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     Community activist and neighborhood leader Jose Rivera is healing after he was sucker punched at a Father’s Day bar-b-que in Crystal Park on Sunday (the above photo was taken this morning).
     Lancaster City Detective Richard Mendez met with him today. The police still have not checked for footage from the Safety Coalition camera in the park. Rivera said the detective would be back to him either later today or tomorrow. Rivera said the park was packed and there were numerous witnesses although he was attacked from behind and he did not see his attacker.
     Rivera said the attack is not going to keep him from his neighborhood work and he said he has an obligation to watch the park as his grandkids and the neighborhood kids play there. He said he will not retreat.
     He also said he has a message for Chief of Police Jarrad Berkihiser: After he was attacked and bleeding Sunday it took two phone calls to 911 and two hours for a policeman to arrive. Rivera said the policeman who finally came had been on the other side of the park.
     He said they need a much greater police presence in his neighborhood. He said council members Janet Diaz and James Reichenbach reached out to him as did the mayor’s chief-of-staff Jess King and Milzy Carrasco who manages the Office of Neighborhood Engagement.
     This story will be updated tomorrow.


*   Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the LNP article, “Lancaster neighborhood leader attacked while at park Sunday; police investigate,” (click here).        
     Maybe the mayor could begin by asking the police why there have been no arrests! Why are there cameras if they aren’t used?



     Obviously he didn’t report it immediately or before the first story/video ran in LNP or he would have mentioned when questioned for that story. Duh.
Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP article pictured left (click here).
      Exactly! And it doesn’t take a genius or a judge to figure that out. From the first LNP story with the video there is this (click here):
     “I neither expect nor deserve any special treatment and made no such request on this occasion,” Reinaker said.
     Reinaker is stating he did nothing wrong. Why would he self-report?
     And there is also this:
     Asked to clarify what he meant when he instructed the officer to check his registration, Reinaker said he knew the officer would be checking and wanted to get on his way as soon as possible.
     “If my intent was to tell him who I was, I could certainly have done so,” Reinaker said.
     It doesn’t take a genius or a judge to know that’s a lie. Telling him to run his registration is the same as stating his name and saying you better let me go, mister! And again, he’s saying he did nothing wrong so why would he have self-reported?
      Reinaker’s last ditch effort to save himself following the video and the public’s outrage is to state he “self-reported.” Too late, Reinaker!
      Once again, please file a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania (click here). The more the better.
     The entitlement and arrogance displayed by Reinaker in the video are outrageous and this is a clear example of wealth, power and privilege – and especially white privilege. And this is unacceptable in a judge.
Please file a complaint and check back later today.


  1. Ohwellist says:

    Im glad they caught the 16yr old. I hope they give him community service that way he has to clean up the same park he tried to destroy and some fines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I once had respect for Reinaker. I no longer do.

  3. Ohwellist says:

    Wow that pic looks like more than 1 sucker punch was done. Looks like they kicked his face in smh. Maybe more than 1 helped beat on Jose. They must not know Jose to think he’d be scared to come back out. Someone in that area doesn’t like that it’s becoming more neighborhood friendly. That park used to be a “get high” park before he started cleaning it up. He started to care about that park and made his presence known which probably drove the users away.

  4. my goodness says:

    This sounds like the Jose we all know and love, definitely on the mend. Glad to hear city authorities are participating. A glimmer of hope for our neighborhood.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are allowed to have bar b q’s in our parks? When did this happen??????

    • Becky says:

      This may be my mistake and I will try to clarify tomorrow. He said they were having a Father’s Day b-b-q and it may have been at his house – not in the park. He said some kids came up and said they were breaking the sign again and he told his wife he would be right back and he went to the sign in the park. I apologize if this is my error in indicating the b-b-q was in the park.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL, mayor/chief addressing public, historically/hysterically, hell will freeze over before this happens!

  7. my goodness says:

    Wow, Becky, you got somebody’s attention!!! About time. Thank you.

  8. Ohwellist says:

    Where the hell is the mayor and police chief?? How about Milzy mind her business in the office and get the mayor up off her behind to address the public on whats going on and their plan!!! Nobody cares about their office work or upcoming meetings. Our business is our safety. You either address the public or the public is going to take matters into their own hands. Its too hot to have a bunch of heart broken irritated justice seeking people out here. Mayor or police chief needs to address the public asap.

  9. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    “Self-reporting” to Reinaker and Stedman is the same ad pleading “no contest”. Now, if only someone would SENTENCE them!

  10. Ellen Pee says:

    And naturally local lame stream media didn’t press the issue.