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      As of 3:35 pm today, tonight’s city council meeting at 7:30 pm is still on despite a tornado watch (click here). If anything changes I will let you know. If the city manages to livestream the meeting it will be on their YouTube channel here.
     Attorneys for PennLive and LNP responded to the county’s claim that releasing autopsy records would violate the Health Information and Accountability Act. One paragraph of their response is below and you can read the entire response here.
     Stay safe.

—   It doesn’t give me pleasure to print the below email. What it does show is the level of denial and the incredible brainwashing my parents did to my brothers and sisters. An email from a cousin and a comment from a childhood friend who wants attention have brought this back to the forefront (see Saturday’s post). Who has “mental issues?”
And I need to write about this and put it in a sensible format – either a website or a book. Very few people take incest seriously or want to talk about it or like my brothers and sisters simply can’t handle it and refuse to believe it. Remember David Smucker who is charged with 24 felony counts of child sexual abuse including against his own daughters who is in “Whispering Hope” instead of jail (click here)?
     So I am going to have to scale back on this site. Details will follow but for the rest of the day it is back to the news.


***   I told one of my sisters to take the e-mail from the front page of this paper (An Open Letter To Tom Holzinger) to any mental health professional and to also tell them that Tom molested his thirteen-year-old brother. “See what they say,” I said. I saw the look of fear pass through her eyes. She has never done it.

Hi Tom, 

     As you may recall, one of the issues that precipitated our divorce was the fact that you kept bringing guys to have sex in my bed when I wasn’’t there, and your insistence that you were going to have sex with your foster brother during his planned stay in our guestroom even though I was at home. It seemed to me that you crossed a certain line at that point.

Now another boundary has been breached.  For Easter I went to be with my mother in Pennsylvania for a week, and I naively thought it was very nice of you to offer to feed our cat Cloudy during my absence.  As you had once again lost my house key, I had another copy made and I gave you my trust.  I returned on Monday, and we had daily contact as we discussed Misha’’s current trip.  I had no reason to enter my guestroom until Friday, at which point I saw that the bed had been used.  When I asked you about this, you said that indeed you had been there with a friend because “there was physical desire, but that you saw no problem with that.

     Well, there are problems.  Firstly, there’s the question of common courtesy.  Why wouldn’t one ask permission before using someone else’s place, or at least mention it after the fact?  Why do I have to discoverthis stuff? Secondly, there’s the availability of thousands of places for couples to use in Montreal. Why this obsession with having gay sex in MY bed?  Have you not yet violated me thoroughly enough?  You are a sick man, Tom, and I hope that someday you get the psychiatric help you so desperately need. In the meantime, I need to rethink the influence and even role-model you are for our son, and how much overnighting he should actually be doing at your place. The fact that you hide your actions despite claiming that they are perfectly acceptable indicates a lack of judgment and serious moral confusion.

 For years I maintained discretion with a notion of protecting you, but you’’ve shown that you have no such scruples. Hence this is an open letter, to which anybody is welcome to respond.


**   Okay, Steven Markle, you pathetic, insane stalker. Enough is enough. You are a 44-year-old man who for seven years has sent in three comments a day (that aren’t published) saying I don’t live in Lancaster. News Flash – I know where I live!
      This comment is being sent to the East Lampeter Township Police Department and at the end of the month I will print out all of your filthy comments and mail them to your wife. Does Cheryl Markle know how obsessed you are with me?

*     “They have a pedophile calling a psychiatrist to say that my father couldn’’t have molested me!”
From “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” on the original LIP News website (click here).
      In case you missed it(!), the incest story came up before the holiday break. I’m going to come back to it briefly today – with some news.


     Once again the added burden with zero benefit for Lancaster businesses​. I know of two businesses who said screw this and moved their business out of town. It costs time and money to complete these forms and I can assure you they ARE PISSED knowing that they won’t see a dime.
     How can Tim [LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher] write this shit with a straight face?

Deana Zosky

     This comment came into this site several days ago with a link to the LNP article, “500+ city businesses must file CRIZ reports before June 15. Help is available,” (click here).

     The “help” comes from Deana Zosky, president of FourScore, a third-party consulting firm that assists with CRIZ compliance. According to LNP, Zosky has two colleagues who assist her.
     Zosky makes a very good living off the CRIZ and I will put in a Right to Know to see exactly how much money she receives.
      And speaking of the CRIZ, Randy Patterson is due to retire in June. Unfortunately, the LNP article about his retirement states this (click here):
     Patterson will remain part-time as a consultant, continuing his role as executive director the City Revitalization & Improvement Zone program, the mayor said.
     Why? And how much will he be paid as a “part-time” consultant? Once again, a Right to Know request will be required.
    And speaking of Patterson, city council meets tonight. Will the city manage to livestream it? Will they borrow Tony Dastra’s equipment again? They have had almost six months to get their act together. Can they handle it? If not, why should anyone trust that any of these city officials have a clue as to what they are doing?
     And the Steinman family, owners of LNP, are selling Conestoga House (click here). Why?
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    Saw a video on the LNP site that features Sam Slaymaker who is the executive director of Rockford Plantation.

    I’m admittedly too lazy to read the article about the woman who is assisting with the CRIZ Documents from businesses. Does she charge individual business owners for helping them or do they have to pay her for her services?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would put in your RTK request a request for bids for zosky’s position (she is a contractor) and all accompanying paperwork (resumes?). Otherwise she was handed that lucrative contract – nepotism, bribery, or some other unethical or illegal act. A no-no. How very cushy. Her job was CREATED for her. How did she get it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it at all possible that she is a smart entrepreneur that recognized a need/found a niche and has done a good job capitalizing on her skills in the area? She didn’t come out of the woodwork. She is well known throughout the state, particularly the Lehigh Valley for her work in this area. She also handles Allentown’s NIZ taxes and Bethlehem’s CRIZ compliance if I recall correctly. Probably more about her reputation, networking and experience in this area.

      Also, keep in mind she is providing professional services, which do not require a formal bidding process.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not sure what I wrote was “nonsense” since the two links to your own posts don’t disprove anything I said. She does, in fact, have contracts handling the other two things I mentioned. One of your own commenters on one of the posts recognized she probably just acted faster than others in getting certified/qualified/whatever to handle these matters and is now doing pretty well for herself. Not sure how that makes her a fraud. Opportunistic……fine. Me, I would call it smart. Good for her. Wish I would’ve/could’ve done it.

  3. my goodness says:

    Conestoga House, cost of maintenance too much is my guess. I also, know of a business that was run out of town because of the CRIZ bs. So glad the Marriott and Hotel Lancaster (that was sold to a chain after getting their CRIZ chunk, how convenient and what a money grab) are benefiting so much (sarc). They are not going be happy until they run every small business owner out of town!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Hotel Lancaster was not sold to a chain. The owner/developers picked up a Holiday Inn flag, and with it the related hotel booking relationship. The hotel went from being a hotel without a relationship to one with a large corporate tie. All because they were able to show the significant improvements necessary to obtain the Holiday Inn designation. Good for them.

      John Meeder and his partner Sam Wilsker remain owners. Anyone who is ignorant of the facts and decides to cast these men in a negative light should apologize once they learn the truth.

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