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*    Why is LNP running this article as a new article (click here)? This is over three months old! Look at the comments under it – one is below – they are from 14 weeks ago. Get it together, LNP, and let the public know this is a re-run!



Bradley Rohrbaugh

— CORRECTION 6-22-19 at 2:55 pm: He has one DUI conviction in York County that occurred on 2-24-12. The earlier DUI previously mentioned is a different Bradley Rohrbaugh.

[Editor’s note: I am running this email I received several weeks ago and I apologize for the delay in running it and thank you. You are correct, their is no docket entry for former West Hempfield Police Officer Bradley Rohrbaugh for filing a false police report. That would be a very fast ARD and how could he get an ARD with a prior DUI? And yes, he had a DUI in York County so I don’t know how he kept his job. Click here for the LNP article, “West Hempfield Township police officer ‘let go’ while under investigation by other department.” I am not publishing your second paragraph today because I am still researching that individual. Thank you again.]


I discovered your LIP website after I heard of an officer that worked for West Hempfield Township applied for York County Prison. It was then discovered this officer was terminated from his employment and was removed from the class because he was on probation through Lancaster County. After searching his name I came across your website. I am writing to you because it is evidently clear after I searched his criminal record under pa public web dockets that his case cannot be located which would lead me to believe he was given ARD to expunge this filing of a false police report. The issue with this is….it prevents anyone Mr Rohrbaugh has arrested prior with a fair chance to appeal their case after Officer Rohrbaugh was found guilty of filing false police reports. I believe this is a clear and concise way for the county to protect themselves as well as the officer. I believe every person Mr Rohrbaugh gave testimony on and has charged with crimes during his course of duty should be reviewed by the DA and the people he has arrested prior be notified of this. Upon further research I found he had 2 prior DUI’s; his 2nd offense being in York County. I see his record shows 9 years of employment. How did he work as a police officer with a mandatory year driving privilege being revoked?
     I just wanted to make this known as I feel after reviewing your website, your a person who clearly will fight for what is right, and I appreciate and respect that.
     If there is any way I can help you further expose corruption please don’t hesitate to ask. There is much more info to share, I thought I’d start with this first.

2 Responses to * HOW COULD HE GET AN ARD?

  1. Anonymous says:

    D.A. Craig Steadman only charges police officers if forced to by another agency. He refuses to investigate private criminañl complaints against police officers for perjury or recuse, as he is required to do. (One or the other.) He knowingly suborns perjured testimony, so the chances of him looking into any prior convictions based on testimony of a cop already convicted of crimen falsi charges are nil. (For e.g. Ray Corll). Many, many d.a.’s have a “do not call list” for cops with credibility issues. Those are, exactly, the kind of cops Craig Stedman embraces.

  2. Becky says:

    I corrected my note to read “filing a false police report” instead of insurance fraud.

    For more background there is this LNP article:

    Ex-West Hempfield officer faces charges after allegedly filing false report on vehicle accident