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—  Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow. 


*     This email in from Attorney Michael Marinaro regarding LNP’s lawsuit against his firm and his plan to countersue (see yesterday’s post and thank you!):

Dear Becky,

Just a follow up to our discussion yesterday regarding LNP:

1.  The contracts presented by LNP were ambiguous and reasonably subject to more than one interpretation. The contracts were unclear as to duration. All contracts were vague and unclear.

2.  LNP has failed to record several payments by the Marinaro Law Firm.

3.  It is of utmost importance in any contract that both parties are on the same page and acting in good faith. It is averred that LNP made false, misleading statements, regarding circulation numbers of its newspaper and digital consumers. Marinaro Law shall sue from LNP’s fraudulent misrepresentation, based on “fake” statistics stated to the Marinaro Law Firm.

4.  Furthermore, paragraph 15 of the civil complaint filed by LNP is completely false. Marinaro Law has on numerous occasions disputed the amount owed.


Michael Marinaro



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     LNP goes after State Senator Scott Martin in their editorial this morning and no one deserves it more! What an absolute disgrace! Vote Martin out of office!
Please check back later today.


  1. Fake catholic says:

    I think some of the Catholics in this county are just too naive. Scott Martin plays them like a fiddle. How could they support someone who has been married 3 times and never by a catholic priest. He forcibly takes land from Catholic sisters destroying their outdoor chapel. He repeatedly chooses money over Catholic values. I really hope Lancaster Catholic High School isn’t using him as an example for its students. If so the Catholic religion in Lancaster would be doomed because the graduating classes will have no respect for the sacraments just as Scott Martin has no respect for the people of this county or his own church. The old saying fits the Catholic Church doesn’t need anymore enemies if it chooses friends like Scott Martin Scott Martin doing his best to destroy this county and the Catholic religion!

  2. He’s a bum! says:

    Wow! I Think I May actually renew my cancelled subscription to LNP. Has LNP actually turned into a newspaper that cares about this county and is brave enough to tell the truth? We need to get rid of Scott Martin and all the other corrupt elected officials. Can LNP be a trusted source for the truth, if so they need to be supported. Great job Carter Walker Lancaster has needed you for a long time. It’s been a long time since I have been happy with my local paper but right now I think they are doing a great job. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lots of Catholics are divorced and still call themselves Catholic. Just like lots of “Christians” are actually evil s.o.b.’s. My late uncle was a Catholic priest an we used to laugh over what he called C and E’s – catholics who only went to church an Christmas and Easter!

    • huh? says:

      They can call themselves Catholics but that doesn’t mean the Catholic church considers them Catholics.

      Plain and simple: to be considered a Catholic by the church and to have access to the Sacraments, if you remarry after a divorce without getting an annulment from the church, the church no longer recognizes you as a member.
      And if you are marrying someone who was also divorced, that person has to get an annulment too regardless of their religion.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are still a member of the Catholic Church, you just are not supposed to receive communion. Just like you aren’t supposed to take communion if you commit a mortal sin until you repent. Neither means you are excommunicated from the Church or the faith. In fact, there has been a big move to in recent years to bring divorced/remarried Catholics that left the Church feeling judged and isolated back into the faith. Lots of misconceptions and myths about divorce in the Catholic faith. I would suggest a refresher/research for all of the commenters actually interested or concerned…..especially before you start judging a person and their personal relationship with God or their faith. Also worth noting that an annulment in the Church is also not the same as a civil annulment in court…totally different standards/requirements.

        • huh? says:

          Written just like a cafeteria Catholic.

          The fact is, by remarrying, there’s your first mortal sin. How do you get rid of that mortal sin? Go to confession. But. Wait. You are not entitled to go to confession. Where’s mortal sin gonna put you? On the Express to Hell.

          All the rationalization in the world and cafeteria catholicing isn’t going to change the fact that you can call yourself a Catholic but if you want to BE a Catholic you gotta get right with the church.

          It’s not a coincidence that the only sin you can’t get absolved in the confessional in private is the sin of remarriage after divorce. You can murder a convent of nuns and be absolved of your sin if you are truly sorry. But go into a confessional and ask to be absolved of the mortal sin of remarriage and the priest will tell you that to be absolved and to be able to receive the sacraments, you HAVE to get an annulment and then sanctify your subsequent marriage.

