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      It’s been all over the news lately with the abortion bills that have been passed in two states that exclude rape and incest. And people read those words and hear them over and over again but don’t stop and think much about the incest. It is still taboo.
     And according to USA Today, abortions because of incest make up a very small fraction of all abortions – but they certainly exist (click here).
    But this whole long string of posts today began because someone who should know far better and wanted some attention used the word “lunacy.” If you have not read my main incest story – please do so (click here and follow the top story – “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY”). It tells the very simple story of a 54-year-old daughter of an anthropologist without a clue walking into a therapist’s office and learning the truth. It is important.
     LIP News will be on holiday break until Tuesday, May 28th when daily publishing will resume. Have a great holiday.


     Finally on Harper, he has posted the below several times. Now if you read my site, you know I really don’t like Stedman – the preferential treatment he gives to his cronies – the unsolved murders – always siding with the police – even in the murder of a homeless man for urinating in Binn’s Park and his recent failures to name officers who killed in the line of duty – and now everything with ADA Fetterman and civil forfeiture and the commissioners and…  But this by Harper is low.
      Harper goes on to state he is not revealing his “sources” and Stedman can sue him if it’s not true. Well, Stedman is a public figure and that is not as easy as it sounds and I’m not sure Stedman cares enough about Harper anymore to do anything about it except laugh.
      Is is sad to see how a once much believed and respected watchdog has fallen.


****  And there was this:
        And this. This is the most arrogant, egotistical and ridiculous thing I have read. OMG!

***  There was a post from this “late-life hippy” and vanner that I would assume and hope lost him all his black and brown “friends” (someone even tagged Blanding Watson of the NAACP in one of their posts):

      And I love this exchange under that same post. As always, Mr. Constitution and the free speech advocate cries “defamation:”


**   So what does all of this have to do with Harper? Well, besides thinking it was a smart idea to have my brother – who molested both his adopted brother at the age of 13 and his Vietnamese refugee brother my parents sponsored – write my therapist to say my father couldn’t have done this – my siblings went behind my back to everyone I knew and was friends with and that included among others Harper and a childhood friend.
      And that is a very long story that will be coming but it was brought to my attention that under one of Harper’s many, many Facebook posts begging for attention and for people to tell him how wonderful he is, she posted this:

and of course Harper loved it and put a big smiley face of approval.
     So I will come back to that “friend” later, but I decided to stick around and check out the man previously known as Ronald Harper and now Preston Harper’s Facebook page. Oy vey!

*     I will begin this ride with this portion of a recent email I received from a cousin I have not spoken to in years and years but her father was notorious in my family and I will leave it at that. But apparently my brothers and sisters tell people I have “mental issues” to explain away the whole incest story – but she found it on the internet: 
       You have spent your life speaking out in defense of yourself and the other victims. In both cases, this behavior is considered “having mental issues” by our immediate relatives. No one ever told me that your “mental issue” was child abuse and incest, like mine. Or you would have been one of the first, rather than one of the last I contacted.


      Pshhh you are the poser – where is your van?” – Preston Harper asked a “friend” on his Facebook page yesterday.
      Oh, my! It looks like we are going for a wild ride today. Yippee!
Please check back later today.

12 Responses to HAPPY HOLIDAY – OR A POSER?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If your therapist didn’t work with you on how to GET OVER IT ALREADY you were ripped off.

    • Becky says:

      Are you the person who spent half-a-million and ten years? I think you are! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve published this site for 14 years and very, very little has to do with the incest story. But since it has recently come up – I will be going back to it in a way!

      As to your other comments into this site, your petty and childish insults are not going to be published.

  2. Anon says:

    Its a lot easier for Stedman to sue Harper than the other way around. I know both men personally and I 100% believe Stedman said that. And I 100% believe Ron would not have posted it if it wasn’t true. Once you reveal a souce, you will never get inside information again.

    • Becky says:

      I also know both men personally. Harper has a problem with women. On International Women’s Day he posted something like “women already have all the power” and he was serious!

      Some context would be nice. What year did Stedman allegedly say that? According to Ballotpedia, Judge Peck worked in the Lancaster DA’s office from 2003 to 2005. Stedman married in December of 2004. I covered the Michael Roseboro trial in 2009 which Stedman prosecuted and was still obviously very much in love with his wife. As noted here, there are a lot of things I don’t like about Stedman but I find that comment beneath him.

      Oh, and after 14 years of doing this I know how sources work!

      * Edited to add link:


      • Anonymous says:

        Stedman hired one of the scum on the PA judiciary who exchanged those beyond disgusting emails and images of bound women with champagne bottles shoved up their asses and vaginas. Only under pressure did he fire the guy. I have zero respect for him.

        The email scandal that wasn’t… But really needed to be. Don’t get me started. Kane was ruined because she dared to threaten to expose thed old boys. Shapiro ​took her place and case closed.

        If the average decent person in PA saw those images, the PA judiciary would look very different today.

        I often wonder where the fired hire ended up. And I often wonder if Kane will write a book one day.

        • Becky says:

          I forgot about the emails. Some of those emails were also racist and any judge at any level that participated in those emails should/should have been removed.

          I would still like some context on this alleged statement from Stedman. Did he say it this year, five years ago, 10 years ago or 15 years ago?

          Huh? – I assume it’s okay that I say the comment came from you. Are you still having trouble putting in your name? If so, I need to outsource the problem because it’s over my head.

          • huh? says:

            No. It’s not on your end. I forget to input my name.

            I saw a raft of those emails with most names of senders redacted. When I posted under articles that merely called them porn and described what was in them… Bestiality, racism, misogyny… in detail, they were quickly deleted.

            One day I imagine the real truth will come out like the stories of the Catholic clergy that were quashed and/or ignored by the print media. I wish Kane would expose them all.

          • huh? says:

            PS the guy Stedman hired and was forced to fire was Richard A. Sheetz, Jr. Penn Live called him one of the most egregious offenders.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I walked into a therapist’s office and got ripped off for about a half a million dollars over the next ten years. He was an m.d. – a “Freudian psychanalyst” …you know, repressed memories and all that. And a HUGE waste of time, money and relationships

    • Becky says:

      Maybe after five years you should have figured it was time for a new therapist? Mine was not an M.D. but she had worked for Philly Children and Youth and was very schooled in childhood abuse/sexual abuse. I saw her for an hour once a week for a year and had a small co-payment on my insurance. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is the woman who posted about lunacy the one who is your possible half sister?

    • Becky says:

      Yes. I realize how long a shot it is – but on the other hand – she and my sister who I would have believed have nothing in common have become friends (so maybe she is a half-sister!). 🙂