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UPDATE 3-17-19 I am taking the day off because LNP did my job today with their editorial, “DA Stedman’s lawsuit against the commissioners and other recent moves raise questions about his judgment,” (click here).
     Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!



Today’s LNP story online (click here)


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     District Attorney Craig Stedman made the front page of LNP’s print edition everyday beginning this Wednesday through today. How much longer can he hold on? What is he hiding?
     Should this man be a judge? No! And he should not continue as DA!

34 Responses to 3-17-19 UPDATE – STEDMAN DOUBLES DOWN…

  1. WTF? says:

    It’s obvious the Republic works best when there are at least 2 viable political partys. I’m not sure Lancaster county has ever had that. The DA’s actions in selective prosecution seem to imply to his brothers and sisters in the GOP “don’t worry, if you or one of your relatives offs someone by accident, I’ll give em a pass.” GOP response…”absolution granted.”

  2. Layne Kisster says:

    Running for public office in Lancaster County. As long as you’re a Republican, you could be a Satan worshiping pro-choice child molester in favor of abolishing the second ammendment, and you’d get elected.

  3. huh? says:

    Anon: and that headline attributing the discretion to the police instead of laying it right in the lap of the DA was how the LNP always covered Stedman’s ass.

    There is way more here than meets the eye as to why the LNP has flipped so suddenly. I can think of several scenarios.

    Back to discretion. The only sympathetic discretion that Stedman has ever shown was when it was a political opportunity. Martin, Cutler, and probably others under the radar. Remember the representative who stole pavers from the street and had them put in his yard? Another non-arrest or prosecution. And that was just small potatoes.

    He has been a very callous person to the poor and vulnerable showing no mercy. As opposed to the doctor who effectively killed, transported the body, and dumped his lover. Never calling 911. If EVER there was a slam dunk case, it was that one. And don’t forget the Slaymakers. Old Lancaster family that founded Slaymaker Locks and still have an old money cachet in many social circles.

    You have the Slaymaker girl who dumped her ODing friend on the side of the road to die. You have the Slaymaker Walker woman who gets to remain free despite mowing down three kids, killing two, smashes a school bus full of kids and and​sideswiped multiple vehicles.

    And these are the ones that we KNOW about.

  4. Anon says:

    The problen w/the “police used discretion” story about not charging katie west is that – under local rules of court – police don’t have the final call on those charges. Police dont have the discretion to exercise discretion in such a matter. That final call is up to d.a. police can only make their opinions known based on their investigation. It was Stedman’s decision of whether to file charges … Not ops.

  5. Take Five says:

    Take 5

    Layne Kisster

    I understood your post
    I was being sarcastic
    Like you. Haha

    March The 13th Here on Becky’s website

    Not above the law
    Truth matters
    Got you
    Give it up
    Had some very interesting things to say
    and Arch Angel
    On March the 8th and 10th

    Amber Martin is still out collecting signatures
    To run for commissioner

    Waving her middle finger At the Republican party

    If Amber Martin Gets voted in as commissioner its the same thing As voting for Scott Morgan back in to
    the commissioner’s office

    Scott Martin will be senator and commissioner
    Somebody on this website Said after Amber Martin and Scott Martin took office. In 2016
    Our taxes went up by 30%
    Waste fraud and lining their pockets
    from corruption.
    With their good friend
    Craig Stedman

    Wake up Lancaster’
    It’s your tax dollars

  6. WTF? says:

    Unbelievable bias Becky. (Sarcasm) It’s the voters’ laziness that allows this to continue. Sad but true. I don’t expect change any time soon. I imagine even the elected have nothing but disdain for the “illiterate electorate” as one congressman’s chief of staff called “the people.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Layne, One cannot be a common pleas court judge in Pennsylvania – or a candidate for common pleas court judge – unless they are a member of the bar, in good standing. (insert italics here)

  8. WTF? says:

    Did they test the blood of Martin’s sister right after the accident? Thought they found a spoon or some sort of paraphernalia. You’re arrested for DUI if you have cannaboids in your system from a joint you smoked weeks earlier. Just curious.

  9. Layne Kisster says:

    Unless the Republican Party recinds it’s endorsment of Stedman and backs Todd Brown, Stedman is pretty much a shoe in.

  10. Layne Kisster says:

    I think you may have misunderstood me, or I misunderstood you. A friend of mine who’s a devout Scott n Amber cheerleader told me all that business about Martin’s junkie sister being high on heroin when she caused the accident that killed her husband and their son, was false. I asked her how she knew that. Her answer was, “Because they told me she wasn’t”

  11. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Becky, You – and everyone else – will know very shortly.

  12. Take Five says:

    Take 5

    Comment to
    Layen Kisster
    March the 17th
    Scott and Amber Martin Live in a fantasy World
    Filled with lies and exaggerations.
    They only know how to
    Lie Lie and Lie
    Amber Martin -I did take out Insurance/ bonds
    On your tax dollars

    Scott Martin- I’m not responsible for spending $63 million dollars
    Of The taxpayers money
    to bail out the
    Marriott’s/ convention center

    Scott / Amber Martin
    -The only people WE CHEATED on was are
    and each other
    Now this one is true
    1st time for everything

    Scott Martin- My hands are not in the pipeline Cookie jar

    Amber Martin- I did not Spend thousands of
    Tax dollars on Expensive chairs for my employers And ME ME ME
    I did not bring in Massage therapist on Fridays
    To massage my employees and. (MYSELF)
    I did not have loud office parties With horns
    Have Friday. lunches and dinners out
    On tax dollars

