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     Good! Now what are the Republicans going to do about District Attorney Craig Stedman running to be a Lancaster County Judge? In light of everything that has happened and come to light, it is absolutely unconscionable and unacceptable!
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  1. OutOfTowner says:

    Becky do you want to fix your post to include that Steadman doesn’t forfeit until after conviction???? Even LNP had the gall to come out and say it, tho I’m sure it was a painful pill for them to swallow. At least be fair.

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    Then there’s the latest. A 75 year old Amishman David Smucker is arrested and charged with 24 counts of child molesting. He was in LCP on two million dollars bail. Stedman goes along with dropping his bail to two hundred thousand, and a move to Whispering Hope. This is an unsecured facility and Smucker is a danger to the community. Craig must be going for the Amish vote?

    • Becky says:

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      • Becky says:

        Right now, the only way I can communicate on this site is through this comment. While the integrity of the site seems to be basically intact – except for the obvious masthead – I cannot publish. I have no publishing software/screen! Please be patient.