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—  Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow. —


*    District Attorney Craig Stedman didn’t get a conviction in the below civil forfeiture case – in fact, I can’t find where any criminal charges were filed against either of the individuals named. They don’t state the gun was stolen or used in a crime or owned illegally. They just want the gun because there was a box from California! And Judge David Ashworth agreed with the DA! This is outrageous!
     Click here to read the “Petition for Forfeiture” in its entirety.



     There was a tornado watch in Lancaster last night and Lancaster Online did not even have it as “breaking news” or as one of their lead stories! What in the world? And did LNP make it free for people to read or was their paywall still up for this critically important story? 
     We had quite the storm in Philly last night! What will today bring?
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  1. I can’t believe it says:

    Someone should ask Scott and Amber Martin why their kids were taken away? It is a lot more more serious than their lying. Scott and amber equal LIARS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a joke says:

    Do you see that ridiculous picture Stedman took. It’s a true dog and pony show! Anything to distract people from the fact he is a criminal. At least they know how to stand for a line up but unfortunately anyone who supports Stedman is just as guilty as him. Those poor dogs they have to been chained up and forced to take a picture with Stedman. Maybe his friend Scott Martin could show up to support him but being a true coward and bully he hides. Anyone who is Catholic and steals land from catholic nuns has no soul. Beware if Catholic sisters aren’t safe neither are women or children.

  3. Sojourner Truth says:

    Carter Walker is exactly what LNP needs. I might have to consider getting a subscription again. Kirby West is also doing a great job it’s great she can shed light on Stedman crimes and hold him accountable. The old regime is starting to crumble and this county needs a fresh start. It is so embarrassing to say Scott Martin represents anything that has to do with our county. As soon as these criminals and corrupt elected officials are gone this county can begin to heal.

  4. huh? says:

    Basically, the “defendant” bought the DA’s silence by handing over the gun.

    The implied crimey things, like the scale and the so-called California implications… BTW, o think the LNP has pulled back from printing the obvious examples that you have highlighted that show the DA’s office is flat out lying about seizures with no conviction or charges is because they are working, or were working on a big splashy story on forfeiture. Unfortunately for them it’s been done in many cities by papers that aren’t in the DAs pocket or have inbred connections to the public relations shill.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Michael Julius Jordan has plenty of drug convictions, including some he just plead guilty to in 2018 and some charges still pending. He entered into a negotiated plea agreement with the DA in 2018…wouldn’t be surprised is forfeiture of the previously seized gun was part of that agreement. Can’t see too much wrong with that one because it gets a gun out of the hands of a known dealer in Lancaster and York. He also had some violence-related charges in York in 2017. Simple assault and theft charges dropped, but plead guilty to harassment and damage to property.

    • Becky says:

      There are no criminal charges for him arising out of a raid on March 23, 2017. The Petition does not indicate they found any drugs. They found a scale and a box from California!

      • Anonymous says:

        See, I look st some of these cases, especially known dealers, as ongoing investigations…they finally caught him with the drugs in 2018 and got a conviction. At that point they sought forfeiture of the gun.

        Stop reporting on criminals. What we really all want to see is the cases of the innocent motorists in Lancaster that are getting robbed by the cops. Who are they and what are they doing to seek justice and restitution? Everyone is talking about them, so somebody tell us who they are and exactly what happened to them.

        • Becky says:

          Please explain why they took the gun in the first place on March 23, 2017!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Evidence to support whatever was in the probable cause affidavit that got them that search warrant in the first place (haven’t seen it). That, the gun, the scale and the box were all small pieces that started adding up to the big finale…..the 2018 drug charges/guilty plea.

  6. Layne Kisster says:

    Don’t forget the big 17 best breakfast places in Lancaster County picked by the readers. 17!

  7. my goodness says:

    But Becky, LNP is busy covering proms.