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*     As of 12:30 pm today, 85% of the participants in the below online LNP poll in their editorial today do not believe Judge Reinaker’s statement was “sufficient,” (click here).
      It most certainly was not. Hopefully the members of the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania are reviewing his actions right now.


(Click here) 

      From the article there is this:
      Asked about the spate of violent incidents, Lancaster police Lt. Bill Hickey said the incidents are unrelated and declined to comment further.
     That’s the way to hold the police accountable, LNP! Maybe you should remind Lt. Bill Hickey that he is paid by and works for the public and his job is to protect, serve and inform the public.
Please check back later today.

13 Responses to * SOLVE THE CRIMES!

  1. Corrupt Judge! says:

    I Wonder why Scott Martin who abandoned stedman and now abandons mister Reinaker is no where to be found. Stedman kept his murdering sister out of jail and Scott Martin put more importance on Reinaker then his religion. Scott Martin is the biggest criminal in this county when will tge light be shone on him? The day it is I will call the paper and buy subscriptions for myself, my friends and family and maybe a few extra because that is when the paper will become a necessary part of life in Lancaster.

  2. PAisCorrupt says:

    All of you are wrong. Dennis Reinaker and Craig Stedman RUN Lancaster County. Not the commissioners, mayor, supervisors, NOT the cops, police chiefs or detectives. It is all unraveing and Stedman will not answer ANY questions or release ANY info or records because he knows he is about to be indicted. Thats all I can say.

  3. my goodness says:

    Off subject. A how to vid when you are stopped by the police. As if we lesser, poorer, less educated mortals don’t know proper conduct. Yet another insult to our intelligence and character.
    To anonymous; Nothing I’ve experienced. Heard a lot of talk, bluster and back patting. My point is that it is the CITY’s responsibilaty to care for the city through our tax dollars and that does not include free water meters or bike lanes, or dodging the EPA, or internet scams, or a stinky con center, or fancy flower arrangements downtown, or public art. Lancaster has a skewed idea of how to spend our ever increasing tax dollars.

  4. my goodness says:

    My perspective: Look out door and see; trash trash and more trash, pot holes on top of many patches, crumbling sidewalks, weeds in sidewalk joints, weeds growing between street and curb, cars double parked, cars parked in front of fire hydrants, cars parked hanging over intersections, city workers driving around on their cell phones, dig up – lousy repair – repeat, drug deals, I could go on and on. We citizens are EXPECTED to notify proper authorities regarding these conditions. It’s not gonna get any better. I dread the summer in Lancaster.

  5. my goodness says:

    Sorry Becky I disagree with holding the police accountable. All they can do essentially is clean up operations at this point due to a myriad of circumstances from city adminisration. The problems are all stemming from ever deteriorating neighborhood conditions in my opinion. This damn city needs to stop focusing on the downtown area realize that there is a huge area of Lancaster that has severe problems that need to dealt with. The city needs to acknowledge that we, in the neighborhoods, cannot afford bicycles or if a few can they get stolen, or all the fancy riding gear that the alleged Lanc City bikers accessorize with, We don’t give a damn about bike lanes particularly when people are being murdered and violence and crime are running rampant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Genuine question, as I live closer to the core downtown and don’t have any perspective, is the “love your block” and neighborhood engagement doing anything noticeably positive in the city’s south, as far as moving the focus on improvement outside the downtown? I see constant Facebook posts from them highlighting some southern neighborhoods but I don’t know if it’s mostly a repackaged marketing or real genuine effort.

      • Ohwellist says:

