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     Does anyone know why the DA’s office seized $920 dollars from Brian Thomas Gately on January 14, 2019 (see below and click here to read it in its entirety)? I cannot find a criminal record whatsoever for Brian Gately in Lancaster County.


**   Someone sent the below Order in under the comments under yesterday’s post. This is the  signed Order Judge Leonard G. Brown, III issued yesterday after the hearing on District Attorney Craig Stedman’s civil forfeiture records.


*    It was also Judge Howard Knisely who accepted Shaunta Powell’s negotiated guilty plea and sentenced her to nine to 23 months in jail (pictured left). Her bail was $100,000 cash and she has been in Lancaster County Prison since September 30, 2018 (click here for, “Woman gets prison time for scamming Lancaster County man out of $17,000 through Facebook messenger”).    


      The lead story on Lancaster Online this morning is another white woman charged with theft (click here). She has not spent a day in jail and has been free on $25,000 unsecured bail since November.
      We know that black women go to jail for theft in Lancaster County. Will this white woman go to jail? She’s currently scheduled to have a “status conference” before Judge Howard Knisely on May 9th. LIP News will follow her case.


  1. WTF? says:

    What a pack of BS that NYT’s article is. Hard to believe how such inaccurate shite gets published these days. Pretty sure the nuns field isn’t organically farmed which means they’ve allowed tons of chemicals to be dumped on it. I remember the LNP article about that protest. The nuns said they hadn’t given the protesters permission to be on their property. Pathetic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry….filed in February, had hearing in March, still awaiting expungement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brian Gately has an old conviction for possession of pot, paraphernalia and disorderly conduct that he filed a petition for expungements for in March of this year in MontCo…I would guess it has to do with that given timing.

    • SMH says:

      You want your record expunged? Then forfeit your right to your own money or else we won’t let your case be expunged! When it’s not involving one of these corrupt politicians and one of us did this, it would be called the extortion!!!!! Will someone run against this sleaze already so we are not stuck with him for the next how many years as a judge?????????? Dems – are you guys so defeated and spineless that you can’t even put up a candidate for Judge??? COME ON!!!!!

  4. Anon says:

    Why would anyone agree to forfeiture? Probably inSTEDman of crim. charges.

  5. Anon says:

    What new yorker and dc post stories?

  6. If you are Stedman and you need a new car just steal from the citizens of this county. If you need pocket change just submit fake expenses and wait to be reimbursed. If some questions you threaten them. If you are Scott Martin or his family you can commit murder, use and possess illegal drugs and get a ride home without a single charge against you. It is nice to see the New Yorker, Washington Post and other large news outlets start to report on the corruption in Lancaster county. Maybe LNP will continue there work and not be pressured by the politicians and we can then renew our subscription.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hard to believe the Lancaster newspaper has ANOTHER story on the best whoopie pies but NOTHING on the Thursday hearing about D.A. Craig Stedman withholding important financial documents, which is THEIR scoop?!!!?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Clarification: Yes, they can steal. No, they won’t see any jail time.

  9. my goodness says:

    Nope, this is Lancaster Co.

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