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     City council meets tonight at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed to the city’s YouTube channel (click here). Will anyone bring up the violence in the city in the last two months?


*    DA spokesman Brett Hambright was busy, busy writing this bizarre piece about new First Assistant District Attorney Travis Anderson (click here). Hambright goes over the top with this publicity piece and remember his salary is being paid by you!
     I do like the below quote from Anderson in the piece. Yes, Your job is to see that justice is done! So instead of writing this nonsense maybe Hambright could put out a press release on the murder of Tony Torrellas and why his shooter has not been charged! Oh, and an update on all of these recent unsolved murders as well! Justice is your job. Do it!




      Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed on April 27th at the home of the mother of his child. The shooter stayed on the scene and was interviewed by police and released. It is unknown if Torrellas was armed with any type of weapon.
   The above quotes from DA spokesman Brett Hambright were published by LNP two days later on April 29th. There has not been a word since.
     When will DA Stedman announce the results of their investigation? Under what circumstances can a man shoot another man multiple times and not be charged? Was it self-defense? Was Torrellas armed?
     The public deserves and needs answers. His family and friends deserve and need answers. The fact that LNP has not followed-up on this case is disgraceful. Who holds the police and DA accountable in Lancaster County?
Please check back later today.


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    The very worst thing a prosecutor can ever do is charge someone he knows is not guilty or not charge someone he knows IS guilty. Craig Stedman does both – ALL the time!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Q. “Under what circumstances can a man be shot and no one charged.

    A. If the district attorney is a lame duck whose only focus is winning an upcoming judicial election and the shooter and/or his lawyer is highly connected with the Lancaster County GOP.

  3. Scott Martin and Lancaster Corruption says:

    The killer must be related to Scott Martin. Only Scott Martins family can murder innocent people and destroy lives without ever being held responsible.

  4. Mike emrick says:

    Understanding that Lancaster is a third class city and Philly a first class city, it looks like Philly’s success rate of closing homicide cases is around 42%. One can make the argument that Philly has more resources so they should have a higher rate; obviously they have a lot more instances of homicide. While I don’t disagree with you that this is a hard situation for the families to deal with, i’d imagine this case as well as several others recently, are being dealt with concurrently which can slow down solving individual cases. I’d also think that if I were the accused I would appreciate law enforcement doing its due diligence in gathering evidence before jumping to conclusions and incarcerating the accused without proper due process. Is anyone aware of what the benchmark standard is to close a homicide case? It’s not 48 hours like the TV show

  5. huh? says:

    The first forty eight is not a myth. When it comes up on two months, without another word, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that another murder is going to be added to the unsolved list.

  6. Mike emrick says:

    If they are still interviewing witnesses and release information pertaining to the active investigation, wouldn’t that interfere with the investigation?

    • Becky says:

      They have had two months!!! This is their job! This is why the public pays them! How many witnesses are there? How many people were in the house? Tony is dead. Apparently the mother of his child was home and the shooter and possibly Tony’s son and another son she has with a different (the shooter?) man. Did the shooter have a legal gun? Does he still have it? They have had two months!