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From the county’s “Petition to Intervene” (click here to read the entire petition).

     Yes, the county (and the public) have to know. Unbelievable!



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      DA Craig Stedman is getting boxed in! What is he hiding? This is the public’s money and the public has a right to know how it is collected and disbursed.
     And this man wants to be a judge? We need a new candidate for judge!
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  1. Dig! says:

    The prothonotary website – about a year ago – showed a court fight between Stedman and Manor Township…the largest township in the county – over seized assets Manor didn’t want to hand over. 1) They were probably illegally seized; 2) Manor wanted the $$ for itself. The d-a didn’t care about the illegalities of the seizure…it just wanted the profits. The documents are there for the looking but County Commissioners and most reporters don’t normally comb through court websites.

  2. you again? says:

    A poster named satchel mention one of the prosecutor wearing an” expensive” watch about 2 weeks ago. hmmm..

  3. You again? says:

    2019– I am scratching my head…why the sudden need for this audit? is the community hearing of funds being misused?

  4. WTF? says:

    Think I remember a DA from a nearby county having seized property at his house. Redacted records could protect sensitive info as the LCC have suggested. Interesting that Ms. Adams specialized in Asset forfeiture at the AG’S office. Too many tales of innocent people having things taken from them without due process.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lancaster County District Attorney and judicial candidate Craig Stedman is a corrupt POS. Chances are VERY good that he has certain “personal arrangements” with certain county police chiefs with regards to forfeitures. And kickbacks. Follow the money. Oh…that’s right. “Mr. Transparency” won’t let anyone do that, including county commissioners. Perhaps a state audit would be in order…and NOT by “law enforcement”.

  6. Anon says:

    I think a big part of it is that the Pennsylvania Legislature has specifically stated that the Attorney General and District Attorneys have a duty to protect the confidentiality of the information (see below, particularly section k(2)). So, maybe it isn’t that he is trying to hide something…maybe he is trying to comply with his statutory duty in an unclear and undefined area of the law and also maintain the integrity of ongoing investigations. I’m not saying civil forfeiture doesn’t need reformed, but there is oversight of law enforcement by both the Attorney General and the Legislature built directly into the law. The problem is not with law enforcement officials just doing what the law requires/permits…..If you don’t like it, take it up with your representatives.

    42 Pa.C.S.A. Section 5803
    (j) Annual audit of forfeited property.–Every county in this Commonwealth shall provide, through the controller, board of auditors or other appropriate auditor and the district attorney, an annual audit of all forfeited property and proceeds obtained under this chapter. The audit shall not be made public but shall be submitted to the Office of Attorney General. By September 30 of each year, the county shall report all forfeited property and proceeds obtained under this chapter and the disposition of the property during the preceding year to the Attorney General. The Attorney General and each district attorney shall maintain and create appropriate records to account for the property forfeited in a fiscal year and the use made of the property forfeited. Each audit shall include:
    (1) Date property was seized.
    (2) The type of property seized.
    (3) Where property was seized.
    (4) The approximate value.
    (5) The alleged criminal behavior with which the property is associated.
    (6) The disposition or use of property forfeited.
    (7) Whether the forfeiture was related to a criminal case and the outcome of the criminal case.
    (8) Date of forfeiture decision.

    (k) Annual report and confidential information.–The Attorney General shall annually submit a report to the Appropriations Committee and Judiciary Committee of the Senate and to the Appropriations Committee and Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives specifying the forfeited property or proceeds of the forfeited property obtained under this chapter during the fiscal year beginning July 1, and the following shall apply:

    (1) The report shall include all information required under subsection (j) subject to the limitations provided under paragraph (2).

    (2) The Attorney General shall adopt procedures and guidelines, which shall be public, governing the release of information by the Attorney General or the district attorney to protect the confidentiality of forfeited property or proceeds used in ongoing law enforcement activities.

  7. huh? says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the info would greatly and negatively affect his run for office.

    And once he wins, his successor makes the info public… But it will then be too late to do anything about it.

    And the media will return to focusing on meat platters and schnitz recipes.

  8. Keep digging says:

    Something shady is going on. Why would Stedman want to hide this information. And why did Fetterman want this information to be public? Maybe he knows way more than the public. Maybe that is why Stedman suspended him and why he fought the suspension.

    keep digging. There is a lot more happening and someone needs to find the truth…