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     Jose Rivera, a well  know community activist, was beaten Sunday night in Crystal Park. He did not see the person but believes it was a teenager. The person hit him from behind. Rivera went to the hospital.
     A policeman took a report Sunday night after a two hour wait, but that officer is off until tomorrow and he hasn’t heard anything else from the police. There is a Safety Coalition camera right at the park that should have captured the beating.
     He expressed concern for the teen this afternoon and said the police need to arrest him before his neighbors get to him. He said there needs to be a much stronger police presence in the neighborhood and in his experience all of the police are downtown.
     The police need to make an arrest now and if they don’t know who did it they need to release the video to the public for identification of this person who would sucker punch a 60-year-old community activist who works everyday to improve the community.


—  As of 1:20 pm today when the below screenshots were taken, WGAL had 191 comments on their Facebook page and LNP had 116. Not a single one of those comments supports nor do they believe what Judge Reinaker said on WGAL. Not a single one.


—  How could Judge Reinaker “self-report” if he watched the video for the first time yesterday? What a bunch of absolute crap! Click here to report Reinaker to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania.



**   Jose Rivera in a message to me last night at 8:50 pm:


 * Where are the police and Mayor Sorace?


     Jose Rivera, a community activist, a member of the West Lancaster Jewels and known to all the city council members and the mayor, was attacked at Crystal Park.
Please check back for this developing story.


  1. End Lancaster corruption now! says:

    Liar!!!!!!!! Watching mr. Reinaker on WGAL was disgusting. This person does not even come close to having the ethics, character, or morals to be a judge. How could this person judge others when he cannot even control himself and follow the law? No respect for law enforcement, the citizens of Lancaster, or even America. How could this person be president judge? No wonder Lancaster is full of corruption and corrupt politicians. If this is the role model or example for others to follow what are we doing? If we don’t make a change we are supporting and condoning corruption.

  2. Anonymous says:

    great damage control, judge

  3. Ohwellist says:

    Thats so sad smh.. Whoever beat on Jose is a punk. Thats abuse. He may have been annoying someone in the community by his remarks about upkeeping the park. They knew exactly where to find him. I can never understand what makes people sucker punch someone than a 60yr old. I cant wait to see who did this. I will be patiently waiting to see this punk aired out. Lnp needs to put more officers in that area. Theres too much going on there. They need to send Patches over that way to ride slow numerous times around that entire neighborhood. The time of waiting for police to come to make a report is nothing new. I waited 2 days for a officer to come just to make a report. It would of been longer if i didnt storm into the lpd.

  4. nope says:

    well now we know

    Manheim Commissioner accepts $240 and its front page news.

    Sorace accepts nearly $15,000 from developers who then get millions in CRIZ money

    Brandt $5000 ( Benchmark)
    Callahan $2,500 (Benchmark)
    Dale High $2500 (High)
    Egan $2,500 ( developer)
    LCAR $2,000 ( Meeder)

    And the paper says NOTHING !

    But now we find out why.

    Shameful and disgusting

    • huh? says:

      I saw the Bulova building story. I can’t seem to access it. “nope” can you please elaborate on the money connections as it applies to the move? And are they abandoning the 8 W King St. building entirely?

      • nope says:

        The connection is that the newspaper will not and cannot be critical of this administration or treat the news objectively, because as the Steinman business interests continue to diversify into real estate, they find themselves conflicted. How can the paper report the cronyism of the Mayor’s office and CRIZ allocations when they have a direct business interest in the development of the square. This is the convention center part 2. And its the exploitation of public monies for private benefit, with the paper complicit in all of it.

      • Becky says:

        huh? about 8 W. King:

        Details for the vacated offices at 8 W. King St., where the Steinman family’s newspapers operated since 1906, and several flanking buildings have not been disclosed. The properties will be sold to Pittsburgh-based Zamagias Properties, a family-owned company that Krasne said has the expertise to revitalize architectural gems.

        Willow Valley’s plans for LNP’s former production building and parking lot at South Queen and Vine streets will be disclosed soon.

        • nope says:

          This Zamagias ? You don’t say.

          “Sorace’s largest single contribution, $5000, came from Michael Zamagias, founder of Zamagias Properties. The Pittsburgh developer has completed two projects in Lancaster and is working on a third, 101NQ at Lancaster Square.”

          • Anonymous says:

            And her husband’s benchmark is on deck to heavily profit from the construction of a taxpayer funded parking garage specifically meant to service the 101NQ building.

  5. my goodness says:

    The last I knew our mayoress owned an event venue on Crystal St right at the entrance to Crystal Park. This should be a really safe area.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like the name Mayoress.

      She campaigned heavily on increasing community involvement and soliciting community feedback. Which to her credit she does. She does take the time to schedule meetings in various neighborhoods.

      Problem is, I haven’t seen any evidence that community feedback at these meetings ever changes her direction on something, if she has already decided she knows better than the peasants.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The violence plaguing the southwest quadrant of Lancaster has got to end. We are severely broken.

    May 27 shots vicinity Fourth and Coral
    June 5 shootout on Columbia Ave one wounded
    June 12 Fremont St 16 yr old stabbed to death
    June 16 Father shot dead, son wounded Lafayette St
    June 16 Jose beaten at Crystal Park, First and Crystal

    These are just the ones we know about.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I think that there was a lot of negativity directed at lpd by Mayor/council after the events last summer that negatively impacted lpd morale and we are now seeing the after affects.