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      Once again, the above is from DA Craig Stedman’s campaign website to be a judge (click here). I believe he has the “apply the law fairly and with equal justice for everyone,” in bold because it is such a bold-faced lie.
     This site has published case after case where he has shown blatant preferential treatment to political cronies, police officers and other white, wealthy and influential individuals.
     And while LNP is holding him accountable for drug forfeiture money so they look like a real news organization, they refuse to hold him accountable for his preferential treatment and the lack of equal justice for everyone.
     There will be more to come.
Have a safe and happy First Friday.

**   And I believe the grandmother Rosado lived with was well known and liked in Mountville. And it hurts me to type this but I also believe that Hanna was an immigrant from Egypt and the police and the DA’s office didn’t think people would care that much. But they were so wrong. The 15-year-old was beloved by his teachers, coaches, friends and the community.

*    I do not know all the reasons George Rosado received preferential treatment in the shooting death of Ibram Hanna, but I do know he had strong legal connections.
     His niece, who works for a law firm, posted the below on a public Facebook page (click here for the original):

     And Judge Merrill Spahn recused himself from the case (click here for the original):

—  8-2-19 UPDATE  —


    The victim’s mother states the Monday shooting death of her son, Nicholas Mills, was a “careless accident,” (click here).  But the DA’s office is not treating it as that and their charges in this case are nothing like the charges brought against George Rosado in the shooting death of Ibram Hanna three years ago.
 Please check back later today. 

—  Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow.  —



     Regarding what happened before the shot was fired, a witness told police that Acosta produced a handgun and removed its magazine. A man in the home told Acosta not to play with the gun because it is not a toy, according to a witness.
From the DA’s press release on the shooting death of Nicholas Mills on Monday in Columbia (click here).
     This is the sole reason the DA’s office is giving for the huge disparity in charges brought in this death and the shooting death of Ibram Hanna on August 12, 2016 in Mountville.
      Do you mean that George Rosado, the 17-year-old who broke into a car and stole the gun the day before, did not know that he should not point a gun at Hanna’s face and pull the trigger? You mean 17-year-old Rosado did not know he should not  play with the gun because it is not a toy?
     And once again, LNP ignores blatant preferential treatment by District Attorney Craig Stedman and sweeps it under the rug as quickly as they can. 
Please check back later today. 

14 Responses to AFTERNOON UPDATE – UPDATE 8-2-19 – A GUN IS NOT A TOY!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed a couple things in your comparison of Rosado to Acosta. Rosado didn’t get preferential treatment. He was initially charged as a juvenile but then certified by the DA’s office into Criminal Adult Court and convicted/sentenced as an adult. The DAs office ended up burying him, not giving him preferential treatment..

    • Becky says:

      That was after intense public pressure and a Petition was sent to the Department of Justice with over 250 signatures. They did not bury him! He got three to six years!

      Workman also noted Rosado admitted he entered more than 300 unlocked cars, his numerous legal transgressions as a minor and the psychological profiles completed by Drs. Jonathan Gransee and Robert Stein.

      17-year-old boy to be tried as an adult in fatal Mountville shooting

      And if you see the last sentence in the LNP article above it states: Workman set bail for Rosado at $100,000.
      As usual, LNP got it wrong. It was 10% of $100,000!


      • Anonymous says:

        Had the DAs office been giving him preferential treatment, then wouldn’t they have let him stay in juvenile court? That would have been his best case scenario, not getting 3 to 6 in state prison.

        • Becky says:

          Are you purposely trying to be dense? Within 11 hours the DA’s office announced he would be tried as a juvenile with misdemeanor charges. He was in juvenile detention for 5 months before public pressure and 300 car break-ins forced the DA’s hand.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. Judge Spahn is a former public defender and an honest judge. If a motion to recuse was filed by either side it would be on the docket. I suspect he recused himself (on his own motion). The reason(s) a judge may, shall, would and could can be found in the PA Code. (Judicial Conduct.)
    2. Adam Szilyagi, while relatively young and green (then AND now), is one of the slimiest, most dishonest POS lawyers I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. He also works at one of the priciest law firms in Lancaster. (That level of slime ain’t free).
    3. Craig Stedman is far, far slimier , way more dishonest and MUCH more of a POS than any of them. (Stedman calls it “ambition”.
    4. Draw your own conclusions from that. Its not hard to connect the dots and see that Judge Spahn probably didn’t want any parts of that.

  3. huh? says:

    It is really important and relevant to note that Gomez wrote BUNCH OF KIDS. The whole episode from the DAs office always presented this as something between just two “boys.”

    My best hunch is that someone important, their kid was there. By avoiding a trial, the evidence would never come out and the other kids in that bunch of kids would never be identified.

    Interesting that the judge recused himself… Fill in the blanks.

    And is Rosado still incarcerated? Early on I suspected that it wasn’t Rosado who was being protected but rather one of the kids who was there.

    • Becky says:

      That is certainly a possibility, huh? And we don’t know if one of the boys there said a gun is not a toy and we should not be doing this. Which, according to the DA’s office, would mean it wasn’t accidental and he would have been charged as an adult – he would have been put in prison immediately with no bail instead of a juvenile facility and charged with third degree manslaughter instead of just misdemeanors.

  4. my goodness says:

    Obviously Rosado could help Stedman in some way. Acosta could not help Stedman in any way. This really needs to be investigated. This nonsense needs to end!! Our state Attorney General needs to get involved.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why? Because he is running for judge and needs the face time.


  6. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Just a thought. Some minor pro baseball games now have a computer calling balls and strikes. Maybe the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could create a program that would set bail conditions so that justice finally is color blind.

  7. huh? says:

    That’s the 100.000 question

  8. Ellen Pee says:

    Who is Rosado related to that could feed into Stedman’s ambition?

    • Anonymous says:

      Who did the gun belong too? And why didnt they receive charges for leaving it laying around? Huh makes some good points.

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