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     DA Stedman wants to become a part of the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County to serve the citizens of our county and apply the law fairly and with equal justice for everyone.
From DA Craig Stedman’s fancy new website to be a Lancaster County Judge (click here and the bold is his).
     This is a flat-out, blatant lie! When he was running to be a Superior Court Judge – and lost – I ran the below (click here for the original on this site). We can now add the killer of Tony Torrellas to this list and that will come this week.



     Last Sunday I had a breaking news story ready to go up on this site. I had it all laid out with pictures and text and all I had to do was click on the publish button.
     But I hesitated. Because I “know” the subject from Facebook and was given the impression – some  of it true – that this is a very influential person with tons of “important” friends and a lifestyle that people only dream about. So I sent them a message on Facebook giving them a chance to respond to my breaking news.
     And what they did was to be fairly glib about my news but they also turned around and threw a big story at me. It involves an elected county official and fake Facebook profiles and outrageous lies.  
     It has been quite a week and it goes on. Who is lying? Who is creating fake accounts? Can you believe a word you read on Facebook?
     Stay tuned…


  1. Sojourner Truth says:

    What a joke! How does a criminal become a judge? As a proud republican I am so disgusted and disappointed with the representation here in Lancaster. The Republican Party here is full of Liars, Criminals, and the lowest class of people this county has to offer. When are we going to stand up and demand a higher level of public official? It is a stain on our county to have such a motley crew of degenerates in these positions. When will we stand up for values, morals, and ethics? This county needs and deserves so much better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Facebook is such a haven for stalking that anyone who uses their true name, d.o.b., etc is a fool – especially if just to read or comment on public pages. Too much info, too creepy. Look what happened to Tom Knapp. You cant trust people in the real world. Why would you on FB?

  3. Insider says:

    Dont forget gregory bayne. Stedman covered up his murder to cover up the fact that he had received a credible warning (formal complaint) that the cop who killed him had serious, unchecked anger issues and was a “ticking time bomb waiting to go off”. You AND I have that letter.