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     So, what is going on with Wacker Brewing Company and the city over 425 W. King Street? The city owns 425 W. King Street.
     On January 1st of 2018, the two parties signed a five year lease agreement with Wacker paying the city $554 a month to use the property for warehousing and storage.
     The problem: There is no termination clause in the lease.
     The city needs the property now for one of the two new fire stations.
     Bryan Kepner, the president of Wacker, sent the city a letter stating he felt $495,000 would be just compensation for his company for the city breaking the lease.
     Cue outrage!
     Unless an agreement between the two is made prior, council voted last night to move this to the city council meeting on June 11th for a final vote. The city would use “eminent domain” to terminate the lease.
    Oh, this should be interesting! How many lawyers will get involved? Maybe the city should consider putting a termination clause in their leases? And maybe Mayor Sorace and Kepner could work all this out over a beer?
     We will see…


     “I recommend we table this,” city council president James Reichenbach said to council members last night about the salary study. He said they have “bigger things” to concern themselves with. Yes, they do!
      And there was no marijuana ordinance update. Mayor Sorace “explained” that she and police chief Jarrad Berkihiser got confused between June and July. The update will actually come in July. Hmmm…

      And council went after Wacker Brewing Company and their president Bryan Kepner big time. It’s a long, involved story that will be coming but Kepner wants $495,000 over a $554 per month lease. Oh, there was outrage!
Click here to watch the video of last night’s meeting (in three parts) and check back later today.


  1. Brickerville Resident says:

    I dont care for the current Mayor – but lets be fair. By the date it was signed the last day of Mr Grays reign. He was an attorney. Yes, his expertise was criminal, but i would assume he’d have enough business smarts to have the lease reviewed by a reputable adviser. Any attorney should know not to enter an a poorly drafted agreement. Also – why would any administration sign a 5 year lease on last day ??

    I hope the city is intelligent enough to get out of this mess ” smart” I dont have a law background, but i did a little research. Previous court rulings that seem to have set a precedent would really favor the tenant. I’m going to sit back and enjoy this drama unfold.

    Sure seems like no one in city hall reads anything. Seems like one contractual mess after another.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mayor Sorace is as clueless as the day is long. That she’s a clone of Mayor Dick is evidenced by the continuing downward spiral of Lancaster. Along with that comes her lack of prioritizing spin and bicycle lanes over public safety. It’s like a continuation of the Gray error.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who needs a salary study. Obviously, they are ALL overpaid! How much did Katzenmoyer earn for 17-years to f*ck up our water and our streets? Who’s the idiot who brokered the raw deal? I mean the Maw deal? How much are these overpaid cops getting to lie under oath (Corll), beat up civilians and otherwise embarass the city with viral videos and insulting vm messages? (Resulting in huge lawsuit payouts and “suspensions WITH pay!) Who was the genius behind….oh. Never mind. Lancaster should become a specialized “colony”. Kind of like a leper colony, except…for retards only. Then everyone is playing on the same level field. And the rest of us can move.

  3. anonymous says:

    They didn’t realize they’d need the building a year ago ?

    • Becky says:

      I was wondering that myself! But unless someone misspoke last night – they (Mayor Sorace and Randy Patterson) stated the lease was signed on January 1, 2018!

      • anonymous says:

        The contract was intentionally and in effect a transfer of sale.

        Rather than go through a subdivision at the time, and rather than have the building continue to deteriorate, and to keep Wacker at that location, they came up with the lease. The intention was that when the fire station went through land development the building would be subdivided off.

        Someone in the City ( SHOCKER) screwed up and didn’t anticipate the need for the area, and now they’re stuck. And once again, rather than admit that they made a mistake, they’re going on the offensive and vilifying the other party. These guys throw around eminent domain as a catch all solution, when the answer to the their problems really should getting qualified, experienced people on staff or at least listening to the ones you have.

        It really is amateur hour at City Hall.

  4. my goodness says:

    Wooo, Mr Reichenbach showing some spunk. Maybe there is some hope.

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