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     The Democrats decided to have a little “fun” with the Stedman situation on their Facebook page. Meanwhile, their Democratic candidate to replace Stedman, Hobie Crystle, has a Facebook page and is collecting signatures (click here).
     Now we just need a replacement candidate for judge! Stedman has proven over and over again in the last few months that he does not have the integrity, honesty or transparency – among other qualities – to be a judge!




University of Pennsylvania law professor Louis Rulli quoted in the LNP article, “DA spent $21,000, intended for drug enforcement, to lease SUV, records show,” (click here). 

     And the DA’s “explanation” is he’s on call 24/7? Oh, please!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Becky you do realize that the owner of MAW is the brother of Brian Wizkowski who used to work for the city police when MAW was awarded the contract for this.

  2. FakeNews says:

    Wow, Bill…. Good call. That may explain how MAW became our problem.

    Meanwhile, where does Craig Stedman get off claiming that forfeiture money isn’t taxpayer money? And then – as always – resorts to disingenuous fear mongering and claims, “Would you rather have taxpayer’s pay for my car”? (And then claim that everything he uses the vehicle for is somehow related to “fighting the war on drugs”. That reminds me of Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff stealing from taxpayers by claiming a trip to Ireland was for “anti-terrorism training” in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, while all he was really doing was kissing the Blarney Stone.)
    The fact of the matter is forfeiture $$ goes back into fighting “fentanyl and opioids” and all that other crisis drug stuff – and the task force is, mostly, made up of cops from different municipalities making hefty overtime. In other words, it just feeds the machine – itself. The “war on drugs” was shown to be a failure BY the federal government decades ago, the task force doesn’t do anything cops shouldn’t be doing during their normal course of work, Stedman “controls its day-to-day functions” (and its budget and expenditures), and if Stedman’s attitude is that it “isn’t taxpayer money”, and he should have complete autonomy and authority – in SECRECY -, then Lancaster County Commissioners (and others) need to take a very deep look into every aspect of it – because I GUARANTEE it doesn’t stop at an SUV and 503.00 in double dipping. Absolute power, really, does corrupt absolutely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Bribery…in exchange for city contracts.”

    Very interesting. Very interesting.

    And you would think that MAW would have scrubbed their complaint clean of Eron Lloyd’s name. These charges just didn’t spring up overnight. They had to know.

  4. Bill says:

    Something very interesting in the complaint MAW filed with the FCC… (

    Eron Lloyd is listed as MAW’s Director of Information and Communication Technology and an individual who can testify first hand knowledge to the alleged complaints.

    According to the Reading Eagle, Mr. Lloyd “pleaded guilty to federal charges related to a bribery scheme in which representatives of engineering firms provided campaign contributions to former Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer in exchange for city contracts.” He is currently awaiting sentencing.

  5. huh? says:

    He tosses women in jail on a million dollars bail. Eligible for membership in the Hamilton Club or related to a career-climbing opportunity?


  6. huh? says:

    Gay lover’s murder. I take it the killer isn’t a doctor who lives in Bent Creek.

  7. Anon says:

    Dems are wrong. 21000 is nothing.. There is more. Smoke = fire. Stedman VERY nervous.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just saw Stedman do a 5:00 liveshot re: a gay lovers’ murder – already solved. See. He really IS on call 24/7 and shows up at crime scenes. …when it suits him. No drugs involved. VERY disingenuous.

  9. my goodness says:

    I forgot to mention the rain gardens describing what the city has done to improve storm water runoff. The rain gardens have drains that run into the sewer system I believe. How does this help??

  10. huh? says:

    Weird how the LNP didn’t say anything when Hempfield allowed two boys return to school after beating, robbing, and terrorizing victims whose home they broke into. But are up in arms over the ruling allowing a kid convicted of nothing to return to school.

  11. huh? says:

    And add to taxpayer debt all of their money that Stedman will spend defending the non disclosure of forfeiture assets which has already been slapped down by the Supreme Court in another recent case.

  12. my goodness says:

    To add to my rant let’s add MAW/Lanc connect. Get MAW’s equipment off PPL poles instead of playing frivolous lawsuit games with taxpayer money. Again, this is my taxpayer dollars. This thing was shady, to say the least, from the beginning and hasn’t gotten any better. This fiasco has been encouraged by the city in multiple ways with our money. Get rid of this nonsense, get our money back and start from scratch with somebody reputable that knows what they are doing and will do it legally. It’s no wonder Stedman makes up his own rules, it appears to be the Lancaster way until you get caught.

  13. my goodness says:

    During the Gray admin massive sewer work was done throughout Lancaster, streets ripped up the entire time. We got miles and miles of pretty new sewer pipes, fancy bike tire safe grates,cute little plastic inserts to keep trash from going into sewers that keep storm water from going into them during downpours, hence flooding streets worse than ever and still dumping raw sewage into the Conestoga every storm. Quit fighting the EPA and deal with the damn problem!

  14. my goodness says:

    And now we have the city (our taxpayer $) paying a lawyer $23,000 per month now headquartered at city hall to fight with the EPA over storm water mixed with raw sewage runoff rather than fix the problem. A problem that has been known since at least the 60’s and totally ignored except for Charlie Smithgall’s administration. Deal with the damn problem !!

  15. Ohwellist says:

    It would of been a non issue if he would of played fair with Fetterman. He did it to himself. He caught up in his own web finally.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This would be a non-issue had he simply gone to the commissioners, pitched the idea of leasing the vehicle using forfeiture funds, and received their approval.