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     The police arrested Dekendrick D. Jones this afternoon. Click here for the full DA’s press release.

  —   So the DA’s office issued a press release on Saturday thanking the public and stating they had identified the exposer but never gave his name and never said he was not in custody and that they were looking for him! Can you help us? If you see him call us.
     What in the world? How incompetent is that? Demand answers!


*** BREAKING ***  According to the Manheim Borough Police this morning by phone, Dekendrick D. Jones “has not been apprehended yet.” They stated there will be a police press release issued this afternoon.

—  Do they have Jones in custody? His docket status is “inactive,” there is no bail amount and there is no date for a preliminary hearing (click here).

l***   The exposer apparently is 24-year old Dekendrick D. Jones. The charges below were filed before District Judge Edward Tobin this morning.



**   On Saturday, the DA’s office was all excited they solved a case and they thanked the public for their tips in the above press release (click here). The release states in part:
     The man gave a statement to police.
     Charges are pending. More specifics will be released when charges are filed.
     Okay. Enough suspense! Could we have the man’s name now?


   The front page, lead story in today’s LNP print edition.
*    Oh, for heaven’s sake! Stop the 225 stories about yourself and do your job and hold the police, mayor and the DA accountable!



(Click here)

     A father is killed and his son wounded in the early morning hours of Father’s Day and there is not a word from Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser, Mayor Danane Sorace or District Attorney Craig Stedman. Not a word.
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    75k bail for an exhibitionist?

    • Becky says:

      I thought that was high as well but the case got a lot of publicity… The police asking for help and then thanking the public and then what was on this site today…

  2. Told You So says:

    I told you people LNP was buying a new press and that printing was going back to Lancaster, and you called me full of crap. That’s why I stopped giving you folks inside info when I get it.

    • Becky says:

      Told You So: What you said was this:

      FYI, you heard it here first. LNP is looking into buying a new printing press and putting it in downtown in order to resume printing in Lancaster again. I guess Mechanicsburg wasn’t cheaper after all.

      My response:

      Seriously? I find that a little hard to believe…

      And in fact, they are not putting the printing downtown!

      Your orginal comment and my response are here:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Gee. That’s odd. Last year, Craig Stedman issued a “press release” that contained my legal name, (as on my PA drivers license and birth certificate), spelled correctly and incorrectly – on purpose – and all of his perceived “aliases” for me, to announce that four misdemeanors had been filed against me. The entire story was false. On January 2, 2019, Craig Stedman ADDED (as in, published”) my mugshot to his website, next to a false “criminal trespassing” charge he filed against me that was DISMISSED at the preliminary hearing a month and a half prior. Now, I’m no AP award winning crime reporter, but (oh, wait. Yes I am…but you’d have to REALLY deep into Google to find that, now)…
    but it seems to me Stedman’s timing is kind of messed up in that respect. You know, when to charge, what lies to use, when to use them. In actuality, most of the local media (except Fox 43), won’t even carry his stuff anymore. At least, nothing about me. Still, I just want ONE person – ONE legal mind – to tell me why Craig Stedman should not be behind bars for leaking confidential, privileged information to the press in an attempt to embarass a critic, but Kathleen Kane is sitting in prison – disbarred – for the EXACT same thing!!! ONE LEGAL MIND! With a brain. (And some ethics, of course). That is all I want! And before anybody says this is different, mug shots are protected through CHRIA and an oath is an oath… Kudos to any amateur sleuths or newshounds who are inspired to theorize or conspirialize based on the date of 1/2/19!

  4. Ohwellist says:

    Now they need to find where the killer of the 16yr old is hiding. Police was told the name of his killer & his address. Also the name of the person who helped him leave Lancaster & her address. Theres people waiting patiently for police to do their job.

  5. my goodness says:

    It did get on page 3 of this mornings paper.