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     There is a  city council meeting tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The agenda is here. The meeting will be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
       There are some big money items and, of course, those dormers!



     Below is Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser’s opening remarks regarding the update on the marijuana ordinance from last Monday’s city council committee meeting (you can watch it here and it begins at approximately 1:23:35 into the video).
     This was followed by a long question and answer period and I hope to bring that to you in the next several days. LNP has not reported on this important update at all.
—  Berkihiser – Thank you. So just to give you an update on the use of the marijuana ordinance by our patrol officers: Since January 2019, we have cited 29 individuals under the ordinance. To give you a little bit of a context with that, 58 individuals were actually charged under the crimes code with possession of a small amount of marijuana.
     So the use of the ordinance is about half of what’s been charged under the crimes code. To give you a little bit of a context on probably why some of the 58 individuals were charged under the crimes code versus the ordinance:
—  repeat offender
—  the individual’s demeanor at the time of the contact with the officer
—  arrested for other offenses such as outstanding warrants or other charges
—  force may have been used during the detention or arrest so the officers feel they are on better footing with the actual charges under the crimes code versus the city ordinance.
     We’re also – we’ve had officers complain about – if they charge multiple sections under the ordinance they actually have to write multiple citations. The way the MDJ [Magisterial District Judge] staff inputs that information into the AOPC’s [Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts] computer system it only accepts one subsection at a time so the officers have to hand write multiple citations if they are cited under multiple sections of the ordinance.
     We have been waiting for probably three to four years now for the AOPC to allow us to do printed citations for non-traffic citations. On traffic citations we use computers and printers in the cars now for traffic citations – we’re still waiting for that for non-traffic citations which will make our jobs a lot easier. So if an officer has multiple subsections under the ordinance it’s actually easier for them to charge under the crimes code because it’s all computerized and they can put the information into the computer system and print it out.
**   I need to move on to more serious topics so let me state this again as I posted before going on holiday break: Like any restaurant or bar or other business that opens in Lancaster, if Phil Lapp and his wife want to open a tour business – fine! But they need to do it on their own without help from the city – monetary or otherwise.
     If you google “tuktuk lancasteronline” there is article after article after article. The only thing I can figure is that LNP somehow thinks a tour business will benefit their convention center/Marriott Hotel business one way or another.
     Why did I bring up Branson? Because Phil Lapp rattled off a list of cities where he stated a tour business is successful and Branson was the last one he named.
     From the LNP article:
     While pricing, vehicle type and other details remain to be worked out, loKal envisions a circuit linking key attractions, such as the LancasterHistory campus, Penn Square and so on. There could be, say, 10 stops on an hourlong loop, Lapp said.
     Okay, that’s two attractions! Does Lancaster have a zoo, a lake, a theme park, etc.? How in the world do you compare Lancaster and Branson?
     Once again, put your own money up and start your business, Mr. Lapp – but don’t go looking for help from the city!



     Lancaster is one of the oldest inland cities in the United States of America.
From the City of Lancaster website under “History,” (click here).
*    The story to the left is now the lead story on Lancaster Online (click here). Can you say, “Tuk Tuk redux?” Unbelievable.
     Phil Lapp told the city council members at least three times last Monday night that Lancaster is the oldest inland city in America – as if people would jump up and do anything to go to the oldest inland city in America. But he can’t even get his facts correct according to Lancaster’s own website. This all borders on the absurd and that will be coming.
     How does Lancaster shape up compared to Branson, Missouri? Hmmm…. There’s a reason I ask that (click here for “Top Ten Attractions in Branson”).



     These two stories were running simultaneously on Lancaster Online yesterday. Where is the money coming from? Didn’t Mayor Sorace just declare a financial crisis? What happened to the RFP for a consultant to tell city officials how not to spend money?
Click here for the above LNP story on the left and here for the story on the right and please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    An ethnic breakdown please of the numbers police provided. Esp. considering the subjective (abuse of) discretion supplied as pretext.

  2. huh? says:

    — the individual’s demeanor at the time of the contact with the officer

    Otherwise we will taze you.

    PS do you think average citizens will ever see a second of footage from the body cams?

  3. Brickerville Resident says:

    The city needs to learn to separate NEEDS from WANTS.

    When that happens, they will have a surplus of money.

    Today i watched 8 city employees ” working together” to paint yellow curbing. Seriously, That job could have been done by 2 people.

    If the city would have to disclose in a readable format each dollar they spend, i think their budget would drop by 40%. Currently they can print generalized financial statements, and few people can see the wasteful spending .

  4. Brickerville Resident says:

    The city is spending like drunk sailors. I read the report / study about the needs at the fire stations. The biggest need they had was a serious clean up – and someone taking responsibility for their maintenance. The offices looked like a bomb went off. This is 2019. #1 clean up the clutter. get a metal office storage cabinet or two to store office supplies. Also as i said its 2019. what is the needs for all that paper. They dont need more office space. The current occupants have already proven they are not capable of taking care of their space. There could be plenty of storage space – if the outdated junk and useless rack shelving would be removed. My bet is for under $ 50,000 a private citizen could perform a face lift at the current stations and the need for new could be delayed. The city is really going way over the top with the spending on these stations. The fire fighters can learn to be resourceful and make the current space function.

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG!! Someone needs to tell the boat tour people on the Susquehanna that EVERYONE must be wearing a life jacket. I can’t believe LNP ran that picture, pure stupidity going on the river without life jacket.

  6. my goodness says:

    You can’t blame the Lapps for trying just look at what MAW accomplished. The city should not put one cent towards this venture. LOL at the Branson comparison.

  7. Ellen Pee says:

    Well why would LNP report it? Too many tell-us-your-favorite-summer-recipe stories to cover.

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