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* Click here for the police press release on the arrest of Jose Rivera’s attacker. Good job, Detective Richard Mendez!


     Jose Rivera reports that the detective on his case stated to him that the person who committed the violence against him is under arrest. He is a 16-year-old juvenile.


Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Lancaster city staff, McCaskey student to plan anti-violence event for youth after recent homicides,” (click here).

*    Thank you. I was thinking exactly the same. And I have never read such a ridiculous article in my life. LNP reporter Lindsey Blest could you call the police and ask them why these homicides have not been solved? What are the detectives doing? Why do we pay detectives who can’t solve crimes?


(Click here for the GoFundMe page for Anthony Marshall)
        There will be a candlelight vigil for Anthony Marshall this evening at 6 pm on Laurel and Manor Streets.
       Marshall was shot and killed on Father’s Day and his son was wounded.
       No one has been arrested for his murder despite numerous witnesses and Kunzler & Company having multiple surveillance cameras that cover the area where he was killed.
      And in a shocking twist, Anthony Marshall is the grandson of Carrie Marshall, whose horrific December 7, 1987 murder has never been solved.
Click here for the above LNP article on Carrie Marshall and please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    or 18

  2. Anonymous says:

    From press release it looks like the kid was already on probation. Maybe he’ll be off the streets until he’s 21.

    • Ohwellist says:

      He’ll be back out to do it again. At 16 yrs old u should have respect for the elderly. He clearly didnt have any respect. He also suckered him and would of got away with it if it wasnt for the cameras. He was bold enough to do it even with cameras. He has no fear. Hes gonna be a problem

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a punk this 16-year old is. The other neighbors should have left police out of it and exercised some street justice. An arrest isnt going to solve anything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So you need to have mayor and city council rooting for you to get justice in this town. Good to know.

  5. my2cents says:

    Amazing what can be accomplished with a little incentive. In this case public outrage did it. And the public would never have known but for you Becky.

  6. my goodness says:


  7. Ohwellist says:

    I want to make this very clear to the “actual tax paying neighborhoods”…make going down to city meetings demanding help for programs for drug/alcohol, teen support, past charges support, rehab support because this will be creeping in your neighborhood eventually. I need to really get this point across because i seen plenty of people comment like James and y’all dont quite understand somethings. Its in my neighborhood it has been since a little girl. My neighbor thats struggling with something isnt going to break into my home to steal something to sell for his fix. He has to worry about that he has to come back home at some time. Im going to be waiting for him and so are my other neighbors. Some of us have charges. This life is all we know, plus the disrespect. Im gonna beat his @ss until i feel as though he got enough thats just the street law. Some of us are already in the system what else is there to lose?! Hed rather come to your neighborhood take from u to get his fix and come back home with no problems. You can sit there and say well i’ll just call police. Police will get tired of the calls and wont take u serious after a few times. Which will cause u to get frustrated with police in return u will move. Take me serious when I tell you its coming to your neighborhood soon. People are complaining i cant believe its happening here. Take that complaining and demand program help now before it gets in your hood or it gets worst.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t legislate morales and values.

      • Ohwellist says:

        It has nothing to do with morals and values. It has everything to do with proper mental and drug/alcohol help. The right programs are needed. Nuestra clinica failed the southeast. Theres only 1 dr. Theres tons of patients that dont get seen or get proper help. They walk out frustrated after making it to their appointment.

        • Anonymous says:

          I fail to see how patients choosing to leave their appointments for substance use treatment being the fault of anyone; people have the right to make poor decisions. The city does not fund treatment for drugs and alcohol therefore demanding the city do something about it seems frivolous. Lancaster has a new behavioral health hospital and LGH has various programs for D&A.

          • Ohwellist says:

            When you have to sit there almost 2 hrs thats what causes them to walk out. They make it there. You have to keep to keep in mind their mental patients.

          • Ohwellist says:

            And if u dont demand the city to do something it’ll eventually show all over the city as it has. So the city eventually will have to do something. Csg has been in lanc for yrs for behavorial health buts its out the way. That hasnt helped. People with d/a problems arent going to walk across town thats why they stay dealing with nuestra clinica

  8. Ohwellist says:

    I dont think that James understands how much money is on the line if police leave the areas mentioned. The mayors protecting her investments and other investments that supported her campaign while the rest of the city goes to hell. James also mentioned the policing in the 90s-2000s. Its always been about proverty. Its always been about not being able to get ahead after getting charged. Theres a set up in this city its always been like this. You get charged and you cant move on. You cant get support because of your charges. Its set up to keep u in the system. The system of probation, fines, & costs. The system of drug/alcohol abuse from wanting to escape. The cys system. See downtown they seperated probation and domestic relations office due to needing more space for probation. U go into the domestic relations they didnt need more space its the same amount of space in that office. Proverty brings crime no matter where they go in Lancaster. Now its showing in the west and north areas. Parents have to work more leaving these teens on the streets all day. Also you cant spank your children. We were getting whooped at 14yrs old still if an officer catches you or someone records you on your phone u will be charged and have a cys case. So now their society’s problem. The lands just reaping the change of times. Theres no support programs to get back on your feet everyone thinks “art” will save us lol The southeast needs a damn drug/alcohol mental health facility asap before it gets worst. This heroin done took over. K2 took over now by manor st after it hit the southeast. The crimes are people needing money for their fix to escape this mess. I dont understand why people think because they pay property taxes that their entitled to live without these issues. I find it hilarious. I really do. How about you take that entitled mindset to the public city meeting and demand these changes first so that way it doesnt show in your neighborhood. That mindset has done nothing for you or your neighborhood James. Ask everyone else that got fed up with that same mindset and packed/left Lancaster. The more people that demand help with drug/alcohol mental facilities, teen programs, support programs. The faster these problems wont creep into your property tax paying neighborhoods. Or u can just pick up and move like everyone else that feels entitled 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Ohwellist says:

    “Dont fail that family” 3xs because the Marshall’s are also family to the 16yr Ramos that was stabbed to death a few days before Tink took the bullet that was meant for his son.

  11. huh? says:

    “…murder has never been solved.”

    Gee, what a shocker.