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5-18-19 UPDATE

Tony Torrellas

     Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed in the city on Saturday, April 27th. All the public knows is that the shooter stayed on the scene and has not been arrested or charged. 
      It is unknown if Torrellas was armed – although his family says he was not. The identity of the shooter is not known or whether the police allowed him to keep the gun.   
      His family and friends and the public need answers! It is unacceptable that Mayor Sorace, the Lancaster City Police and the District Attorney’s Office have not provided any further information three weeks later.
     On Monday I will publish the email addresses of the Mayor and the city council members and encourage you to write them so the public can demand the answers they deserve.



     Another shooting. That’s three in three weeks.  In the first one Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed. The shooter stayed on the scene and has not been charged and the police have released no further information.
     On Monday a man was shot and the shooter stayed on the scene. He has not been charged and the police have released no further information.
     And now a shooting today where the shooter(s) did not stay on the scene.
     Could someone demand answers from the police and DA?

*    It’s not often I get to put up really good news – but I just discovered how the city was able to livestream Tuesday’s city council meeting (see below). How wonderful of Tony Dastra to loan them his equipment and he doesn’t get enough credit for the year he did the livestreaming on his own and at his own expense. Hopefully the city will buy the same equipment and get their act together so the livestreaming goes smoothly from now on. And thank you, Tony!


     Why is LNP suddenly going after District Atttorney Craig Stedman for his civil forfeiture records and Coroner Stephen Diamantoni for his autopsy and toxicology reports? Because they have to look like a “real” news organization.
      But when is LNP going to demand answers about MAW, the unsolved murders, the murder of Tony Torrellas and Diamantoni’s violation of the Pennsylvania Ethics Act? Have they advised their partners in Spotlight PA of their unethical ownership of the Marriott Hotel and their incredibly slanted coverage as a result?
Click here to read the article shown above on Spotlight PA and please check back later today.


  1. Ellen Pea says:

    The female Mayor Dick was all up in arms about….oh wait. No she wasn’t

  2. Anonymous says:

    Off topic. I see that a woman is going on trial for selling $65 worth of heroin that resulted in the death of the buyer.

    How do they decide which seller whose sale results in death is charged or not? Are there criteria used to decide?

    • Becky says:

      That is a very good question and I don’t know. But her bail is $1 million cash! WTH? That’s ridiculous.

      • Ellen Pea says:

        While the Amish child molester gets out on $500,000 unsecured bail.

      • Anonymous says:

        I ask because you hear of overdose deaths everyday but the prosecution of the sellers is much rarer if you consider the numbers.

        And yes Ellen Pea, molesters all over Pea Ay are almost a protected class. Especially if they are Amish.

  3. Ellen Pea says:

    I doubt much information will be gathered in the No Snitching section of Lancrapster

  4. Anonymous says:

    LNP’s hardhitting journalism on State spending is laughable. These are the hardhitting stories where they took an an absurdly aggressive tone that I can remember.

    1. The state spent $40k on a yoga room and office renovation, that wasn’t needed.
    2. State congressional staffers update politicians wikipedia articles on state time.
    3. GOV Wolf gave raises that were too high.

    All while turning a blind eye to millions $ being wasted/scammed away on lancity connect and other various CRIZ projects right here in Lancaster.

    PENNLIVE needs to take a deep dive into lancity connect. I would venture to guess there are some jounralism awards awaiting those who get to the bottom of that corruption/waste/fraud.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Philly papers submarined AG Kane much like the LNP torpedoed Dr. Kirchner to save their own asses.

    Pittsburgh paper ignored and rejected accusations against the Catholic Church until they couldn’t any longer. In bed with Church hierarchy and silencing victims and critics who came to them for years. And still coddling a judicial system rather than investigating the perpetrators. Think the opposite of what the Boston Globe did and there you have it.

    In the meantime, the Harrisburg Patriot won the Pulitzer Prize. And are steering clear of these papers.

    You could look at it as the LNP trying to starve the Patriot so as to pick it up on the cheap. I’d rather think the Patriot is keeping its nose clean. BTW for some reason I can’t enter my screen name.


  6. huh? says:

    PS you will note that the state capital’s paper is not a part of this. Even though they are struggling, they remain independent.

  7. huh? says:

    Don’t kid yourself, all three of these papers are struggling and not just the LNP would be happy to deflect from their own cons and obstructions and collusions.

    They’re all dogs and lying in bed with each other will get them all fleas.

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