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     The below email in from city councilwoman Janet Diaz on the livestream of Tuesday’s city council meeting. Thank you and there will be more on this to come.



**   A commenter pointed out that this is not an inserted photo of money – it is a photo on a screen in the room and it is a drug stash. I apologize for the error.

*   I love the huge pile of money they inserted into the photo (click here to read the PennLive story).


(Click here)

     The arrogance of this man is simply stunning. You just killed your career, Stedman! You are not king.
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  1. huh? says:

    I find it amusing that it was “leaked” here a while back that he was demanding loyalty oaths in the form of nondisclosure agreements.

    I often wonder how much of this website’s info they plow.

    I am also pretty sure that insiders don’t leak to the LNP. Too risky. Wonder if the LNP has installed a magic pen or two in his office?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh God….Check out the latest story about what a dick Craig Stedman is. Fighting the enemy within, I guess. This guy needs some serious psychiatric help.

  3. WTF? says:

    The recent (Feb. 20) SCOTUS ruling basically said the punishment must fit the crime. Example, your kid lives in your basement and unbeknownst to you he’s a small time dealer. He gets caught with $40.00 worth of drugs and they take your house through civil Asset forfeiture. Things like that have been happening and SCOTUS ruled unanimously (rarely happens) they can’t pull that crap anymore. (It’s basically stealing)

  4. huh? says:

    Hasn’t the Supreme Court of the United States already ruled that forfeiture assets must be considered public?

  5. Anonymous says:

    His petition is listed as submitted and accepted on the Department of State’s Election website. And yes, he is running unopposed….nobody else filed a petition and the deadline has passed for the primary election. I believe the only other way to get on any ballot is by running independent or with a minor party in the general election.

  6. Anon says:

    Good point. And the paper said he was “running unopposed”. Did the other guy drop out in disgust?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stedman calls training “outreach, prevention and education” in his March 7 letter to county commissioners, and states, “I trust you have no problem with that”. That is the same disingenuous way he and police chiefs strong armed the commission into voting in favor of encrypting county wide police radio: If they voted against encryption, then they don’t care about police officers being “ambushed” by some nut who heard their location from an “irresponsible journalist”. (It has never happened inthe history of news and/or policing). Commissioners will want to closely scrutinize the $160,000.00 of “outreach” he speaks of. Sounds like more “self-reporting” to me. Funny how Stedman doesnt want anyone to tell him how to do his job but he has a problem with the way everyone else does theirs – reporters included.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I curious as to why the county voter registration site, under election information, shows no candidates for judge for the court of common pleas. Did no one file a petition?

  9. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    It is misleading for the news media to claim in headlines that he is “suing commissioners” or has “filed a lawsuit.” IANAL but technically he has not (yet) filed a lawsuit. I read the pleading and its exhibits. He is asking Commonwealth Court to review and declare status’ and clarify the forfeiture laws and the roles of the parties. But, clearly, he wants complete autonomy and power.

  10. WatchingTheDetectives says:

    My Goodness…You are very insightful. And the fact that all of this makes you sick means you are not a sociopath. That is a good thing:-)

    I see Stedman’s lawyer claims his client “self-reported” the 3-years of mileage overpayments on 1/2/19. The county solicitor says it didn’t happen until late February, after Stedman became aware it would come out in response to LNP’s RTK request. Stedman’s lawyer doesn’t say what caused the epiphany on 1/2/19. In fact, that doesn’t have a ring of truth to it. The county DA comes back from New Year’s holiday and suddenly realizes he owes the county 3-years of funds he was never entitled to? A New Year’s resolution not to be a liar and a thief anymore? A mind-bending hangover? Pangs of guilt? Doubtful. Fear did him in. AFTER he realized the walls were closing in, of course. “Self reporting” is not as innocent of a concept as Stedman’s lawyer thinks it sounds. It’s what a child does when he knows he’s been bad and hopes to lessen his punishment by owning up to his wrongdoing….sort of.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not important, but just a quick FYI…That’s not a pile of money and it was not inserted into the photo. It is a picture of a pile of bagged drugs that is displayed on a television screen within the photo.

