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     “Absolutely!” That is the answer I received when a close associate of the Marshall family was asked if someone could identify Anthony Marshall’s killer from the video.
     There is a much longer and better video they have viewed than what appears on this site with many more images of the killer. So why haven’t the police released his photo and a description, including what he was wearing, to the public?
     The family was reportedly told by the police that the video is not clear enough. Many people have stated the video is clear and the killer is identifiable.
     Demand answers from the police. Demand answers from the mayor and the city council members. Demand that they view the video. Demand that they let the public decide. Demand that the video be released to the public to see if he can be identified. There is a council meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm.
     It is unthinkable and unconscionable to leave a killer on the street for over a week both for the public’s safety and for the family and friends of the victim.
     No one – let me repeat – no one holds the Lancaster City Police accountable. That must change.
     There will be more tomorrow.


* Anthony Marshall’s killer running down the street after the shooting.


     The below Facebook post currently has 138 shares. Is there racism in Lancaster County? Oh, you better believe it.
     Speaking of racism, this site will come back to the Father’s Day murder of Anthony Marshall this afternoon.


  1. Must be related to Scott martin says:

    If a murderer is not charged with a crime they must be related to Scott Martin. In Lancaster County only Scott martins relatives can murder and ruin lives and not be charged.

  2. ManorTownshipSucks says:

    This is Manor Township’s idea of “community policing”. There is no justification for the size of the force, their exorbitant starting salaries and benefits, and their complete lack of training. Chief Todd Graft – who is one of the highest paid police chiefs in the state – got exactly what he wanted: a force full of highly uneducated, highly inexperienced and highly untrained yes-men who have never worked anywhere else and will do whatever he tells them to or face his wrath. Manor township police are a lawsuit(s) waiting to happen.

  3. huh? says:

    It looks more and more like the cops want the public to take care of business.

    If Marshall’s last name was Sorace or Steinman or Stedman you can bet they would not be lying to the family or sitting on their asses eating doughnuts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Manor Township!!! No surprise there. Reading this, I thought it had to be Lancaster City because I don’t think black people are allowed to be in Manor! But this poor guy is dealing with the most vindictive, corrupt, dishonest and stupid group of cops ever assembled to form a “police force” that takes orders from the dirtiest cop on the planet – “chief” Todd Graeff. He is also dealing with scummiest, most lowlife white trash neighbors he will ever encounter. Do not engage with ANYONE in Manor Township – ESPECIALLY MANOR TOWNSHIP POLICE!!! – without audio and videotaping EVERYTHING. They will LIE ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! And move!!!