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*    It must be repeat Saturday at LNP. Now their lead story online is the below article on the left. They already ran this in May! If they are going to run repeats – they need to let the public know! Have they run out of things to write about?



    LNP, you need to state that your lead story online this morning is a word-for-word re-run of a story you ran in May! Putting a different headline on it does not make it “new!” Disgraceful and deceptive journalism.


  1. Green Dragon says:

    Hope you enjoy your break, you certainly deserve one. Your site is an informative alternate to the LNP. As to the LNP “average income by zip code” I hope they realize that if 3 out of 1000 households are high earners, say $1 million per year or more, when averaged with the other 997 low or middle class incomes the resulting “average” is deceivingly high.

    • Becky says:

      Thank you. To the person who sent in four comments very, very early this morning and may have been a bit under the weather – if you want to try again…

      — I cannot publish that about Cheryl Markle without photographs as proof!
      LNP was too bizzy with their new lame article of “best views in the city” containing like 24 photos all from TellUs360 and the Griest Building.
      does TellUs360 own a chunk of LNP’s stock? it seems to be in their paper every week at least. alot for one single restaraunt thats next to other restaraunts

      === while i enjoy Independant Presses… this isnt the only thing that Harrisburg cant get straightened out. my family that lives there regrets it. some houses arent even insurable being the area of Harrisburg theyre in. its a terrible place. i agree it can use a new voice for their people, but they cant even get the school system right without shoveling more piles of money at it.
      — How do you claim to know that about Emmanuella Osei? But I agree that this whole case has been a huge waste of the public’s money.

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