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—   I will come back to more serious news tomorrow and I apologize for the sudden switch-up today. I was simply caught off guard and completely surprised by the Manheim Township Police stating feeding feral cats is currently illegal in their township. This causes such a stir and outrage when it is suggested in other townships and cities.

***  Oh, this is going to have cat lovers incensed! They just had a huge effort to do this in my neighborhood. From the Manheim Township CrimeWatch entry linked to below:

**    This is totally off-topic but caught me by surprise. The Manheim Township Police Department posted today that it is illegal to feed or otherwise care for feral cats (click here to read the full CrimeWatch report with a link to the law).




*    The latest in DA Stedman v. Carter Walker and LNP is below:



(Click here)

     A democrat has stepped up to the plate to run against DA Stedman to be a Lancaster County Judge. This is wonderful news!
     There will be much more later today on DA Stedman and his civil forfeiture records and the Saturday morning murder of Tony Torrellas. Stedman should not be a judge.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Anon doesnt get it. Putiing up a candidate for write-in means Stedman will not be a shoe in by default. Paulson is an honest, well-respected public servant and when he retires Gov. Wolf will appoint someone to serve out the term. VOTE FOR PAULSEN!

    • Anon says:

      I don’t think you get it. This guy couldn’t even beat Scott Martin with all of his issues….what makes us think he can beat Stedman? Furthermore, if Wolf appointed anyone, it would be a political crony recommended by our Republican representatives…..that’s how it always goes with these appointments…..State and Federal level. Favors are exchanged and the corruption continues…….

  2. Mary Desanctis says:

    I love animals and I am a dog owner. The cats are out of control .I live in Lancaster Township patrolled by MTPD. I actually have a hard time walking my dog who is a big black lab and he doesn’t like cats. There are outside cats everywhere …the notice is not an exaggeration. I didn’t complain but I am happy someone did.

  3. Anon says:

    Omg….is that really the best available?! By the time he gets on the bench, he will only be able to serve for 2 years before mandatory retirement at age 75! Big waste of time and money! Come on, do better!

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