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      There is an important city council committee meeting tonight beginning at 6:00 pm. The livestream will be on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). 

***  Raymond Corll’s attorney filed the below petition and motions Friday in Lancaster County Court.



**   On a different and somewhat lighter note, the below is the third “Crime Watch” email from LNP in the last week that has advertising for the Marinaro Law Firm. If you recall, LNP sued Marinaro for payment and owner Mike Marinaro said in an email to this site that he was going to counter-sue (click here).
     As expected, it looks like they have worked out their differences. Marinaro told me over the phone they could afford to pay the bill but were not because of principle. I never doubted for a minute that they could pay because his firm has been expanding rapidly and I’ve seen him in court and he is an excellent attorney.
     And LNP would not want to lose a major advertiser and they most certainly would not want this from Marinaro’s email to be made public:
     “…that LNP made false, misleading statements, regarding circulation numbers of its newspaper and digital consumers.”
      Oh, my. Well played, Mr. Marinaro!


*    A commenter brought up that there is a “Salary Study” on tonight’s agenda for the city council committee meeting (link below). Several months ago, Council President James Reichenbach brought up clerk Bernie Harris’ salary from out of nowhere and said it was “low” compared to comparable cities and they were going to look into this further.
     If this is what they are talking about it is ridiculous. I don’t know what Harris makes but I will find out. Meantime, in the middle of a financial crisis there should not be raises for anyone!


     Former Lancaster city police Sgt. Ray Corll posted bail Tuesday, allowing him to be released from prison while his case is under appeal.
From the June 28, 2017 LNP article, “Former Lancaster city police Sgt. Ray Corll released on bail during appeals process,” (click here).     
     Corll has been free on bail for almost two years pending first his appeal to the Superior Court of PA which was denied and then his appeal to the Supreme Court of PA.  As reported here on Friday, the Supreme Court denied his appeal on May 30th.
     When will Corll be returned to prison to complete his 7-to-23 month sentence? I will make calls today.
     As to yesterday’s post regarding David Smucker, he is scheduled to have a status conference this Thursday at 9:00 am before President Judge Dennis Reinaker. A portion of a post from this site on April 2nd is below (the original is here):      Finally, there is a Lancaster City Council Committee Meeting tonight at 6:00 pm. The agenda is here and includes an update on the marijuana ordinance.
There will be much more on this coming later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    James R. needs to be the first to take a pay cut. Hes been on city council for damn near decades. He hasnt done a damn thing but sit there and agree on all types of bs spending and bs decision making. Hes allowed the Guapera bros to do experiments on the people in the southeast. Hes allowed 1 of their sons to throw his philosophy bs artwork all over the southeast. Hes a yes ma’m fella. Always has been. Im all for James taking a pay cut in order for Bernie to get a raise. A lot of these fools need to take a pay cut. P. Hopkins also. Thats another one that couldnt even present a proper budget to the people. I can go on & on on who needs a pay cut in this city. Some of them are earning these pay checks while doing bs work.

    • huh? says:


      There’s a name rarely mentioned in the local press. Allowed to do experiments on people in southeast Lancaster city?? What sort of experiments?

      • Ohwellist says:

        TecCentro is a program designed for the latinos in the southeast to keep them from falling into proverty or to get them out. What they dont tell people is that a lot of the people in the southeast are mental patients. Latinos are raised with a lot of mental verbal and physical abuse behind closed doors. A lot of us also have alcoholic parents that cant and dont get the help they need. So its a cycle over and over. The Guaperas been making all types of programs claiming helping these people when really their making a living off these programs. Nuestra Clinica only has 1 intake dr that deals with getting new patients in and also while getting these new patients in Dr. Sosa also has mental patients scheduled for regular appointments. This causes the mental patients he already has scheduled to walk out due to him taking so long on his new patients. These mental patients walk rt out & self medicate on the same block the patients can self medicate off street drugs. Police comes in this same area and charges these mental patients. So not only is the Guapera bros Carlos making it seem as if their helping the community but their also helping the city by allowing this to take place in order for police to also get $ by charging these same mental patients. These mental patients now have charges. They cant use the TecCentro program to get ahead neither because of the charges. TecCentro doesnt allow u to enroll in their classes or program studies without a background check. Grauperas are also big on “catholic” religion. Catholics run lanc. Carlos son is the one they allowed to bring his bs artwork philosophy into the southeast. Most of the paintings were his idea. This boy didnt have a clue on what he wanted to get into in life but he was allowed to make a decision for the entire southeast on what he felt we needed as artwork. Google Carlos son Josh who also went to catholic school. The Graupera bro John is on city council. He also made decisions on taking the Londons property to hand over to his bro Carlos for saca program of selling houses for senior citizens. James was president on city council at the time properties were taken. He knows Carlos & John are bros. The bros are known for constantly using the hispanics in the southeast to make a come up or a name for themselves with the help of some city officials.

        • huh? says:

          Thank you for the background information. It’s important to hear from someone​ who knows firsthand. I appreciate your candor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What do you think the salary study is? The Mayor needs a raise?

    • Becky says:

      Good question! A couple of months ago they were discussing clerk Bernie Harris’ salary and Council President James Reichenbach said it was “low” compared to other cities. I am serious! These people are nuts! 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        His salary is $55,388. Other than taking notes at city council meetings, I do not know what other job responsibilities he has, so I don’t have any sort of opinion if thats too low/high. I would believe it is a bit too low.

        Some other salary highlights, the
        Mayor – $86,275
        Chief of Staff – $77,044
        Director-Administrative Services – $130,169
        Dir. Economic Dev. & Neigh. Revitalization – $143,158
        Is it fair the Mayor gets paid less than politically appointed department directors?

        I think there’s legitimate questions on those director and appointment position salaries being much too high. For example the critical civil service positions to their departments, who have real professional credentials (ex: Patrick Hopkins is not a CPA as far as I know) have half the salary, Chief Accountant ($86,726), chief of planning ($82,041) the City Engineer is ($77,999). Some of the civil service employees in the city I do believe are a bit underpaid, but I also don’t know what their pension benefits consist of.

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