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—   The cameras owned by Kunzler & Company on their building captured the murder of Anthony Marshall on Father’s Day. An employee of Kunzler showed the video to several co-workers who recorded it on their cell phones. The video is reportedly extremely clear.


     There is a video of Anthony Marshall being shot and killed at a party on Father’s Day exactly one week ago today. The Lancaster Police have left a killer on the street for a week with no warning to the public. After over 14 years of stating on this site that the Lancaster police don’t lift a finger to solve some of these murders – they just got caught red handed.



    The Must See Pics & Vids Facebook posted the below at about 5:00 pm today. Before that is a blurry screenshot of Anthony Marshall’s killer. What have the Lancaster City Police been doing for six days?


  1. Anonymous says:

    The city cameras did not ‘catch Ray Corll lying.” Your source for that is Stedman. His twist. It was the defendant’s lawyer’s hard work that discovered his client’s exculpatory evidence from a private business. Only then were any safety coaltion cameras reviewed.

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Ellen – If you are going to quote me, get it right! Shithole is one word. Lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh…And completely agree with Becky to NEVER hand over your only copy of video to police to use as evidence. In fact, I would never hand over the original to anyone without a subpoena. THEY get the copy. YOU keep the original – until ordered by a court to do otherwise. And…again….the “Safety Coalition” cameras – paid for with drug enforcement task force asset seizure funds – are not in place to solve crime. That is just the argument D.A. Craig Stedman used/uses. They are there to protect cops and the city in the event of a lawsuit. That is all. You HAVE to know that by now. Right?

    • Anonymous says:

      It was well publicized that were crucial to nabbing the city hall door burners…

      • Becky says:

        The cameras along with tracking his cell phone which also played a major part.

        • Becky says:

          That is one crime in 10 years of having 161 cameras (more now) across the city? And ironically, it was the cameras that caught former Sgt. Ray Corll lying!

  4. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    And yet East Lampeter Police had no problem digging out a 3-month old 3-minute dashcam video of a judge giving a cop a hard time when – normally – that video is recorded over on nearly a daily basis unless the officer uses force. Go figure.

  5. huh? says:

    I honestly am shocked and I say that with absolute sincerity that the video was not immediately given to police and that the detectives didn’t immediately get whoever is in charge at Kunzlers to get the video evidence.

    It is absolutely sickening that the video has now turned into a snuff film that is traded between cellphones. Did the police ever and finally get ahold of it?

    If the LPD is not on top of this they truly are not worthy of any respect or anything else I can think of.

    I can only imagine that instead of looking at their incompetence they will deflect by raising public outrage at the employees at Kunzlers. What a mess.

    • Becky says:

      The receptionist said she believed the police had been there. Besides interviewing witnesses, Kunzlers should have been the police’s first stop. I’m sure they have the video. As to Kunzlers, people have curiosity. They may have made a copy or certainly several people had to view it to see that it did in fact include the murder. That several may have recorded it on their cell phones is life these days and thank goodness they did – because it proves the police have an image of the killer.

      The detectives can’t deflect anything on this. They have not made an arrest. They are leaving the public in danger. They have a description and photograph of the killer that has not been released to the public to identify this person. The state attorney general needs to investigate.

      • huh? says:

        I understand all that you are saying here. But the fact that the video of the shooting sat around Kunzlers long enough to be viewed and copied is really troubling.

        • Becky says:

          I completely disagree and your concern should be directed at the police, not at Kunzlers! Anyone who has video of a crime should make a copy before handing it over to the police in Lancaster. All those safety coalition cameras for all these years and do you know how many videos the Lancaster Police have up on their YouTube channel? A handful. A handful including theft from a vehicle. It must have been somebody very important. There is a camera outside Erma Kaylor’s house. Four years after her murder we got grainy images of men no one could possibly identify.

          • huh? says:

            My original post puts the police squarely in the center and first and foremost. With something as serious as this, no less than the CEO of Kunzlers be in possession of a video that shows someone being murdered.

            As far as blame? Perhaps I was not clear enough. Remember when the place downtown put up a video of a robbery in their store? And IIRC, they were castigated by the police for doing so. That is why I believe that the DA and LPD will let loose on Kunzlers.

            I feel so awful for the family of the victim. Cops and DA aside, the thought that this entire video will be uploaded and viewable is horrible.

          • Becky says:

            The family has a copy of the video. It is 29 seconds long. It clearly shows the killer.

  6. Ellen Pee says:

    People don’t hold and/or attend conventions in crime ridden shit holes like…well like Lancaster Pennsylvania. Solving crime, means there is crime.

  7. huh? says:

    Did they send you the still of the perp? It’s not on their Facebook page