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***  JoAnn Hentz just posted this on the Democratic Facebook page under the Greg Paulson post:


     Clarification/correction – the write-in votes have not yet been counted according to Voter Registration and the Board of Elections in a phone call this morning. Democratic Chair JoAnn Hentz just also confirmed that to me on the phone. She was not aware that it was posted on their Facebook page that Greg Paulson had gotten enough write-in votes to be on November’s ballot (which I reposted this morning). Again – they have not been counted. I apologize for the confusion.
     Hentz did indicate that committee people who were at the polls feel confident that he did get enough write-in votes – but again – it is not official and the write-in vote count will be posted by the county on Friday.


**   I first saw this story show up on Fox-43’s Facebook page yesterday. I knew this would be huge! They were followed shortly by ABC-27 and WGAL and then CBS-21 and finally, LNP!
      Does the cat have a collar or is it a marking on its coat? Does the cat have a tipped ear meaning it was trapped, neutered and released?
       Will there be a follow-up to this story?
      Could we pay this much attention to the people who were shot in Lancaster in the last month and arrest the shooters?


From today’s LNP editorial, “As thunderstorm season arrives, and our weather grows more severe, please take weather warnings seriously,” (click here).

*    The LNP editorial board does it again (see the May 20th post on this site).
      I bet in Berks and Dauphin Counties (insert whatever county you want here), neighbors don’t help neighbors! Those rascals! But when you cross that county line into Lancaster, you suddenly have unique and special values and jump right in to help your neighbors and volunteer! It’s a miracle!


      Wonderful news! Greg Paulson will be on November’s ballot for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas!
Please check back later today.

18 Responses to * CLARIFICATION ** – * WONDERFUL NEWS!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Huh: If the cat had been urinating and it was caught on a city camera it would have been shot and killed on the spot and Craig Stedman would have overseen the “investigation”, called a political grandstand disguised as a “news conference”, played a doctored video for the public, claimed the cat had a weapon and a “history of mental illness”, lunged at cops, the police officers’ actions were jusified and that no criminal charges would be filed against any of the officers – and then refused to name the cops involved for “safety” reasons – his own.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really wish someone would clue Carter Walker in. This is twice now he has written an article wrongly claiming Paulson could only serve 13 months, showing a complete lack of proper research. Judges are required to retire on the last calendar day of the year they turn 75. So Paulson would get to serve 2 years, not 13 months.

  3. huh? says:

    So, is this why Watson said that Kenneff is a republican? Crossfiling? Will he run as a republican in the election? If he wins, will he be a Democratic Republican? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

    From the LNP article – “District judge
    In northeast Lancaster city, Andrew LeFever won the Democratic nomination, and John Kenneff won the GOP nod to succeed District Judge Janice Jimenez in northeast Lancaster city. Both had cross-filed.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I met Greg Paulson by chance tonite at the dog park – one day after voting for him and I can say, unequivocally, that two years of him would be far, far better than a lifetime of Stedman. After chatting for 5 minutes, I thought I was talking with the most honest and sincere lawyer I had ever known. And I knew, beyond any reasonable doubt that I made the right choice. I guarantee, Stedman will NEVER be appointed to that position. Hopefully, by the time Paulson retires, Stedman will be in jail = disbarred.

  5. Ed says:

    Why didn’t the police capture the crazy cat WHEN THE PICTURE WAS TAKEN? HE’S RIGHT THERE!!! LOL

    • Becky says:

      LOL! We don’t know who took the picture of the cat (LNP reported the police stated that is the actual cat and not a stock photo) and cats can move fast – or maybe the person was (rightfully) scared of the cat and didn’t want to approach it. I wonder if they have caught the cat?

    • huh? says:

      They shoot homeless people in Lancaster county, not cats. Get your priorities straight.

      Wasn’t there a feral cat story a week or so ago?

  6. Brickerville Resident says:

    Question. I would love to see Paulson win. But what about his age ? What is the process of his replacement at mandatory retirement ? Will the other judges be able to just appoint Stedman ??

  7. huh? says:

    It will be interesting to see if Harper continues his campaign of information regarding Stedman. I’ll not forget the write up Harper did after apparent henchmen connected somehow to Lancaster judiciary showed up on his front porch. He posted a pic and a post on Facebook about the”visit.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    These feckless Dems need a competent p.r. person or we will never win anything. I had no idea til reading your site yesterday that reg. repubs could have written him in, too.

    • Becky says:

      I agree! Hentz did not even know about the Paulson post until I was on the phone with her and she found it. I assumed it was accurate and the Dems knew what they were doing. Sigh…

  9. CraigStedmanForCorruptJudge-NOT says:

    I think/hope/pray Greg Paulson got far more than the 250 votes he needed. I hope he got so many that Craig the Corrupt Enforcer spend the next 6 months sh*tting his pants.

  10. Ohwellist says:

    Im glad Paulson got the votes he needed we dont need anymore corrupt people or anyone else having family ties to the corrupt.

    • Becky says:

      Oh my – your comment came in just as I was posting the clarification. I saw it on the Democratic Facebook page and thought it was official. It is not. Keeping fingers crossed.

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