    Scott Martin- I did not try to pass a bill that would hold protesters liable

    Scott and Amber Martin
    We did not go to Harrisburg to try to pass a tax bill to eliminate the tax collector and more

    Scott Martin – I do not try to take away your Freedom of speech rights
    Your 1st amendment

    O God this goes on and on

    The truth about Scott and Amber Martin is
    (In their opinion)
    set down. shut up
    will do what we want
    to benefit us At all Cost
    On your tax dollars

    So to your point about Scott sister Katy West
    not being high on heroin. The fact is she was
    when she killed 2 people
    in a car accident
    They Were not wearing seat belts
    Her two-year-old son was not wearing a seatbelt
    He died while his mother was High driving that CAR

    fact there’s many stories out there not just LNP
    That covered this tragedy

    Tramps and Thieves

  13. Layne Kisster says:

    I hope this indicates a new direction for LNP. They did a great job showing what a weasel Steady is. I wish they would have included the shady dealing with him and Scott Martin, and his handling of Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law.

  14. Stedman says:

    My opinion
    He has been using these funds recovered for his own pleasures in life
    No other reason to hide everything
    Maybe other people’s pleasures too

    • Becky says:

      my goodness, this turn-around by LNP is simply unbelievable! They backed this unethical man for years and years and all of a sudden – boom! I hope we learn why some day!

  15. my goodness says:

    Or he told Peggy to get a new hairdo.

  16. my goodness says:

    Wow!!! 10 minutes ago another less than flattering editorial regarding Stedman. For LNP to turn against him in such a manner he must have been a really naughty boy or he crossed the wrong person.

  17. Layne Kisster says:

    I was contacted by a friend of Scott Martin’s regarding his junkie sister. I was told LNP had it wrong. That she wasn’t driving under the influence. I asked how she knew this. “Because” she said “They (the Martins) said she wasn’t”. Bring on the chicken corn soup coverage!

  18. Lancaster Cooks and kickbacks says:

    We need to clean house
    So many crooks
    Stedman and Martin are best friends
    Start here

  19. barry in winnipeg says:

    The County is in turmoil…
    our Ship of State has sprung a leak,
    but whoopie pies are coming
    to a place near you this week!

  20. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Yeah…but he’ll be GONE by November. And the governor can appoint someone, if need be. We don’t need another Common Pleas judge in Lancaster County, anyway. And PA doesn’t need another CORRUPT judge. Remember… Reinaker wanted to close magistrate courts – the first source of vetting cases. Since that did not happen, there would, presumably, be fewer cases sent to CCP than if he had gotten his way. JAYNE DUNCAN, WE NEED YOU!!! NOW!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m with you, ohwellist. Here is how to get him off ballot: A complaint needs to be filed IMMEDIATELY with the state ethics commission. The executive director is a former law enforcement official and one of THE most honest people in PA govt. I know. (Bob Caruso) but I cannot do it now, as I am away. Complaint form is on commission’s website. Stedman’s statements of financial interest, surely do not list the double dipping of the milage…at the least. Bob won’t know any of this until someone calls his attention to it. At the very least, Stedman will have technical violations. But if well written, and commission is made aware of the other current issues, they will start digging deeper. Include the newspaper articles, the lawsuit, the article re who is paying for his current litigation, etc. EVERYTHING. Caruso and the lawyers up there have been doing this for years and don’t mess around. They will find stuff we lay people did not know were violations. Any investigation, as well as technical violations, let alone other infractions, will tie him up and he won’t be able to run. Ethics Commission is overworked and underpaid and understaffed – of course – as funding is provided by state lawmakers who don’t want to be investigated. But I believe they will take a serious look at this and decide whether it is “unfounded”, or open up a full-blown investigation. He has violated something, ethically speaking, I promise you. Ethics investigations are not made public until a certain period in the process, so this has to be done NOW. Not a problem if a number of people file complaints. In fact, even better. It adds credibility. Just stick to the facts as reported so far, as well as any other concerns or questionable conduct that falls under that code. Mire HIM in litigation. He deserves it. I will keep my fingers crossed. (oh… and I would seriously start digging around his campaign finance reports – which are a separate issue.) But where there is smoker, there is fire. Liar, liar, PANTS ON FIRE!

  22. Anonymous says:

    There really is nothing to say. I don’t think there is any way to get another Republican or Democrat on any ballot for this election unless you run one hell of a write-in campaign. They could pull the endorsement, but that wouldn’t have much of an effect at this point…..he will still be the only candidate on the primary ballot.

  23. Rednek says:

    GOP has no back-up plan, and is going to look ridiculous whichever way this ends.

  24. Layne Kisster says:

    The GOP is staying silent. Why?

  25. Ohwellist says:

    *For any DA employees that had to sign* Your more than welcome to come sign on as anonymous to share any info available

  26. Ohwellist says:

    Whatever hes hiding gotta be enough to put him behind bars. This is exciting for some of us. #justice

  27. Anon says:

    No. Craig Stedman has ALWAYS been a joke.
    But its not funny. Its SCARY. He is the most powerful individual in the county, with the most ability to ABUSE that power. He is a CORRUPT LIAR and he rules by FEAR.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The employees in his office work for the COUNTY. He cannot do that! If anyone gets disciplined or fired for violating the unconstitutional “agreement” – obviously, signed under duress – the county could be found civilly liable and wont have a legal leg to stand on. He HAS to know that. He is a lawyer! That is CRAZY.

  29. my goodness says:

    Non disclosure Agreement for the local DA’s office? What a joke. What a joke Stedman has turned into in such an incredibly short length of time. Whatever he is really hiding must be a doozy.