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      Isn’t it strange that the LNP devotes paragraph upon paragraph to a Holmes, Ohio sex abuse case with tenuous ties to Ephrata while at the same time says little to nothing about the Smucker case and the sweetheart deal he’s currently enjoying?
This comment in yesterday.
     It is very strange. And I think it has to do with maintaining the Amish “image” and keeping tourists and others coming to Lancaster County and, of course, to LNP’s convention center/Marriott Hotel.
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  1. huh? says:

    I wonder if this David Smucker is related to Lloyd Smucker. He is a former member of an Amish family.

  2. Ellen Pee says:

    I’d still like to know the mechanics of that ass kissing deal that got Smucker not only a reduction in bail, and unsecured bail at that, but transferred out of Lancaster County Prison to some Amish run unsecured facility. Did Smucker’s attorney contact DA Stedman, to broker a deal, or was this done ex-parte by family members of Smucker? I’d also be interested in knowing if the families of the victims are being brow beaten into silence by Smucker relatives. Clearly local media is down playing this now that tourist season is in full swing.

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