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     This LNP headline is a lie. Whispering Hope is not a physical rehabilitation center! Once again, DA Stedman and Judge Ashworth have given blatant preferential treatment to a man because he is Amish.
      And I don’t care if he’s 74-years-old. He has 24 felony counts of child sexual abuse including against his own daughters.
     LNP has written editorial after editorial about child sexual abuse since the grand jury report on priests in Pennsylvania was released. In fact, I googled “child sexual abuse editorial LancasterOnline” and the first page of Google results are below.
      You are disgusting liars and hypocrites, LNP! Shame on you for not calling out Stedman and Ashworth and protecting children!


****  I received the below photo of Whispering Hope (thank you). Can anyone confirm this?

***  LNP reporter Lindsey Blest, could you ask Judge Ashworth the below questions that came in as a comment this morning? Could you investigate, reporter Blest and LNP?
     This guy has 24 felonies. Get real !! Why was he sent to Whispering Hope if he has health issues ? The prison has more staff medically qualified than Whispering hope. WH operates on a volunteer staff.
     Also – WH accepts both men and women and as young as 16. Children are frequently at WH to visit other patients. This IS NOT A SAFE PLACE.

**   Lancaster County Prison is fully handicapped accessible and there are prisoners in wheelchairs in the prison all the time.

*   The story about David Smucker just went online (click here).


    “Sending somebody of the Amish faith to a facility focused on the Amish faith as a holding pattern seems to make sense,” Ashworth [Judge David Ashworth] said.
From the above article in today’s print edition but not currently online. Click here for the Saturday story on this site about David Smucker, charged with 24 felony counts of child sexual abuse, being sent to the Whispering Hope facility.
     What about Muslims, Judge? What about members of the Jewish faith, Judge? Why can’t the county prison meet his medical needs? Should the Amish get this very special treatment or is this an outrage?
     This comment in this morning under the post below:
     Checked this morning and the City stream failed again.
     Bring the kid back and pay him to do it right.
     Yes, the city failed again! There will be more on this coming.
Please check back later today.


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Layne, The country is too embarrassed to admit it was duped by these retards over the whole social security thing. Uh… “We won’t collect ss and you let us have our own utopian society with no interference whatsoever from you English people, including your laws, which won’t apply to us. We don’t have to educate our children, either, so they don’t know how bad they have it and that this is not normal. We’ll call it a ‘religion’, too, just so the govt. doesn’t look so bad”. Govt.: “Duh. Ok. We’ll save a couple mil a yr that way”. Only thing is, govt came out on the losing end of that deal about 3-years later. Oops.

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    It appears to me the Amish have built their own “prison” and the county judi iary is letting them use it…for those rare occasions when they are actually charged with a crime or…gulp…convicted. Nice work if you can get it. Lancaster County needs to get over its affection for these inbred, money worshipping, women, child and animal abusing con artists. I can’t even believe Ashworth used the term “Amish faith”. Huh?
    Who does he think he’s kidding??!

  3. Layne Kisster says:

    No. I’d say anyone who doesn’t believe the Amish are the most money grubbing cult you’ll ever see, has the mental health issues.Whatever it takes to fill their pretzel cans with money-they’ll do. Amish can follow you through a revolving door and end up in front of you.

  4. Brickerville Resident says:

    i heard that also — But a lawsuit from an Amish ? Anyone that believes that is mentally ill. Amish will NEVER sue. I’d tell the family ” bring it on !! “

  5. Layne Kisster says:

    From what I heard. Jakey had fallen on his vay to the shower onct, and LCP was afraid of a lawsuit.

  6. huh? says:

    I truly hope that the people of Newville know that this place harbors sexual predators. Are they even licensed to or have approval from the county to do so?

    Here is a very similar case in Ohio and as facts were coming to light, Ohio Amish had already secreted the guy to Whispering Hope. Crossing state lines.this guy got life in prison.

  7. huh? says:

    Anon, I know that the LNP ran a photo but what the LNP ran was thought not to be his actual mugshot. I seem to recall Becky trying to get one but being stonewalled.

  8. Cooter says:

    FYI, you heard it here first. LNP is looking into buying a new printing press and putting it in downtown in order to resume printing in Lancaster again. I guess Mechanicsburg wasn’t cheaper after all.

  9. Anon says:

    Not to rain on the Amish conspiracy parade, but as someone who works with Lancaster Co Prison in this capacity I can tell you it’s not unusual for them to say they can’t handle and inmate’s health issues and ask that they be released…it’s not so much a matter of “can’t” so much as “would cost the county $$$” For better or for worse Prez Judge Reinaker is all about letting people out prison to save the county $$$

  10. Anon says:

    George Rosado’s picture was eventually released and published by LNP.

  11. Brickerville Resident says:

    No thats not the place.
    WH – is a new facility recently built by the Amish. In a wooded setting. Good maps / satellite view.

    address below

    2142 Pine Rd, Newville, PA 17241

  12. huh? says:

    Well, LIndsey Blest, all you had to do was go to the above artilce IN YOUR OWN NEWSPAPER to find this gem (among many) in the article from 2004:

    “A homemade counselor is fine for the couple who both want to make a marriage better and don’t know how to communicate. They may help with that,” a victim said. “A homemade counselor is not equipped or trained to deal with ABUSE and battering.”

    Typically, she said, “homemade counselors already have the male-dominant mindset and they will just reaffirm that the woman is at fault.” They tend not to respect confidentiality, either, she said. Inept handling of an abusive situation can make it worse, she said.

    Yes, this refers to their marriage counseling BUT as has been stated before, these homemade counselors are untrained, volunteers, and the facility is certainly not equipped for a man facing 24 counts of child abuse and rape.

    All you had to do was read that article, Lindsey.

  13. huh? says:

    Layne Kisster, here we go again with the ‘secret’ mugshot business. George Rosado the guy who shot the kid at point blank range … remember when the DA’s office stonewalled on releasing one? To this day, there has never been a public release of a Rosado mugshot.

    Maybe Rosado was Amish too…

  14. Anon says:

    I read the reply to the comment….Where/when were they supposed to take their own picture of him? They don’t permit cameras in Lancaster courtrooms.

  15. Layne Kisster says:

    *Smucker not Stoztfus

  16. Layne Kisster says:

    I just read the most LNPish response to a comment asking why no photo of Stoztfus. Their answer; because no one sent them when they asked for one…

  17. Layne Kisster says:

    Be sure to thank judicial hopeful DA Craig Stedman for his efforts to make this happen. Unsecured bail, for an unsecured facility.

  18. my goodness says:

    LOL, If it is I hope this is corporate headquarters. It looks like a church.

  19. my goodness says:

    There are plenty of co/state correctional institutions in Pennsylvania that are equipped to handle medical cases. This is an outrage, get this perv in a JAIL !!

  20. Brickerville Resident says:

    This guy has 24 felonies. Get real !! Why was he sent to Whispering Hope if he has health issues ? The prison has more staff medically qualified than Whispering hope. WH operates on a volunteer staff.

    Also – WH accepts both men and women and as young as 16. Children are frequently at WH to visit other patients. This IS NOT A SAFE PLACE.


  21. my goodness says:

    I wonder if the good folks of this bucolic area are aware that this place is a holding facility for perverted amishmen.

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