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     I placed a call to court administration today to see if Felicius Bucyukundi’s trial had begun (see the post below this one). She said it is now on the trial list for August. I placed a call to Bucyukundi’s attorney late this afternoon to confirm but that has not been returned. I will confirm tomorrow.
     To today’s story: the following documents are below (the official documents spell the last name with an “a” – McCalabb; while her check and the name change spell it with an “e” – McCalebb:
1.  The Private Criminal Complaint against her filed by an elementary school teacher for a bad check.
2.   A copy of the returned check marked not sufficient funds.
3.   A copy of the warrant.
4   A signed notice that she is resuming her prior surname of Watson following her divorce.
     There will be more tomorrow.




***  Her home is owned under the name Sharon Watson-Frias. Who is “Frias?”

**   In April of 2012, DCFS Trust, Through Its Servicing Agent, TD Auto Finance, LLC, Pittsburgh took Sharon Watson to court in Dauphin County for $10,713. The case was dropped because according to the docket, she filed for bankruptcy (see below and click here for the full docket).


*   This email in with attachments which will be coming:
     Sharon Watson is running for MDJ in northeast Lancaster on a platform of “honesty, integrity, fairness, and ethics” but she has none of these. Sharon Watson currently has an open arrest warrant in Dauphin County.
      In 2001 Sharon Watson (whose name was Sharon McCalebb at the time, as she was married to Toryanlonda McCalebb) knowingly wrote bad checks across Dauphin county. She was caught by her kid’s elementary school (check attached), who filed a formal complaint with the District Justice (complaint attached). After dodging the summons a warrant was issued for her arrest (warrant attached). She then divorced her husband and went back to using her maiden name (name change approval also attached.) Sharon Watson never addressed these issues and the warrant is still active. The only reason she hasn’t been caught is because she changed her name.


      I received some disturbing information about Sharon Watson’s past. Does the Democratic party know? Should the public know? Is she qualified to be a District Judge? Who is vetting these candidates?
Please check back later today.


  1. Ohwellist says:

    For the people wondering Janice is Watsons best friend if you go to Watsons fb page Janice comments theyre best friends and they go way back. Shes always commenting on Watsons posts.

  2. Northeast Resident says:

    Her campaign is SO misleading. She is 1 of 3 people on the Democrat ballot… and she isn’t even endorsed by the Democrat party! The Democrats unanimously voted to endorse Andrew Lefever, and Sharon didn’t even get one vote.

    I hope voters show up informed to the polls in a week!

  3. Anon says:

    Why does poster say she is “endorsed” by Janice Jimenez and that they are connected? Jimenez needs to stay the f*ck out of politics and crawl back into the hole they dragged her out of.

  4. Anonymous1 says:

    Voters dont “vet” at the “ballot box”. Ridiculous! Thats why we have the people in office we have. Vetting needs to be done WAY before you pull a lever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To answer your question “who is vetting these candidates” the answer is, we, the citizens, do at the ballot box and thanks to your investigative journalism, we can do it properly!

  6. talking says:

    Call me cynical but I doubt they (the local dems) will care. They will look at it as the choice between a) having a flawed candidate vs. b) having no candidate at all. No different than the GOP’s stance on the Lancaster County judicial race with Craig “I think I’m King rather than DA” Steadman. Anyhow, she seems to have just the right type of resume for MDJ in Lancaster County. I can think of at least 2 in recent memory drummed out of office, not easily, because they were crooks: Kelly Ballentine and the dude that Ron Harper hounded out of office for breaking the rules. Any others come to mind?

    • City Resident says:

      She’s not the endorsed candidate, though. She’s unendorsed but running around telling people she’s “endorsed” but fails to mention she’s only endorsed by Jimenez (and we all know how they are connected.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is stupid enough to run for an elected position with an open arrest warrant against them that they only tried to dodge through a “name change”. That said, she sounds like another Janice Jimenez – who resigned from the bench because of …you know… “health reasons”. THAT said, when is the JCB going to start vetting judicial candidates instead of foisting them on the public and then allowing them to “resign” after enough complaints, to avoid embarassing themselves. This has happened so many times I have lost count. Craig Stedman, included. The JCB needs to quietly tell him to pull out of the county judicial race for the good of the entire judiciary or…I promise you … he is going to make Luzerne County look like child’s play. (Pun intended, tho it is no laughing matter).

  8. Mike emrick says:

    Not sure D’s and R’s care about applicable laws, only gaining power to serve their private interests.

  9. my goodness says:

    I hope the local branch of the DNC is reading this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    But she has personal experience in what she would be dealing with as a MDJ.

  11. my goodness says:

    Probably not based on what the city has been dishing out to residents lately. We deserve so much better than we have been getting with this administration at so many levels.

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