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  Are you serious with this crap? OMG!

      That was my shocked and immediate response to Woo-Cat’s email and you can see their response to that below. When “they” state they will “notify all parties” there is no one to notify – Amber Martin is Woo-Cat
     And the commenter who provided me with all the information? They used the name “Jerry Neaman” and that is a non-existent person. So, I am to take seriously a brand new commenter using a fake name who is pretending to be in the “know” and making outrageous and ridiculous comments?
     My best guess is that Jerry was Amber Martin or someone very close to her. There will be more to come.



     On September 6, 2016 I received the below email. I am still stunned to this day when I read it.
Please check back later today.


  1. Would they please just go away says:

    This woman needs to crawl back into whatever hole she crawled out of. Her husband is no better. There are a bunch of weasels

  2. Kittys don’t change their stripes says:

    Is this woman really this arrogant or is she just extremely ignorant. She publicly posted images she stole to portray herself as something she is not. She should definitely resign because she was elected through lies. If anyone had known who she truly was she would never have been elected to do anything besides wear prison stripes.

  3. Amber is the only responsible for her lies! says:

    What a load of horse manure. Becky is going nothing but bringing attention to your blatant lies that you posted publicly for all to see. I guess you just can’t take the fact that you have been caught. It’s always easier to blame someone else than take responsibility for your lies. Without people like Becky who stand up for the truth you would continue using, abusing, and bullying anyone and everyone. Amber Martin is just another rat that tries to scurry away when someone turns on a light

  4. Resign says:


    Scott and Amber Martin are government employees
    Why hasn’t somebody reported these 2 people to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General (Josh Shapiro)

    Pennsylvania office of Attorney General 16th floor, Strawberry Square
    Harrisburg , PA 17120

    Contact Josh 717-787-3391


    Let – Josh Shapiro
    Know that Amber and Scott Martin are married

    Scott and Amber Martin need to resign immediately this Is a embarrassment to Lancaster’ county

  5. Such a Disgrace! says:

    Why do these people feel they have more rights than anyone else? It takes real nerve to send a letter to try and persuade someone not to report the truth. Freedom of speech is an American right. Shouldn’t an elected official or a state representative know this or like they have repeatedly proven the law does not apply to them and they deserve special treatment. How can such a person be elected to represent us in any way and what does it say about the character of our state representative Scott Martin he has chosen to marry this woman.

  6. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Is it just me or does ‘Woo-Cat’ remind anybody of ‘Tidy-Cat’ kitty litter? Is all this wackiness from Washington on down to Pennsylvania Dutch country some sort of side effect of climate change? Europe went through the hottest summer on record the same week that Boris ‘love my haircut’ got to be British Prime Minister. Coincidence? Hmmm…

  7. Why do they represent us? says:

    Everyone knows Scott Martin is a corrupt bully and criminal just ask Josh Parsons. Scott and Amber Martin are not respected by their peers in any capacity. Look at their friends. Craig Stedman stole money from the county and this is a proven fact. Someone needs to check ambers friend Dawn current president of the women’s republican club. It is no secret these people are the worst of this county.

    • Biggest Fan of Lipnews!! says:

      Dawn stole money in Lititz when she was supposed to raise money for the Fire and Ice festival in Lititz. Her husband also is a thief! He stole josh parsons mailing list from the printing company he worked for so that Doug Brubaker can use it when he was running for the nomination to run for commissioner. Brubaker was backed by……you guessed it!!!!!! Amber and Scott martin!! Scum sticks together!!!

  8. Would they please just go away says:

    Who is the woman in the picture it definitely isn’t Amber Martin. Have you seen her? Who names a company you can actually take seriously woo cat? Amber and Scott martin are some of the worst people this county has ever seen. Having these people represent us is a disgrace and embarrassment to all of us. How can we stand by and have these people represent us. The absolute worst examples of Lancaster is what we have elected and representing us, Why?

  9. Rotten eggs says:

    Where is LNP? Do they not think corruption is important or are they part of the corruption? When things like this are perpetrated by elected officials they choose to print stories about rotten potatoes. Is LNP insulting us, totally in the dark, or complicit in this corruption?LNP should wake up giving away free papers is not the answer but being a necessary part of our county in an attempt to improve it is. Who cares about rotten potatoes when we have so many rotten eggs in elected positions.

  10. Fuzzy says:

    How old is that glamour shot? She looks nothing like this. Maybe the stress due to all the lies and her trying to deal with it and figure out how to cover it up.

  11. Parasites says:

    It is great you do not let this lying evil woman intimidate you! Amber Martin is a liar, cheater, fraudster, adulteress, child abuser and guilty of so many other things it is unreal. Amber Martins attempts to intimidate just follow a pattern of her and her husbands bullying. Amber and Scott Martin are a disease that this county has to eliminate. Thank You Becky for standing up for this county and everything that is right and just.

  12. my goodness says:

    This woman is vile.