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     This email just in (thank you). I received a (ridiculous) subpoena to testify in their custody case about items and comments on this site. Thanks to a good lawyer, I did not testify.
     Amber Martin’s attorney is Rebecca Cheuvront and her ex-husband, Gerald Green, is represented by Wendy Chan.
     The courthouse was buzzing yesterday about Amber Martin losing her kids in custody. Apparently her attorney, Cheuvront was yelling at her kids and making them cry. Cheuvront lost her mind when the judge gave the kids to father and was screaming and pissed off the judge. Amber was not even allowed to see her kids, they had to hide them in one of the jury rooms all day.  Must have been a really serious hearing because Scott Martin was seen outside the courtroom all day with a bunch of family members. For any parent to not see their kids, something really bad like serious child abuse must have happened. Not sure what Amber and Scott did to those poor kids. At least they are with their father now. We at the courthouse always knew Amber and Scott were no good but we did not expect them to be child abusers!  The public needs to know how awful these 2 are and not vote them in again!! LNP is never going to tell the truth about them. You are our only hope. 



     The above was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page regarding 74-year-old Amish man David Smucker who is charged with 24 felonies including rape and incest. His bail was originally $2 million cash but his attorney requested a bail modification and Judge David Ashworth granted it. His docket does not indicate his new bail amount or conditions but he is not in Lancaster County Prison according to the prisoner lookup.
     What in the world is going on and why is this man getting this very special and questionable treatment?


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    You bet I’m angry. Any woman who has been through what I have at the hands of the “system” designed to PROTECT us would be. But, again, I have said nothing not already evidenced on the record. I am sorry you are not able to “substantiate”. The proof is there if one knows where to look. I will be happy to point you to the proof. Either way, I have important advocates on my side – and that is what is truly important in terms of coming up with solutions, rather than compounding problems – or exploiting loopholes, as Stedman likes to do.
    The county commissioners’ assertion that Mr. Stedman does everything he can to silence his critics is 100% correct. I will NOT be silent, on behalf of myself and all other victims of Craig Stedman, no matter how many (partisan elected) judges yell at me! In the end, they are the ones who will be humiliated.

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    (Editor’s note: I am printing the below portion of one of many angry comments in from “OnTheBeachByNoon” – and now I am done.)

    On re reading what I wrote, the only thing I said that is “usubstantiated” – which, to me, means not supported by the recotd, witness testimony, evidence and/or etc., etc. is that my stalker is Amish. I and others close to the situation just assumed that, I guess, because iy was an easy explanation for a number of things. But as I think about it, I’m not really sure what “Amish” is. A religion? Protected class”. Or is it a heritage, as in bloodlines, or what? I don’t know. And I don’t care enough to do the research or gather “proof” etc. So I may be totally wrong about that. I really don’t know what he is. Sub-human…I know that. But he may not be “Amish”. I will leave that out of my narrative from now on.

  3. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    My STALKER is Amish. Since trying to use the county court system to keep him away from me, Judges Ashworth, Reinaker and Totaro have all denied me a protection order, telling me to “call the police if you have a problem with a neighbor”. Manor Township refuses to charge him with any crime – EVER – but D.A. Craig Stedman has prosecuted ME for everything from trespassing to criminal mischief, with my STALKER as the “victim”, for “mowing a lawn”; “moving a stick”; “moving a brick” , and other non-sensical non-crimes. As I stood in court crying at a pre-trial conference last week while Judge Wright screamed and yelled at me about God knows what, my stalker tore up my fence, spray painted an orange line where his twisted brain thinks my property ends, and nailed a metal “No Trespassing” sign into MY fence, facing no one but me and my property. He also BROKE MY BEDROOM WINDOW WHILE JUDGE WRIGHT REEMED ME – ME! – IN COURT! I reported everything and…guess what? Manor Township police won’t charge him! THEY SAY D.A. / JUDICIAL CANDIDATE CRAIG STEDMAN “WON’T LET THEM!” Really? He’s prosecuting me AND making that decision? Isn’t that a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST THAT VIOLATES MY RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS AS A DEFENDANT AND AS A VICTIM? I guess they showed me, didn’t they? How DARE I (a 60-yr old, uppity white college educated outsider from Philly) try to avail myself of the Lancaster County court system to keep an AMISH convicted felon with a documented history of violence toward women away from me? How DARE I?!! What was I thinking?! There is something very wrong with the men in Lancaster County. When I told Judge Wright I need a lawyer and can’t find one or afford one, he said, “Tough!” At least, I think that’s what he said. I was crying so hard, I may have misunderstood him.

    • Becky says:

      I am going to have a reply to you in the next few days. I have looked up the criminal record of your alleged stalker and some of the items you have stated on this site are not accurate. That by no means diminishes what you have been through but if you are going to continue to comment about this situation and make unsubstantiated claims, I will respond.

  4. Layne Kisster says:


  5. Holy Moly says:

    Holy Moly if these two can’t even control their own homes and families how can they believe they are fit to represent this county?

  6. Layne Kisster says:

    I like this from the story “uncomfortable at the jail… due to the foul language… and because of his religious background,”

    Foul language bothered him, but raping his two daughter’s….? This occurred ten years ago. Think Brenneman has molested any more children?

  7. huh? says:

    Well there you have it. Whispering Hope does NOT treat sexual predators. Does NOT have staff for that.

    I love one of the quotes from the prosecution side… We are not interested in fixing his marriage.

    All the guys in Lancaster had to do was Google what Whispering Hope does and does NOT do before allowing him to be sent there. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

  8. Layne Kisster says:

    Hey wait a sec. Aren’t the Martin’s a good family values Lancaster County Republican Christian couple?

    • Becky says:

      This comment came in under the post below but I think it was meant for this one:

      One other thing to add, he probably was required to post bail, but probably not the original. The request would have included a request to modify bail with consideration given to the fact he isn’t being released into community, but a residential facility. That is what usually happens, including with drug/mental health offenders going into treatment facilities.

      • Becky says:

        A member of the staff of Whispering Hope, a mentor, testified that Brenneman had made “considerable progress” with marriage counseling and with “sexual issues” while he was in the program.

        “He started with some misconceptions, but we ended up pretty well,” the staff member said.

        When asked by the district attorney what misconceptions Brenneman had, the staff member responded, “Concerning the sexual ideas of life. What is proper – what is improper.”

        When the district attorney asked if Brenneman knew that the sex acts he had performed on his daughters were improper, the mentor replied, “He knew that was not proper.”

        The mentor explained that there were no professional sexual counselors at Whispering Hope, and consequently Brenneman had not received any professional treatment there, but he said that with the “maximum amount of benefit available,” Brenneman had “successfully completed the program.”

        Brenneman’s mentor acknowledged to the judge that Brenneman knew he had “violated the state’s law and God’s law.”

        Brenneman Sentenced To County Time After Pleading Guilty To Incest

  9. Layne Kisster says:

    Tourist season is fast approaching and that means more Jakey a** kissing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why is it so difficult to find the Smucker LNP post on Facebook?

  11. my goodness says:

    The kids could have been exposed to Scott Martin’s sister. That would drive me to a sole custody hearing.

  12. my goodness says:

    He is Amish. His bishop will take care of this, the traditional way. I am amazed that we ever heard about this.