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**  I have been told by an authoritative source that a complaint against President Judge Dennis Reinaker has been submitted to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania. However, to let the Board know how serious citizens feel about this, multiple submissions would certainly not hurt. Click here to find out how to file a complaint and note that this cannot be done by telephone or through the internet – the complaint must be mailed but it can be anonymous.

*   A T-shirt found on the internet. I think they should put a picture of Judge Reinaker pointing to his license plate on there as well. If I find a place to buy the shirt, I will let you know.


      Judge Reinaker is the lead story on the “LEO Affairs” website, a resource site for law enforcement officers (click here).


  1. When will LNP go after the big fish? says:

    Word is going around that Scott and amber Martin have both repeatedly lied under oath in their ongoing custody case. There is also lots of tumors of corruption. Wouldn’t it be great if LNP could report on this. If a PA senator is corrupt or a child abuser don’t tge people of this county deserve the truth. Why was this case sealed? Is their position allowing them special treatment that any other citizen wouldn’t receive. Isn’t this the same situation as the judge using his position to get special treatment and be above the law? How can someone who works for us get better treatment than us. This just keeps people getting into politics for the wrong reasons. Personal gain and preferential treatment is not part of the job but their abuse of their position. Is LNP still as corrupt As Scott Martin? We were hoping for a change be so far it has not come.

  2. End Corruption in Lancaster! says:

    When will LNP report on Scott Martin? he makes this corrupt judge look like a Sunday school teacher, oh wait they are friends and both use their position for personal gain over any of the taxpayers who have elected them. Lancaster really needs to clean house and get rid of corruption in all forms. We he Dateline special is going to have a field day when reporting on corruption here. From Scott Martin and amber Martin to Craig Stedman to mister Reinaker these parasites are making it way to easy. Do we really want to live in a backward county that accepts this? How embarrassing!

  3. Green Dragon says:

    As to the incident with the Judge, what do we know? Apparently the Judge was driving behind the Officer who was driving in a manner that prompted the Judge to blow his horn. Officer pulls into the middle lane, Judge passes on the right and is pulled over for blowing his horn. (at least that’s clearly what the judge thinks) I came over a hill one day on a country road and an Officer was in a marked cruiser going around 10 mph in a 35 mph zone. Officer was weaving. As officer was on a downhill road with me elevated behind them I could see the laptop screen in the cruiser was lit up. Guess they were reading something, that’s the definition of distracted driving. Unlike the Judge I didn’t blow my horn as I didn’t want to be pulled over. If the Officer in this case was doing what the Officer in the case I described, the Judge’s only err was getting out of his car, and that’s a big one. LEO always defends their BIB I would think the posters on this site know that. The rush to Judgement is dangerous. It’s possible the Officer in this case was driving in a distracted manner, happening more and more with cell phones and computers in squad cars. JMO.

    • Becky says:

      “If the Officer in this case was doing what the Officer in the case I described, the Judge’s only err was getting out of his car, and that’s a big one.”

      That’s ridiculous! Did you watch the video? And then he lied about it!

      • Green Dragon says:

        Getting out of the car isn’t a crime either. I did that once too thinking the cop would appreciate he could see my hands and that I didn’t have a weapon. He let me know he didn’t appreciate it. 🙂 Why was the Judge pulled over? Was the cop saying “how dare you blow your horn at me even if I’m driving line an idiot?” I don’t see any reason for the Judge to have been pulled over but I can imagine an attorney saying something like “I’m an attorney I’ll see you in court.” Reinaker works with cops everyday. He has to get along with them. I’ve never really been impressed by him but in this case I’ll be interested to find out why the Cop pulled him over in the first place. Maybe a bit of entitlement from both sides.

  4. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    The JCB is a joke. If they didn’t have a problem with Isaac Stolzfus stuffing hollowed-out acorns with condoms and handing them out to women on the Capitol steps, they’re not gonna have a problem with this.

    BTW, the “cool your tits” comment by another poster on another page is very sexist. I’m surprised you allowed it.

    • Becky says:

      I think the JCB will care about this one.

      P.S. I have to edit out profanity from almost every comment you send into this site. Talk about sexist??? You sent in a comment using the “c” word! Get a grip and keep it clean please.

    • Ohwellist says:

      If u had a problem with my comment address me on it. I got a pair of tits too its not that serious. Suck that sh!t up. It wasnt “cool ur tits” it was “calm ur tits” if ur gonna run your mouth on someone, run it exactly how it was.

    • Ohwellist says:

      And yea keep it clean lmaoooo like Becky said lol

  5. Ellen Pee says:

    There are several design your own tee shirt web sites. Go for it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This should become the official Lancaster County t shirt.