          These are the facts of the matter. One thing the Catholic church is clear about…

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t know how you could call me a cafeteria Catholic when I didn’t deny disagree with or question any of the Catholic doctrines or teachings. I pointed out where you were actually wrong about the Catholic Church, that was all.

            Furthermore, I would rather be a cafeteria Catholic than a religious zealot judging and damning others like I’m the Pope or God himself.

        • Ohwellist says:

          Anonymous is actually right when they explained catholics still being a member just not able to take communion. Lanc is ran by a bunch of Catholics… whites & hispanics. Theres things that take place that people have no clue why it does or who’s behind it. Catholics will consider you family if you have family ties with any religious group. Thats how some dont get charged or sentenced the same in Lanc. After reading all these comments some of ya dont have a clue how this works. $$$$$$$$ & family ties

      • Anonymous says:

        Were Scott and Amber married in a Catholic Church? If they were, then there is no question they both obtained annulments because the Catholic Church will not perform or host a marriage it doesn’t recognize as valid.

  4. Scott Martin for prison says:

    I guess when you are just so very corrupt you become to much of a liability. It is great that LNP has finally realized they have to cut ties with Scott Martin because he is such an extreme liability. Lying, corruption, domestic violence, receiving bribes and payoffs, driunk driving, domestic violence, child abuse, lying under oath, perjury, illegal drugs, intimidation and bullying where does it end. There is so much more. How can the Catholics and Catholic High hold him up as an example. Is Catholic High going to become a breeding ground for criminals? Lancaster can do so much better!

    • huh? says:

      The Catholic part you mention. If Martin is divorced AND remarried he can’t be a Catholic. The only way he can be a full Catholic is if he had his first marriage annulled by the church. So I’m not getting the Catholic connection unless they are turning a blind eye to his past.

      But when it comes to LCHS there’s never a donation dollar they turn their back on.

  5. huh? says:

    I don’t believe that the LNP has never had a reporter like this Walker guy before. Why they are letting him “go there” has more to do with their agenda not his. There is something that doesn’t pass the smell test going on

  6. huh? says:

    Looked up Kirby West

    From her website


  7. Scott Satan Martin says:

    Is LNP developing a conscience? Is it Time we start supporting our local paper again? If they have finally decided that Scott Martin is just too corrupt to be associated with it may be time. Betraying the trust of Catholic Nuns is unforgivable! Can anyone actually support this person? Carter Walker is what LNP and Lancaster county need! Kirby West no relation to Scott Martins drug addicted murderous relative is going to shine the light on this snake. How can a proven liar and child abuser represent this county. The list of terrible things he has done does not end. Will LNP finally show him for the corrupt politician he actually is? We can only hope and pray as we wait for the truth to be revealed.

  8. Disgusting!!! says:

    Scott Martin is truly everything wrong with this county. Scott Martin needs to be weeded out and removed. How could a child abuser be a senator representing us? Children aren’t taken away from someone for being a good person! The fake Catholic who is willing to sell out Catholic nuns. Someone with such a lack of character and morals needs to go away. Anyone aligned with this parasite should be embarrassed and disgusted! Who could support this corrupt sellout?

    • Ellen Pea says:

      His and Amber’s infidelity with their previous spouses. They totally have local Christians conned. Oh. But they’re Republican so it’s ok.

  9. Ellen Pea says:

    Likely though LNP will back off Scott because he does look out for their Con Center interests.

    • huh? says:

      Not necessarily. The PSP has chewed him up and now the LNP will spit him out.

      Their con center is funded. The expansion is covered. The shell company set up to surreptitiously purchase the three nineteenth century buildings where the expansion will be built successfully stayed under the radar.

      They don’t need their bought and paid for flunky anymore. He’s a cypher in their opinion now. And he can’t fight back because it would expose what a sellout he is.

  10. Anonymous says:

    That “shields taxpayers from having a voice about the corruption that IS Lancaster County, Pennsylvania”. Obviously, his pockets are being lined by the oil companies. Compare him t Chester County lawmakers who oppose the pipeline and will oppose his bill. He’s an asshole. No wonder Amber lost custody of her kids. Hope he was worth it.

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