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      Your statement to LNP above, Judge Reinaker, is simply a lie and everyone knows it. See below in this post where in the video Reinaker states to the officer, “You better check the registration on this plate soon, mister!”
     Reinaker needs to resign or be removed.

***  The Washington Post has the story about Judge Reinaker up on their website (click here).

—  I have put the pictures of Ben Ramos which show his face below the screenshot of the GoFundMe page for his funeral.   

The GoFundMe page for Ben Ramos (click here).



(Click here)


      A 16-year-old was stabbed to death in the city last night (click here).


  1. The old regime is dead says:

    This judge used his position to intimidate a police officer then lied to all of us with his statement. Does he really believe we are all that stupid or has his position just gone to his head? We definitely have the wrong people in office. We must remove these people who do not deserve the positions we have given them.

  2. LNP is becoming relevant says:

    Scott Martin feels this judge is more important than our Lord and Savior J.C. Scott Martin claims to be a Christian for votes but chooses to be married by a judge because his only faith is in political gain. Do any of us want our children to follow in his footsteps? Mister Reinaker believes he is above the laws that he is expected to uphold and has no respect for law enforcement. Scott Martin has a sister who murdered 2 people and he used his position to let her off Scott free. These elected officials who are in politics for self gain need to be removed. These 2 people are the epitome of everything wrong with Lancaster. We deserve better!

  3. Are we expected to be stupid? says:

    How can we have any faith in our judicial system when our president judge is proven to be a liar? Using his position for special favors is a crime then lying to the public about what is obvious from the video. This person does not deserve his position or any respect. He should be removed from his elected position immediately!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This case points out the need for vanity (courtesy) tags for judges like the FOP plates cops have. Oh wait…they don’t make them for a reason. And it has nothing to do with safety.
    Plan B: Mug shots of every single judge in Lancaster County should be posted in the police roll call rooms.
    Regardless, I think he should be referred to as “Mr. Reinaker” from now on. Lol

  5. End Corruption in Lancaster says:

    The fakes the phonies and the corrupt politicians and judges are a stain on our county. It is time to do some house cleaning and remove them all. We are much better than the dirtbags who represent us. Scott and amber Martin, Craig stedman, Chris Larson, mister Reinaker all need to be sent packing. We deserve much more then self serving and corrupt politicians. These parasites live off our tax dollars and do nothing for this county except serve themselves. This county needs to unite and get rid of these pariahs now.

  6. Too many corrupt elected officials says:

    Carter Walker did an excellent job and continues to be exactly what this county needs. This is a Christian community on the outside but behind the scenes it is run by hypocrites who are corrupt, unethical and feel entitled. Scott and amber Martin are the biggest and most corrupt elected officials in this county when will the truth be told about them? The list of their crimes are endless. The crimes against taxpayers, this county, and Christianity are endless. Scott Martin and his first wife were not married in a church but by the corrupt Judge Reinaker. It is obvious they have more respect for political gain then for the religion they claim to follow. What person claims to be a practicing Christian but breaks all the commandments? There is definite proof of every sin except possibly murder. How is this criminal or the wife from his 3rd marriage suitable to represent us? Has this county lost all self respect? Carter Walker should stop going after minnows when there are much bigger fish to fry! Carter Walker holds the key to LNPs future. Subscriptions will be sold and renewed when the truth continues to be told. LNP will be a needed source for the truth in this county. Giving away free papers and huge discounts cannot save the paper but the truth can. Please Carter Walker keep up the great work! This county needs you!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s so funny WGAL will NOT touch anything about this. Guess Kim Lemon has something to do with that? Lol

  7. huh? says:

    Aggressive behavior like this judge’s has ended up with the person being tazed or shot.

  8. Anonymous says:

    President Judge Reinaker’s temperament in that video is, almost, more disconcerting than his complete lack of ethics…and his stupidity. He is so arrogant and angry he had to get out of his car and yell about who he is. He could have easily and discreetly pulled the judge card when handing over his driver’s license. I think a breathalyzer test would have been in order, but out of the question. Meanwhile, his explanation for his actions is an insult to every sane, rational, thinking person with half a brain. Who does he think he’s fooling? The Amish?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The cop AND the judge handled it just like they would in court – with a wink and a nod. What a corrupt county Lancaster is!

  10. Dateline20/20 says:

    Contact the Attorney General
    AG needs to clean house in Lancaster County
    Many unethical politicians
    Just wait, DATELINE will do a special report some day.

  11. Joey Spinolli says:

    This judge is a real piece of sh*t and the cop was gutless in this situation. The cop should have cited this so-called judge for getting out of his car. If a black person approached this cop he would have killed him for sure.

  12. huh? says:

    Barking at police officer.

    Bet that’s the headline Carter wanted to write. Wonder if he gave a heads up to a friend at the WaPo?

  13. my goodness says:

    Addressing the police officer as Mister if disrespectful and demeaning. What a shining example our president judge is for us to follow (sarc). Resign mister.

    • huh? says:

      Oh I hope a sly defense lawyer addresses Reinaker as “mister Reinaker” if things get contentious during a trial.

      Or at least barks at him

  14. IHATEPA! says:

    A block from my house! WTF! And WGAL keeps calling it groups of kids like police and the DA! They are GANGS you dumb mother*ckers. Call it like it is!

    • Ohwellist says:

      Calm your tits this is Lancaster the only real gangs here is the lpd and the amish mafia. Those kids been chilling at that school park for awhile. You should know thats your block. One of your neighbors also said it on the news. See people always talk sh!t about the city kids but this can happen anywhere at anytime. Guess u guys have some “mad broke people acting a fool” in your hood too. Looks like Jerry from must see pics and vids needs to drive around your neck of the woods more often

  15. Anonymous says:

    In Lancaster County a child molesting satanist could get elected to office provided they ran as a Republican and claimed to be Christian. Devout Catholic Scott Martin needs to review the Catholic churches stance on divorce and adultery.

  16. End corruption in Lancaster says:

    Hi Becky. Sorry if this comment is placed in the wrong section but I didn’t see any comments for tge corrupt judge Reinaker. What a surprise that a corrupt judge would be the person who married the corrupt Scott Martin. Scott Martin tries to deceive voters that he is a faithful and practicing Christian (Catholic) but felt his own political gain was important than his religion. It is just proof that corrupt birds of a feather always fly together. Carter Walker and LNP are really improving and we hope they keep up the great work!

  17. huh? says:

    It’s killing and getting away with it season in Lancaster again.

  18. my goodness says:

    Where is the outrage?????????????? Was it depleted on the dog incident?????????

    • Ohwellist says:

      I hope & pray all those kids dont get sleep or peace until 1 of them get convicted to come forward even if they stay anonymous.

  19. my goodness says:

    The arrogance of this person is despicable!!! I am unable to process the stabbing death of this child. Lancaster has severe problems that need to be dealt with and they sure as hell aren’t bicycle lanes, internet scams and raises for council members.

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