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*    I still want to know why Brian Thomas Gately signed over $920 dollars to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office (see yesterday’s post). Yes, he is trying to get a very minor case expunged in Montgomery County but why did he sign over $920 to Lancaster County?


      District Attorney Craig Stedman certainly didn’t get a conviction in this civil forfeiture case but he wants the $206 dollars and filed for it in March of this year (click here to read the entire “Petition for Forfeiture”)! Was Michael Franco convicted in federal court? Does that matter or “count?”

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  1. Anon says:

    Were those the best examples you could find for Lancaster? Just curious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um…Never carry cash or anything valuable in Lancaster County. Cops will pull you over, charge you with crimes w/o any probable cause, and Craig Stedman will offer to drop them if you just sign over your hard earned money to him. It’s called extortion and smacks of RICO – a continuing criminal enterprise. The cops who filed the false the charges (their municipality) also gets a cut. That means all those police chiefs who “support” him for judge are all corrupt, too. I am shocked! NOT…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok. So it cost taxpayers and the county how many thousands of dollars in man hours, printing, copying, judicial time, etc. for Craig Stedman to unlawfully obtain 206.00 so he could take his family money manager wife to dinner?

  4. huh? says:

    Regarding civil forfeiture, I have read numerous horror stories about people being suspected of something, having money and other things in their possession taken from them, no conviction, and never having their money or possessions returned to them.

    IIRC, wasn’t there a story a long time ago that mentioned that Route 501 was considered one of the drug highways? And that innocent people were having large sums of money they were carrying for legitimate reasons being seized from them without recourse to get it back?

    If Stedman is saying that if there is no conviction that possessions are returned? What about people whose money and possessions are taken without being charged with anything? Sounds like a loophole to me,

  5. my goodness says:

    Just when you think this nonsense can’t get any sleazier it does. To add insult to injury we are we paying these people with our exorbinent taxes.