in under the post below this morning and I am also moving it here:

    Shades of MAW!! This firehouse deal reeks of highly suspicious to downright crooked. Just why does the city of Lancaster believe that they are entitled to millions of dollars of state money? A bank from Adams Co, come on, they can’t even find a local bank to play with.

    • Becky says:

      Apparently LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher called the state to find out why (gasp!) Lancaster didn’t get the $4 million:

      RACP is administered by the Office of the Budget. It’s a competitive grant “with hundreds of worthy applicants,” a state spokesperson said.

      The state spokesperson could have also said, “Hey, you got the CRIZ! What the hell else do you want?” 🙂

      Lancaster city to borrow $9M for fire stations’ replacement