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UPDATE – The developments with the DA and LNP today are simply astounding. So are the amounts of money involved.
     Unfortunately, I spent a lot of the day working on a fix for this site. Nothing is easy! Please continue to be patient and there will be much more on the situation with the DA tomorrow.

**   This email just in on the sentencing of David Fisher for not reporting child abuse (click here for the initial report on this site):
      I just received an update from a victims advocate that attended David Fishers Hearing. 
      He received a 15 month probation sentence. 
      This is rather disappointing for victim’s advocates.


*    Click here to read the DA’s very recent press release. The opening sentence in their Facebook post is a lie. This site reported on a man who had over $5,000 in cash taken on the spot following a vehicle stop.



(Click here to read the LNP story)

     There is a hearing this morning before Judge Leonard G. Brown, III at 9:00 am in Courtroom #2 regarding the County Commissioners Petition to Intervene in this case (see below).
Please check back later today.

16 Responses to UPDATE ** – * HEARING THIS MORNING

  1. The spotlight is on Lancaster! says:

    Wow! Proof corrupt elected officials will do anything to get elected. The Amish can be sexual predators if they donate and if you are Scott Martins Sister you can murder half your family while driving and using illegal drugs. It’s great that the New Yorker and outlets outside of this county are putting a spotlight on the corruption taking place here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Disgusted, Becky posted about $5,000 cash seized on the spot of a traffic stop. She said it was proof Stedman lied about forfeiture not taking place until after conviction. I was pointing out cash seized as evidence (to prove delivery or intent to deliver) is different than forfeiture.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stedman is such a liar how stupid does he think the people of Lancaster are? How could you sell something at an auction and not know how much much you got? If he really doesn’t know he should be out of a job. How can he be responsible to prosecute criminals when he is one. Doesn’t the auction company give him an itemized bill of what each item sold for? They always provide a receipt showing what a particular item sold for and how much they deducted for their commission and fees. For Stedman to not know is either a crime or pure incompetence neither can be allowed. The house of cards will soon fall. Stedman and then Scott Martin and his mistress or wife Amber are next. Kirby West is going to make your lies and crimes public! Will you scurry into your hole to escape the truth? Lancaster is becoming a modern city and there was is no longer room for you and your kind. We need open and honest politicians and elected officials and you people are definitely not it! We are on the path to a new and better Lancaster! Thank God!

    • Anonymous says:

      No. He doesn’t think people in Lancaster County are stupid. He counts on it. No matter how corrupt, self serving and sleazy he is, he’s a Republican and the County lemmings will support him. The way he’s ass kissing the child raping Amish-David Smucker, it’s like Smucker has two advocates. Oh people are disgusted. But the mindset is; well a Democrat would be worse

  4. Disgusted! says:

    *board of directors*. Freudian slip there. Lol

  5. Disgusted! says:

    Also disgusted…I agree. Except you left out criminal court clerk Jackie Pfursich. She is as corrupt as everybodyelse on your list. Good pt about the mileage. Also would like to see statements of financial interest and campaign finance reports. Follow the money. Also, serious ethics violations here where chiefs of police come out in support of him for judge when they claim he is at all their meetings w/o disclosing he is on their board of detectives. Also he needs their support …and publicity …and there is a quid pro quo here that stinks like a dead rat. Follow the money!

  6. Disgusted! says:

    Not angry OR hostile. Since nobody asked about “cash seized on the spot”, I assume you are just trying to make excuses for Stedman and the various police departments. Whom are you speaking for?

  7. Also Disgusted!! says:

    I second what Disgusted said! Plus I want to add a bonus that I’m surprised no one at LNP it this site has figured out by now…..the Treasurer who is backing up Stedman’s story and supposedly audited everything for Stedman is another one of Stedman’s buddies. Brian Hurter, Chris Larsen, Katherine Wood Jacobs, Scott Martin, Amber Martin, Dennis Stuckey, and Karen Mansfield are all in the same clique, helping each other cover up problems with whatever intimidation tactic they can use or whatever power they have in their positions.

    Good point about the leased Toyota being used to campaign for Superior Court throughout the state by Stedman. Someone should do a right to know request to find out exactly where he went with the Toyota and did he buy it now that the lease is up? Whose name is the car insurance under and did Stedman tell the insurance company he was using the car for work?? Who is paying the insurance? The DAs office??

  8. Anonymous says:

    Disgusted, the point of my comment was to point out that money seized on the spot is not forfeited as a civil asset forfeiture, but seized as evidence. I wanted to clarify they are two different things. Not sure how that warranted an angry/hostile attack….

  9. Anon says:

    How is a 9 a.m. hearing on 4/11/2019 rescheduled to 9 a.m. on 4/11/2019?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I know a lot of people will be disappointed by David Fisher’s sentence, but if he didn’t have any priors, his sentencing guidelines only would have called for anything from restorative sanctions up to 3 months incarceration based on the offense gravity score. Since this guy never posted bail, he probably would have been released on time served anyway even if sentenced to a period of incarceration.

  11. Disgusted! says:

    Oh, no..Layne. this is much, much more than a “hissy fit”. EVERYTHING that comes out of Craig Stedman’s (mouth and) office is a LIE! He’s not taking this hit to his credibility for nothing!

    “If the defendant in that case was never convicted, he would have been able to get that money back unless …” UNLESS he/she could not afford a pricey, unbiased lawyer to file the correct paperwork and fight for them…. Anonymous acts like they do everything above board and the easy way here in Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas. Not, even, close….

    Neither Stedman’s website nor anonymous’ statement explains why, then, (according to the figures published today by LNP), Lancaster County takes in far more than the most populous areas of the state, SPENDS FAR FAR more, and does not answer WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY GOING?
    Also, the spike in spending over the past few years is REALLY troubling. No wonder Stedman doesn’t want to have to answer to anyone! As I said early on…this has a lot more to do with just the improper lease of a personal car for Stedman (to get from campaign stop to campaign stop during his run for Superior Court.) It would not surprise me, at all, if a lot of the money was laundered into to his campaign (s) or for other personal use. C’Mon!

  12. Anonymous says:

    If cash was seized on the spot, it was seized as evidence and went into an evidence envelope for use during trial. It may have subsequently been the subject of civil forfeiture and been moved to that fund, but it wasn’t at that point. Two completely different things. If the defendant in that case was never convicted, he would have been able to get that money back unless a subsequent petition for forfeiture was filed/granted.

  13. Layne Kisster says:

    I wonder if Steady is hiding something or just having a hissy because he’s not getting his own way?

  14. my goodness says:

    This situation is getting really interesting!! There is a lot of stuff creeping out from under the carpet lately.