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       During the law enforcement press conference on July 2nd about the recent three unsolved murders, there was the below exchange between a woman reporter and District Attorney Craig Stedman (click here and this exchange beings at 17:44 into the video).
Reporter  —  I have a question. The Tony Torrellas case from April 27th – where does that investigation stand?
Stedman  —  We’re essentially wrapping up the investigation and we’re going to be meeting with the people involved – the family members I believe next week. So, we’ll have an update for you on that.
Reporter  —  Has anyone been charged?
Stedman  —  No. So we’ll have an update on that one coming forward. That’s not in the category of what we’re talking about here about failure to cooperate. That’s a separate case and we’ll put something out publicly soon.
      I know you’re probably tired of reading about this but it is extremely important! Where are the answers? A man shot Tony Torrellas multiple times and killed him over two-and-a-half-months ago. His family and friends and the public have a right and a need to know why his killer has not been charged. This is unbelievable. And Stedman wants to be a judge? He needs to withdraw now.


     Feds need to investigate Corrupt Craig Stedman – not pose with him!
This comment in.
     Isn’t that the truth!

      Did you see this blatant ad for LNP’s Marriott Hotel restaurants (click here)? And check out the photo of beverage director Frank Fontaine. Is he the classic embodiment of a Lancaster hipster? Will he be wearing a beard net? Yuck!
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  1. huh? says:

    Too bad that the reporters didn’t then take up this topic and ask about each of the unsolved murders by name.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stedman is only holding news conferences, posing for pix, etc., to try to generate good press for himself and act like he is not a lame duck, even tho he has been lame since day one. Now he has his campaign website at the top of search results. Wonder where he got that money.

  3. redneck says:

    Did you notice that LNP left no room for comments on this shill article for their Marriott??

    Ho Hum

  4. my goodness says:

    Another eating place that none of us residents can possibly afford. A few years back was downtown and decided to grab a cup of coffee. Went in a place coffee was $5.00 cup (hell will freeze over before I spend this much for a cup of coffee) I walked out. I don’t believe that there is a restaurant downtown that I can afford. Who are these folks with all the money?

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