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     City Council meets tonight at 7:30 pm. If the city can manage to livestream the meeting, it will be available on their YouTube channel which is not easy to find (click here).


**   I did not realize there was a CrimeWatch entry about the incident with Duong (click here). It states:
     During the altercation, Duong retrieved an AK-47 rifle, pointed it at both victims, and charged the weapon while doing so.  A criminal complaint was filed.
     What does “charged the weapon” mean? Did he fire the gun or not?


*     I saw this entry in yesterday’s police log and I was amazed and scared (click here). So I pulled up his docket to see his bail amount and there was none! I called District Judge David Miller’s office this morning. The man was mailed a summons and has not been arraigned. They said his bail will be set at his preliminary hearing on May 7th.
     They did say he received the summons and came into their office and he doesn’t speak any English so they have arranged for a Vietnamese interpreter and advised him how to obtain a public defender.
     The man fired an AK-47 during an argument! Can you even imagine if this happened in the city? LIP News will follow this case! I assume he owns the gun legally?



Posted by former LNP reporter Tom Knapp on his “public” Facebook page.

     It’s been months! Hire a lawyer or let it go! What the hell are you thinking?
Please check back later today.

6 Responses to UPDATE ** – * OR GET A LAWYER…

  1. Layne Kisster says:

    Get a lawyer and sue the b*stards or shut up, stop whining, and move on.

  2. Benton Harbor says:

    What they mean by ‘charged the weapon’ He pulled back the charging handle which loads a bullet into the weapon and it is ready to fire.

  3. huh? says:

    What surprises me is that Tom didn’t suspect that scenario immediately. His editor put him on the paw patrol beat hoping that Tom would quit in disgust. When that didn’t happen, his editor bided his time waiting for an excuse to fire him. If Murse is in fact the one who fired Tom for having a political opinion, he needs to fire himself as well because on the same platforms Murse clearly exhibits a political bias.

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