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     The below email in this morning (thank you). Will the commissioners have the backbone?
[Editor’s note: There was also another post this morning that is immediately below this one.]
     The “authorization” Stedman flashed last week is not evidence the controller empowered him to lease a vehicle; it was on a Lancaster Toyota form!  All the signature of the controller did was recognize (and assume) Stedman was already authorized to execute a lease. I’m sure the controller is not happy being dragged into the mess.  Stedman is going to take everyone down he can.
     Here are some interesting sections of the County Code dealing with DAs.  Wonder if the commissioners have the backbone to file a complaint?
Section 1405.  Misconduct of District Attorney.–(a)  If any district attorney shall willfully and corruptly demand, take or receive any other fee or reward than such as is prescribed by law for any official duties required by law to be executed by the district attorney in any criminal proceeding, or if such district attorney shall be guilty of willful and gross negligence in the execution of the duties of the office, that individual shall be guilty of a misdemeanor in office, and, on conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) and to undergo imprisonment not exceeding one year, and the office shall be declared vacant.
(b)  Upon complaint in writing, verified by oath or affirmation of the party aggrieved, made to the court in which any district attorney shall prosecute the pleas of the Commonwealth, charging such district attorney with willful and gross negligence in the execution of the duties of the office, the court shall cause notice of the complaint to be given to the district attorney and of the time fixed by the court for a hearing. If after the hearing the court shall be of opinion that there is probable cause for the complaint, they shall hand over or commit the district attorney to answer the same in due course of law. If the court shall be of opinion that there is no probable cause for such complaint, they shall dismiss the same, with reasonable costs to be assessed by the court.
(1405 amended Oct. 24, 2018, P.L.931, No.154)

Section 1406.  District Attorney Charged with Crime.–If any district attorney is charged, according to law, with any crime or misdemeanor, before or bound over or committed by any court to answer for willful and gross negligence in the execution of the duties of the office, it shall be the duty of the court to appoint a competent attorney thereof to prepare an indictment against such district attorney and to prosecute the same on behalf of the Commonwealth until final judgment. The attorney shall be paid by the county for services a reasonable compensation to be fixed by the court. If the district attorney is convicted of any crime for which that individual may be sentenced to imprisonment by separate or solitary confinement at labor, the office shall be declared  

4 Responses to RESIGN, STEDMAN! – 2

  1. Sojourner Truth says:

    Even if we are scared we must stand up for what is right. Unfortunately in this day and age cybercourage is the best we can get. When the cause is just we must do what is right. Our court systems and our democracy must be for all and not for the few. The majority of politicians who run our county are not in politics for the right reasons. Some politicians put themselves above the laws of our land and feel they are entitled to more than their constituents. We must make our county fair and equal for all. When we are asked to do a civic duty or actually stand up and fight for what is right we must. LNP has proven to be unfair and biased. LNP buys corrupt politicians who do their bidding. We can only hope the people in charge of other news services are willing to stand up for what is fair and just.

  2. Arch Angel says:

    Lancaster Toyota waited a long time to get their revenge on this county and it is great it is finally coming. Local Lancaster businesses have no choice but sell vehicles but when the corruption is obvious they have no choice but stand up against the corrupt politicians. Scott Martin will be next the amount of truth being compiled against him is overwhelming. Stedman even though a criminal looks like an angel compared to Scott Martin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Apparently my parents just recently canceled their decades long subscription to the paper. Lnp pissed them off by not crediting their account for while they were on vacation. Apparently they cited to my computer illiterate father, because “ he could still read online.”

  4. AG needs to be brought in says:

    The Pennsylvania Attorney General needs to be notified