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    Posted on March 10th, 2019 Becky 5 comments

    ***  I’m not going to die, Richard Musser, but I am going to let Lancaster know what a disgusting, mentally ill pig and stalker you are!

    *     Remember when your “auntie” was going to sue me because I called you a violent stalker and she called me at 10:45 pm one night? Auntie might have a problem with that since you post items like the below! You better crawl back into your cave and stay there.




          Richard Musser and his post on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under a story about DA Craig Stedman suing the commissioners. Richard has been on this site before and is desperate for someone to pay him some attention (click here).

         I appreciate you sending readers here and I’m sure Stedman appreciates the advice of such a legal eagle! And you are more than willing to let your stupid and obsessive flag fly high and wide for everyone to see. Impressive.
    There will be more later today including some serious news.


    5 responses to “* SOMEONE PAY ME SOME ATTENTION!”

    1. Ewww…what a weirdo lol. He should worry about taking better pictures for his profile lol. I dont think hes been stalking too hard lately or else he’d know the people that comment here daily are from Lanc city, worked for lanc city and live in lanc city. Im beginning to believe he is secretly in love with you. You should look into some type of restraining order. Hes a disturbed individual. Hes a joke trying to protect the crooked da. That alone is enough for me to know somethings not right with that man.

    2. What’s with the UsUsUsUs screen name? Super patriot or narcissistic personality?

    3. I would guess a little of both!

    4. Looks like a typical uneducated mouth breather “Susquehanna Valley” hillbilly. My baby gives me the hillbilly jitters…

    5. He’s a disgusting pig. Period.

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