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 I apologize for the delayed response, I’ve been out sick the past two days.
As we discussed on the phone on April 25, we have been having problems with our encoder and I am still working on resolving the issue. Until it is fixed, we will be recording and posting video as opposed to livestreaming.
      This email was received from Amber Strazzo yesterday morning (and it is posted below). But somehow, someone managed to livestream last night’s “Climate Action Plan” to the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
      We learned from LNP that during Monday night’s city council committee meeting Mayor Sorace discussed hiring a $700 an hour attorney (see yesterday’s post). The video of Monday’s meeting still has not been posted to their YouTube channel.
     This is not acceptable! The city can throw millions of dollars into the trash with MAW Communications and talk about hiring a $700 an hour attorney but they can’t resolve the issue with their encoder?
      This coming Tuesday, council is scheduled to vote on the $700 an hour attorney to do research that could be done by a city employee at the Historical Society. The list of council members and their email addresses are here.
     Write them and tell them:
—  1. The video of Monday’s committee meeting needs to be posted as soon as possible and certainly before Tuesday’s vote.
—  2. Tuesday’s meeting and all future meetings need to be livestreamed. If the city can’t handle it, contract it out!
     There will be more briefly tomorrow. LIP News will not publish on Sunday but will be back on Monday.



**   This is simply unbelievable. See LNP and Caucus Editor Tom Murse’s very recent retweet below. Apparently this week’s issue of the Caucus features:
     Christopher Ali, an expert on rural broadband talks about the difficulty of delivering high speed internet to vast swaths of Pennsylvania and the US.
     How about the difficulty and cost of bringing it to Lancaster City, Tom? You have kept the residents of Lancaster in the dark for years about the millions of dollars that city officials have thrown down the drain on MAW and LanCity connect! You have protected and refused to hold the city officials accountable for this waste of millions of dollars of the public’s money because of your Marriott Hotel. You are an absolute disgrace to journalism, Murse, and you should resign!


*     Not only has Frank ripped off the city of Lancaster for millions, he has ripped off the Prince Law Offices P.C. See below – some of those invoices in the $1,263,536.12 bill MAW submitted to the city were to pay the Prince Law Offices for their defense of MAW against PP&L! Oh, Frank, I wouldn’t mess with the Prince Law Offices. Your gig is up!


     We offer a high quality service, a service that you can turn your back on, that’s going to work. We don’t just jump into anything. We figure out how we can make the appropriate economies without ever sacrificing engineering.

     We call it being in Maytag mode. It’s the old image of the Maytag repairman sitting there bored, waiting for something to break: That’s us. We do our homework and make sure that when we install something, we can make it work and walk away knowing it’s properly engineered.

From the May 24th, 2017 LNP article by Tim Stuhldreher, “Meet Frank Wiczkowski, founder of MAW Communications, the company behind LanCity Connect,” (click here).

     The above LNP article came two months after this site published, “SPECIAL REPORT FROM LIPNEWS – MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK,” (click here).
     On December 4th, 2018, MAW submitted a series of invoices to the City of Lancaster totaling $1,263,536.12. On April 5th of this year, the City of Lancaster filed a cross-claim against MAW Communications, Inc. and Frank T. Wiczkowski, President in the Lehigh County Court and asked the court to enter a declaratory judgement that MAW has “engaged in negligence or willful misconduct.”
     And no one could figure out that this man is a liar, a fraud and a con man except for a reporter who spent two hours on the internet one morning and found lie after lie after lie and was literally in shock that anyone would hire this company let alone loan them $1.5 million dollars?
Please check back later today.    


  1. Anonymous says:

    No. The city doesn’t lose anythink. A city official said from the beginning that there was no risk to the taxpayer because even if the project failed we still have the infrastructure. You guys are making a federal case out of nothing. I’m sure the govt. guy was right. We pay him for his expertise. Somebody needs to ask him how much the infrustructure is worth. Maybe we can seize it through civil forfeiture? Someone should talk to the district attorney about that… I’m sure he’ll know the right thing to do. After all, he IS running for judge. And he seems savvy with numbers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget, the brother of Brian Wiczkowksi, who was still with the city police when he got the contract. More corruption.

  3. my goodness says:

    Now might be a good time for Lancaster City to update the Lancaster Connect web site.

    • Becky says:

      Good point, my goodness! Also, the city needs to come clean with the public and say there will never be a “Lancity Connect.” Millions down the drain for nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is the story with Prince Law Office?

    Is it clear that they haven’t been paid for services rendered or that they no longer represent MAW?

    • Becky says:

      This is what I know: Frank hired them to represent MAW in the court case with PP&L. The city of Lancaster stated several times that they would not pay for MAW’s defense (the city hired their own very expensive lawyers). Obviously, MAW has not paid them and simply turned around and submitted their bills to the city of Lancaster who has refused to pay them!

      • Anonymous says:

        To be fair, it is possible that MAW paid the firm and is just billing the city for the cost. It doesn’t appear, from what you posted, that they submitted the actual invoices from Prince since the City’s reply says there was no supporting documentation for the invoices, but that the “narrative” indicated it was for defense costs. It appears they are also citing to MAW’s invoice numbers.

        • Becky says:

          Would you like to make a bet on whether MAW has paid Prince Law Offices?

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t really care and am not claiming to know the actual answer. I’m just not willing to make assumptions….especially if I’m publishing a news story that purports to state facts. Just saying…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe instead of reporting on this massive incomprehensible scam, LNP can have their Caucus run a hard hitting expose about Susan, the PENNDOT Admin Assistant who spends 1.5 hours a day on facebook costing the state taxpayer ~$1,500 a year in lost labor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t believe Pennlive or WITF haven’t picked this scam up yet. I think that it’s inevitable they eventually will and I can’t imagine they will treat it with the kid gloves LNP has.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is she a salaried employee or paid by the hour for her work? If she is salaried (an exempt employee) she gets paid to do a job and as long as it gets done, she is entitled to her pay no matter how many hours she works in a day. Different story if she is an hourly (non-exempt) employee.

  6. Mike emrick says:

    I think LancCity Connect was touted as providing internet service to disenfranchised, low income individuals in specific neighborhoods in the City however, Comcast already provides services to that population for $9.95 a month. Also Comcast provides services for low income households with students.

  7. huh? says:

    Oh wait Becky, there’s that great asset… That building in Reading. Worth 85k IIRC. (sarcasm of course)

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