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—  There will be more on both of these items tomorrow.  —

****  From the FCC case website linked to below. This is the end of a letter by the city’s attorney to MAW’s attorney regarding their invoices to the city in the amount of $1.26 million dollars.


***   LNP took the $700 an hour attorney story off their homepage early this morning. But on their Facebook page the comments came pouring in:



**  The goal is “to understand how we got to where we are today … so we can think about how to move forward in a fair way” with the township, Sorace told City Council at its committee meeting Monday.
From the LNP story on the $700 an hour lawyer linked to below.
     So, all of this was discussed at Monday’s city council committee meeting which is still not available for the public to view (see yesterday’s post)!

*    The below is the headline in today’s print edition about the $700 dollar an hour lawyer. The headline is not correct. The city has not hired him. Their own article states it has to be approved by city council! And if those city council members approve this absolute waste of money at their Tuesday city council meeting – every one of them needs to be voted out!
     And that brings me to the latest on the livestream of those meetings and why LNP is going after Stedman and the Coroner but not doing a thing about an out of control mayor and her spending, MAW and Lancaster Square to name a few.

*** BREAKING NEWS – 1 ***



       The City has filed a cross-claim on April 9, against MAW in the Lehigh County Court case. The City has requested that the court enter a judgement that MAW has engaged in “negligence or willful misconduct.” This judgement will allow the City to deny payment for a $1.26 million invoice submitted by MAW at the very end of 2018 as well as provide relief/release from other portions of their previous contract.
      The document has been posted to the FCC case website (click here) and see below the second breaking news for a page from the document.

*** BREAKING NEWS – 2 ***


     This is simply outrageous (click here for the LNP article). A friend said this:
     The “how it happened” answer is at the Historical Society, I know it in my heart.  I bet they even have original agreements or copies of the deal from way back when.
     Go to the Historical Society and save $700 an hour!
Please see below and check back later today for these developing stories.

11 Responses to **** – *** – ** – * TWO BREAKING NEWS STORIES THIS MORNING

  1. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but does anyone knoe why mike julian – tbe only respected supervisor in manor twp has up and quit with four years left on term? Nothing (NO REASON GIVEN) in twp minutes of course or LNP.

  2. my goodness says:

    Thanks for the info Anonymous. So, we city taxpayers are paying (indirectly) for new water meters for entire Manheim Township where all the money is but they can’t have their water rates increased. Manheim Township should decide to get LASA to lay sewer in Grandview Heights and just be done with Lancaster City. Agreed, from a purely monetary standpoint, it would be beneficial to Lanc City to tap MT’s wealth to pay for the city’s boondoggle with the EPA but highly unfair to penalize the entire township for the relatively small area of Grandview Heights. Do you know how many residences/commercial properties are located in Grandview Heights?

    • Anonymous says:

      I used bad grammer and formatted poorly. No city isn’t on the hook for the water meters cost for suburbs.

  3. my goodness says:

    A bit off subject but I am curious. Are Manheim Township residents included in the new water meter deal as they get their water from the city? BTW, from the city Save It Program Team, we are getting new water meters to “improve the way we deliver water services while conserving our natural resources. installing technology that will provide more accurate billing based on actual consumption instead of estimated water use”. The city came through a few years back and installed remote meter readers for accurate readings. The only way they can improve water delivery is to lay new mains. Everybodys water bill is going to increase to pay for the EPA suit that was ignored since Charlie Smithgall’s tenure. Why can’t they at least be honest?

    • Anonymous says:

      MT residents are getting the new meters, but there water bills will not increase at this time due to the EPA consent decree.

      The PUC heavily regulates water billing rates in MT (and other suburbs), and since the consent decree only affects the City, the PUC will not allow rate increases in suburbs to pay for City stormwater infrastructure. The PUC does not regulate rates in Lancaster City, as City resident’s only option to complain of unjustified rate increases is to the Mayor and City Council. Since suburban ratepayers can’t vote for Mayor or City Council, they get the arguably more effective PUC rate regulation. Art Morris had a good editorial in the paper recently also that touched on this, but was focused on the water tower in Lancaster Township.

      The purpose of this lawyer is to make the EPA consent decree MT’s problem as well, so that the PUC will approve rate increases in MT to cover consent decree costs. $700 seems excessive, but getting MT to pay their “fair share” is definitely in the City taxpayer’s interest.

  4. my goodness says:

    Does MAW run the city government, including our police, internet services? If so, here comes a huge upheaval in the near future. Comcast, might cost a little more but they know what they are doing.

  5. my goodness says:

    MAW. I could laugh if this wasn’t so damn pathetic. I know, Becky, that you stated from the getgo that this was essentially a scam and the city is just now acknowledging this. As for the $700 per hour sewer lawyer, what a farce. In the beginning of the newly discovered Grandview Heights stormwater (and regular sewage the way the mains were laid) mystery all one had to do was go to the MT gov website to know that some of their sewage was coming through the city. Are Lanc city administrators all idiots with more money (our taxpayer dollars) than brains??

    • Anonymous says:

      It is definitively pathetic, but I am happy they “finally” realized this was scam and are beginning to stand up for themselves. Better late than never, I suppose.

      But, the city owes resident’s a massive apology for this breach of public trust and a clear explanation of controls that will be implemented to ensure this “never” happens again.

  6. Mike emrick says:

    Thanks for the info!

    • huh? says:

      And they continue to cover for whomever brought MAW to the table. And why approved without any competitive bidding.

      MAW just didn’t materialize out of nowhere. Which city person or persons did they wine and dine? Which city officials knew MAW’s owner? There has to be a record somewhere.

      There is a decent person, probably in a lower level position, who knows what went on.

      It’s whistle blowing time. This folly has cost taxpayers millions.

      • AMF says:

        The owner of MAW has a brother that was a high ranking member of the Lancaster Police when this was brought to the table.

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