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*    This comment came in just as this site went down so I’m also posting it here. Actually, according to LNP his bail was dropped to $500,000 unsecured but the rest of this comment is dead on. When are we going to protect the children?
     Then there’s the latest. A 75 year old Amish man David Smucker is arrested and charged with 24 counts of child molesting. He was in LCP on two million dollars bail. Stedman goes along with dropping his bail to two hundred thousand, and a move to Whispering Hope. This is an unsecured facility and Smucker is a danger to the community. Craig must be going for the Amish vote?


     This email in (thank you):
     Attached is a docket sheet for David Fisher.  

     He is a conservative Mennonite church minister that didn’t report abuse in Huntingdon County, Pa.  He wanted to “deal with it within the church.“ I understand a plea deal of 24-48 months is on the table, but the judge ordered a background review before Thursday’s sentencing.  

     This case is attracting some attention because FINALLY a conservative leader is getting nailed for covering known abuse with in the church.  Several victim’s advocacy organizations  are pushing for max sentencing, to send a message to these plain leaders. I also understand, that this man is Social Security exempt (as is popular with Amish and conservative Mennonites).  During this case he claimed he was exempt from mandated reporting because of his SS exemption.    
     This SS exemption belief is also popular among the Lancaster County conservative Mennonites.  I’m glad to see it is getting dealt with.  Oh, back to the SS exemption – the prosecution was able to win by stating he conducted several marriages, using the “power vested in me by the state.”
     There have been several news stories posted by central Pa newspapers and TV stations.
      Just a heads up for Thursday – as this story will affect Lancaster County.
Please check back later today and be patient as I correct the look of this site after Monday’s disaster!  


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    He’s a conservative Mennonite. He’ll get his ass kissed and his wrist slapped.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t the first case of this sort in the state or the country. The law and precedent have already been set. In 2017 an Amish bishop in Dauphin County, Christ Stoltzfus, was convicted and sentenced for failing to report abuse as a mandated reporter. I believe sometime around 2008 or 2009, four Amish bishops in Missouri were also convicted/sentenced for the same thing.

    Furthermore, the emailer claims the pastor is Mennonite, although neither of the two news articles reported that fact, and many Mennonite churches, including in Pa, have specific policies recognizing the mandated reporters in the church. Many of the policies can be found online, including at least one Lancaster Mennonite church. So aside from some individuals, the Mennonite church as a whole recognizes and accepts its duty.

    Lastly, I’m confused about their comments about a plea deal and the Commonwealth “winning”. According to his docket, he did file a pretrial motion, but the hearing was canceled at defendant’s request and he entered a plea of no contest. I’m wondering if they are referring to the recommended sentencing guidelines, because it doesn’t look like there is any plea deal here….it looks like an open plea.

  3. huh? says:

    Brickerville Resident thank you for explaining. Those who believe that avoiding social security are idiots.

    But I’m absolutely sure that Fisher’s lawyer will appeal on the grounds of religious liberties and the SCOTUS will affirm it

  4. Brickerville Resident says:

    Huh? — That is the mind set in many Amish and Conservative Mennonites. That’s NOT what the law states, and David Fisher is discovering. Its amazing what the plain people ” dream up” as their interpretation of law. That’s why i’m glad to see this case be prosecuted.

  5. huh? says:

    So let me get this straight. If I want to avoid oversight by the state all I have to do is exempt myself, in the name of religion,from social security?