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     This site is going on vacation immediately following this post so some things, like Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser’s updates to city council last night on the Marijuana Ordinance and police body cameras will come next week (I hope to have an exact transcript of his remarks).
     Also the vast sums of money council is approving – $35 million for Lancaster Square, millions for the two new fire stations and millions for sewer repairs. Where is the money going to come from?
     Have a great July 4th and this site will resume daily publishing on Monday, July 8th. See you then!


     It could be a trolley, a Conestoga Wagon, a very modern vehicle or like the iconic English red buses, Phil Lapp told council last night about his “LoKal Enterprises.” The bottom line is they want a touring vehicle that does a loop in the city and people can “hop on and hop off” from April to October. It’s a repeat of the Tuk Tuk without the three wheeled vehicle!


     Why were they at city council? It wasn’t clear but what was clear was that Council President James Reichenbach is an idiot who needs to have his head examined. He opened his mouth about a public/private partnership and said the city is good at them. No, they aren’t, Mr. Reichenbach. Remember the over $5 million you threw away on MAW and LanCity Connect for absolutely nothing?

     If the city even thinks about helping these people in any way they need to be stopped immediately. If Phil Lapp thinks they can open and finance this touring business, fine, let them do it. But for the city to offer any “help” or partnership is absurd and a Tuk Tuk fiasco redux! Unbelievable!


     A discussion about the dormers on 204 E. King Street (the property on the left in the above google image) took over half-an-hour at last night’s city council committee meeting (click here for the video of the meeting). Apparently the Historical Commission does not like the product the owner wants to use to fix the dormers. The owner brought paperwork and handouts and implored the council to let her use the product she stated would last 30 years. Council did not vote on it last night.
     It was amazing. And all I could think about was how the Historical Commission and city council quickly voted for the approval of tearing down three buildings on East King Street very close to this house so LNP could build their Marriott Hotel expansion and yet they are worried to death about this woman’s dormers!


   A comment on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article linked to immediately below.

***   And what if the police officers/detectives questioning the victims and witnesses more closely resembled those citizens? What if the police officers/detectives lived in those neighborhoods and understood the circumstances and the fear?
     Instead, the Lancaster Police Department has been hiring young white men who don’t live in the city over and over again! When will it end? When will the force reflect the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve?

**   Apparently this is what was said in a press conference no one could hear (click here).

*    LNP has no sound!



From ABC-27 (click here):


  1. Anonymous says:

    The DA forgot to tell the public theres a gang war about to take place on these streets. They set the public up. They had the information they needed a long time ago but didnt know how much gang activity there actually is in Lancaster. Ben was in a gang along with more than half of Lancaster’s boys and his sister. The same one the DA said was grieving her brothers passing that also came out on lnp. Theres so many boys involved its unbelievable. This isnt a “ward” issue. This is a county issue along with Philly, Harrisburg, Chester, York, & Coatesville. These boys are so big in numbers thats why the parents of the kids got lawyers. Janet Diaz mentioned for them to give press in spanish. This is a set up to the entire county. Theres more than 5 gangs with different rankings by age and by crime committed. They do not discriminate. Boys as young as 12yrs old & every race. More than likely you have a handful living on your block without even knowing. So that means if you do as the DA said and the same police chief that failed these streets by protecting the downtown area said. If something happens to your family these cameras, police, and DA cant help you after you help them. Unless they move you out of state and that still wont help you because like I said they are big in numbers and have been doing this for years. The DA and police chief failed this city and its people. Its not fair for them to set the same people up because they couldnt handle the downtown situation and patrol the city. Theres a war being planned its only a matter of time before it starts showing. The DA and police knows its coming. Everyone is talking its the fact that no one is going to court for them when they allowed it to get this out of hand. The boys parents know but leave them in these gangs for financial gains and also for protection on the street from other gangs. Instead of them putting together a gang task force they set the entire county up when they know for sure something bads coming. They need to take this gang issue serious now. You dont set the community up and then expect them to help you. That press release was uncalled for and very irresponsible on the police chiefs and DA’s behalf. People need to watch their kids fb accts. Police & DA needs to worry about the safety of this entire county. Not just the DA’s pockets and the citys budget. They already took millions for a convention center a couple thousands for a gang force wont hurt. Its either that or keep stacking unsolved murder cases. Watching that press release after knowing they received a lot of info. made me sick. For them to stand there and say some of the things they did. You’ll be the fool to show your face in court for them.

  2. huh? says:

    As far as the LoKal discussion goes, the “reviews” at their website make it sound like an already resounding success.

  3. martyr says:

    Wow, it’s our fault!! So is the crappy streets and sidewalks, raw sewage in the Conestoga, flooding every rainstorm, oh hell, it’s all our fault. The city administration is blameless.

  4. my goodness says:

    Unless Stedman tells us that more police officers will be deployed into the neighborhoods he might as well not even bother. Another grandstand to be determined.

  5. huh? says:

    Sorry about the misspelling of Erma’s last name.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Feet to the fire time. Will any reporters ask about DNA in the works for cases like Erma Kaylie? Will any reporters ask about whether money confiscated could be used to pay for DNA investigating on all the old cold cases instead of Toyota Highlander (or whatever model Stedman bought) purchases? Will any reporters ask about the Corll case and why he isn’t in jail?

    And on and on and on. Will the LNP send it’s new bulldog or will it be more Blessed Lindsay or Tim Stutterer?

  7. i wanna b judge says:

    My popcorn is ready.

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