        Genuine answer…the person hired for neighborhood engagement was Milzy Carrasco. She worked for San Juan Bautista church for years. From working there she became real close to board of directors and property management of Hillrise Apts. Due to the church and the board sharing parking spaces and being allowed to use their community room beside dj office on s. lime st they became real cool. So when mayor made a “new” position for Milzy she came back to where she was from and took care of the area around the church with new trees, a Lanc sign in front of church st towers and new trees for Hillrise Apts. Mind that Hillrise propertys management before John in 2010 cut every pine tree and other trees along the same side they planted these new trees. They also got planters. John used the excuse that the tenants were wondering why they didnt get new trees like other areas which is bs because his ex sister in law Gina Torres is on the board and got him to take Hud classes in order to apply due to old management cutting down trees and the entire Hillrise Apts tenants knowing she was keeping a house with only her son Jonathan M. Torres on the lease and using her grandchildren as an excuse to keep the house. Ginas God mother Fredyswilda Lugo is also on the board. Johns also the God father of Gina Torres’s daughter Joanna M. Torres oldest daughter. So he lied to get free trees to save the propertys budget. Im sure Milzy knew about the trees being cut from her working with them because she worked across the street in the church. This is why those blocks were the first blocks worked on. Which in all honesty that area didnt need love. That area was so bad when I first moved in there in my 20s we had yellow shirts coming down Howard Ave all day. From the top of Howard the whole way down to Queen st every corner had a dealer. You could walk down Howard Locust Chester & Green and get every and any drug u wanted. Luckys was a chinese take out that was open and at late hours. Dealers were even sitting in there. Any of these u would walk n they didnt have no shame they will tell u hey whats up i got this n that i give u a deal. Thats how bad that area was. Yellow shirts were cops that were trained to drive around and jump out the car to do raids or just to arrest u for drugs. They were huge not these lazy cops we have now that will shot u and not run after u. They were wreckless. These streets cleaned up big time compared to what they were. S. Ann st needs love. S. Green needs love them sidewalks are horrible a block before nuestra clinica. The other part S. Green also needs love. Woodward st needs love. S. Queen where Strawberry st meets needs love and hope. S. Prince st Beaver st. The southern parts are neglected they been for years. Milzy worked in this area for years. One thing about Milzy was that she didnt forget her people & her church but thats not respected. Her position was made for her by the mayor. She gets paid good money. The least she could of done was really loved on needed areas where people lost hope. So the neighborhood can love on their blocks and have a change of atmosphere which will give them a change of attitude to care. These places are neglected and have been. These people no longer give a f*ck due to so many years of neglect. This is what brings the dealers back in the area because they know these people want & need to escape. The saca programs dont work havent work. The mental clinic hasnt worked and wont work. They cant even handle the amount of patients they have at nuestra clinica. So the proverty is a cycle. Self medicating is a cycle. Drug issue is a cycle. Its like back in the day they used to put healthy big cows in front of the sick scrawny cows to change their mindset. When that happened the scrawny cows became healthy with life. Thats what a lot of the south areas need. They need trees, flowers, hanging pots. Theres a house on S. Marshall st & East End Ave. She blessed the kids in this area without even knowing it. She hung laundry lines on the side of her house. She placed a table, paint, paint brushes, a little bowl of water & paper. Kids paint and hang their pics up. Nobody destroys the artwork or the supplies she put out there. I passed her 1 day i asked her is this ur house she said yes i thanked her and told her thats really cool what u did and i thanked her because she didnt have to do that for this area. Shes not neighborhood engagement but she also realized this area needs love. People are hired to do things for the public and in return they look out for their own and money goes to waste on the wrong things. Now if what neighborhood engagement did was genuinely done it will show but it doesnt because it was done with the wrong intentions in this area. The people know this. I lived in the south and southeast of Lanc for yrs and I still do.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. The police don’t set the policy. Mayor Dickina does. An army is only as good as it’s general, and we can all see the results of Dickina’s leadership-or lack there of.

      • Becky says:

        Okay, so there is no leadership at the top. But could the police solve some of these crimes? A 16-year-old was stabbed to death When are we going to get an update on the investigation? Is the public in danger? Do they have a suspect?

        When is DA Stedman going to explain to the public why Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times but his shooter has not been arrested? When is he going to explain to the public why in a shoot-out across a busy street, only the man who was shot multiple times has been arrested? Why isn’t the media demanding answers?

        • Anonymous says:

          Look at all the people that were there when this young man was murdered. The police can only do so much when they come up against the “no snitchin”culture.

          • Ohwellist says:

            Anonymous…that was years ago lol Everybody snitches in this city. People actually walk around with papers to prove who snitched lol You would think with all the the cameras in this city people wouldnt have to snitch but they been doing it. Do you even live in the city? Lol smh

    • huh? says:

      The things you outline here are the canaries in the coal mine. Harbingers and omens of a city running low on money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hold the clone; Mayor Dickina accountable. She’s the one with no plan in place that deals with crime

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