  12. my goodness says:

    Thank you for the enlightenment, Watching. I now understand the situations involving Martins sister and Cutlers brother in law (or whatever the relationship is). This makes me even sicker than the events themselves.

  13. Ohwellist says:

    Im with “watching the detectives” all the way. Theres a damn good reason why those funds should be closely examined and thats why hes fighting like hell for them not to be involved.

  14. Anon says:

    Remember when a Conoy Township supervisor called Reinaker a “liar” during a public meeting on closing down E’town municipal court? LNP wrote an editorial calling for “civility” instead of an article on why a supervisor would call the president judge a liar. Ask him now.

  15. WatchingTheDetectives says:

    The SLAPP suit won’t kill his career. An HONEST, thorough investigation would, though. That’s what he is trying to deflect – criminal charges for public corruption, etc. Where to look: Drug task force payroll and other “expenses” – particularly, any costs for “training”. Any audit that Stedman claims passed muster would not uncover it. The investigator has to know what they are looking for. Follow that money and a can of worms opens up for county detectives, cops and detectives specially assigned to to the drug (and other) task forces (including computer forensics) who claim a ton of money in o.t. without putting in the time, conducting business with vendors that he and certain police chiefs have an (unreported) financial interest in, fake receipts, and any other way they can figure out how to steal it without getting caught. Stedman and certain chiefs are laughing behind Commissioners’ backs that they got them to vote for police radio encryption. The only way to get these crooks is to get someone on the inside to flip on them. Stedman very nervous about not becoming a judge as he has made promises/deals with people he can’t carry out if not a judge or d.a. anymore. Also, he sold out his office when running for Superior Court, letting certain criminals off hook in exchange for certain lawyers’ public endorsements because he could not actively campaign due to rules of court. He has done it for this race, too. That’s why the LC Bar (and county GOP) won’t withdraw support. One hand washes the other. First poster here is right. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Stedman is known as a man with very greasy palms who does “favors” for friends and abuses his authority for enemies, while unjustly enriching himself in the process. (He wouldn’t do it for FREE!). Trust me. But payroll and training is where Commissioners need to be looking and connecting the dots and where they are going to find the most fraud. And there are a lot of LE higher ups involved throughout the county, and judges like Tobin, Keller and Chudzik. (So that means Reinaker, too) And there, Becky, is your answer to the entire Keith Sadler question. (He got out before everybody got caught, but that gives Stedman an inside line to the A.G’s office.) It’s all about the MONEY. And it is very complicated. But conspiracies always are. Stedman needs to be in jail.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the guy, but when you actually read the Petition and the law, both what is included in the Petition and what is not, it seems pretty clear the Commissioners are overstepping here. When it comes to those forfeiture funds, under the statute as written, the DA only answers and accounts to the Attorney General….the wording of the law actually makes it a duty of the DA to keep this information confidential. Furthermore, as the Petition points out, the law specifically states the funds are in the sole discretion of the DA’s office and the county may not even consider the funds when budgeting for the DA’s office. And yet, the commissioners continue to claim they can do the exact opposite. I’m not saying its the way it should be, but it is the law. That is why people should start focusing on the actual law, which is really what is wrong here.

    The only authority the commissioners had in this matter concerned the mileage payments. Unfortunately, they settled and ended that matter when their controller and solicitor reviewed the matter and accepted/deposited Stedman’s check. I found the letter from the Controller particularly interesting…..noting specifically that he believed the commissioners were aware and even contracted for the insurance of the vehicle. Tells me what I suspected all along……they are not naive or blameless and are only doing this now for their own personal/political reasons. One commissioner in particular has a very deep personal/political grudge against Stedman.

  17. my goodness says:

    Power corrupts.